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James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-12-20 1:48pm
Last Chapter
2005-11-10 7:18pm
Last Updated
2005-11-10 7:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Beautiful Friendship Begins

Image hosted by Banner by melihobbit. The drama-filled romantic tale of Lily and James's mysterious but unfortunate tale. It started with love and ended with death. It makes you wonder about the things they tried to live for. Pre-HBP

1,233 32
2 Meeting With Dumbledore

Lily and James go meet with Dumbledore to learn of their new duties as Heads of the school.

1,071 19
3 Confessions

James confesses his deepest feelings for Lily after a misfortunate encounter with Severus Snape.

1,128 10
4 Getting Serious with Sirius

James talks with Sirius about what happened with Lily. Sirius is a little shocked about the words James chooses to say to Lily.

625 24
5 He Loves Ya Lil

Lily goes to talk with Halle and Katy about what Potter has told her. They offer her advice and keep her hopes up. Then, the Marauders have some talking to do with Lily.

1,148 19
6 Thoughts Of You

Lily goes to find James after he confesses his true feelings about her. We'll have to see if Little Lily's feelings change about a presumed Mr. Potter...

797 18
7 Mudtime Blues

Sirius teaches Halle Douglas how to play a little Quidditch, and more. How will these two foes react in their moment of heat?

1,537 16
8 Lakeside Drama

Remus and Katy take a swim out in the lake when something occurs. Something that causes a rift between the two.

959 14
9 In Your Arms

Lily hangs out with James when her friends are preoccupied with his. She then ends up sharing some feelings of her past with him.

1,181 8
10 Truce With The Enemy

The friends confront one another on the events that occured that previous morning.

1,463 20
11 Memories Not Forgotten

Lily decides that she may in fact have some feelings for James. So, she tries to learn more about snooping through his room. What she discovers may change her whole relationship with James.

1,967 20
12 Flower and Prongs

A short chapter. Lily and James adjust to their relationship and have a minor spew involving a certain slimy haired git.

1,278 12
13 Frozen Tears

Lily and James receive some jealous glares from others. Yet, those others aren't quite who we expect them to be from. Also, Halle and Sirius talk about the anger issues throughout the female population. How will it effect their relationship?

895 17
14 Arrival of Fear

While in Hogsmeade, a wonderful day out in the town turns into a battle of fate for Lily and James.

1,558 13
15 Wisdom of Dumbledore

Lily and James manage their way back to Hogwarts, where they learn of a new Order and the true meaning of love.

807 11
16 Clouded Feelings

Lily and James reunite with their friends after their near-death experience in Hogsmeade. Katy realizes the truth in her love in Remus and can't deny it any longer. She asks him an important favor. One to which he can't refuse.

1,518 14
17 Dreams

Lily and James awake from some dreams that may or may not be the answer to their future.

1,243 10
18 A Friend's Betrayal

Peter is faced witha choice. Live in shame with the guilt of betraying his best friend on his concience or don't live at all. A dark, evil man propositions Peter with an offer that could quite possibly change the lives of everyone around him. Most of all the ones he loves.

1,119 30
19 Questions

Remus and Katy return from their um..meeting and run into Lily and James. An unexpected visitor enters the Gryffindor Common Room.

985 11
20 Mixed Emotions

Lily and James encounter their memory of Snape entering the Common Room as well as their revealing dream. They bring their troubles along with them to a rather eventful Masquerade Ball.

2,687 18
21 Picking Lilies

Uh oh, Voldemort's back. What will he do next?

697 11
22 Twice Defied

James and the gang team up at Voldemort's hide out to save Lily from being imprisoned. What they don't expect is to be saving two prisoners.

2,081 10
23 No Mercy

The battle begins..

1,625 10
24 Spirit Broken

Everyone is grieving after Halle's misfortunate ailment. How do they react when they return to Hogwarts without her?

2,201 13
25 Prongs Troubles

Lily and James seem to feel the need to handle their current status immaturely. See what happens when the two butt heads.

1,382 11
26 Change of Heart

Sirius goes to visit Halle in St. Mungos.

