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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Tonks, Voldemort, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    General, Action/Adventure, Angst
    Mild Language, Strong Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2004-12-04 10:22pm
    Last Chapter
    2005-05-11 1:51pm
    Last Updated
    2008-04-12 1:48am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Chapter 1 - The Portable Library

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com Imagine having no one to look after you, having to grow up by yourself, never having a childhood, having no one to love. This is Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts; it could possibly be the strangest and most exciting yet. With the Dark Lord in the spotlight, a new power, defence teacher and godfather, his sixth year at Hogwarts couldn’t get much weirder, and this is only the beginning.

    3,685 59
    2 Chapter 2 - Enter stranger, but take heed.

    Harry goes to Diagon Ally to get his school stuff. He feels sorry to see how little money the Weasley's ahve and does something he wont regret. He also finds out something about his parent's wealth, from a weary looking Lupin.

    1,827 24
    3 Chapter 3 - Trouble with Trunks

    Harry and his friends go into a shop in Diagon Ally, which turns out to be a disaster for Tonks, whih comes out with a large gash under her eye and a some what demented wrist.

    2,143 21
    4 Chapter 4 - A Duel with the Master

    After a few days of studying for their next year, Harry, Ron and Hermione have learnt a lot of their next years skills. Harry beats Lupin in a duel, which seen imposible by the rest of the Order, for you see Lupin is a champion dueler, better then most Aurors. Then one day at lunch time hary sees a perculiar fork sitting on the table. this fork is silver, but it is shining gold. as he goes to tuch it, Tonks realises something. Is it too late? Will Harry hear her scream "NO!!"?

    2,039 17
    5 Chapter 5 - Her Last Words