1,721 10
27 The Yule Ball

Lily and James share their encounter at the memorable Yule Ball. Sirius returns from visiting Halle and reacts in a some-what bizarre way.

1,932 10
28 More Drunken Tides

Lily, James, and Sirius act a bit immature..

1,431 12
29 Sybll's Secret

Sybll has a secret, one that may help Lily figure out what exactly happened that confusing and blurry night.

1,435 7
30 Mistakes

Lily starts to miss what she gave away.

1,121 6
31 She Returns

An unexpected surprise occurs..

2,834 12
32 Homecoming

Halle comes home.

1,288 9
33 Venus Adams

After the mysterious death of Professor Dunham, Auror Venus Adams comes to fill the position as teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. After a brief encounter with his new teacher, James starts to wonder where he had heard her name.

1,091 15
34 Fall To Pieces

First day of classes with the mysterious Venus Adams. How will the crew react to this new character in their lives?

2,134 13
35 James is from Mars, Evil is from Venus

James endures detention with Venus Adams.

2,800 11
36 Anytime

The gang reflects on their hatred towards Venus Adams.

984 6
37 Going Under

Katy goes to investigate at the Potter Manor in Godrics Hollow and uncovers some of the skeletons in Venus Adams closet. What will Venus do when she discovers that Katy's meddling?

3,081 8
38 She Smells Fear

Venus takes Lily, James, Katy, and Sybll to a very special place. A place she has come to for many years.

1,867 4
39 The Mirror

After discovering the mirror, James contacts Sirius. Will they be able to escape before enduring permanent damage?

2,326 4
40 The Truth

With Venus Adams finally caught, how shocking will her story be?

1,695 8
41 Bitter Heartache

The crew wake up in St. Mungos after a strong sleeping drought and healing to their injuries. Halle visits her friends and husband, reliving the horrors of her own stay at the hospital.

1,058 4
42 Gossip

Rumors spread as the students return. No one's quite sure of what exactly went on. All they know is, Lily, James, Katy, Sybll and Venus took a stroll in the Forbidden Forest together. Will someone finally get Hogwarts to stop talking? Not a chance

1,602 11
43 Lily and Prongs Ride Again

Lily and James wonder if they should take their relationship to the next level now that they've overcome Venus Adams so strongly.

1,129 5
44 Poetic Engagements

James finally feels the need to take Lily and his' relationship to the next level. What happens when he calls on the assistance of his faithful Marauders? Will Lily react as expected?

1,287 6
45 A New Head Boy

The answer is revealed.

1,637 10
46 Sweet Surprises

Sirius plans a surprise for Halle while Lily confronts her fears with Remus.

1,382 7
47 A Night To Remember

The Sweetheart's Dance takes over Hogwarts. Love is in the air, or is it?

2,320 8
48 I Need You

A shocking event occurs at Hogwarts, just as Lily and James were making up.

1,178 6
49 Cockiness

Lily and Sirius go after James, hoping to return safely themselves.

1,076 5
50 A Smoky Haze

The battle resumes in the forest while Professor Dumbledore goes looking for the three students.

1,060 4
51 A New Friend

Lily is assigned to tutor a mysterious Slytherin.

1,351 12
52 Trust

Cole calls upon Lily once more for assistance regarding his poor Charm work. James becomes impatient and calls upon a resource he doubted he would ordinarily turn to.

1,554 12
53 The Tutor

James decides to become a tutor when feelings of jealousy take control.

1,138 9
54 She Speaks

Grace Adams reveals a little bit about herself as well as a certain mysterious character.

1,731 12
55 A Visit To Azkaban

Grace goes to visit her mum in Azkaban.

2,226 6
56 Vengeance

Cole attempts to put his plans into action. Lily grows suspicous.

1,210 7
57 Revealed

With James already in the Room of Requirement, where does that leave Katy, Cole, and Lily?

1,526 6
58 Goodbyes

The final visit to Azkaban.

1,442 4
59 The Big News

Unexpected news hits..

1,827 5
60 Moving On

The final chapter. Graduation day.

2,039 29


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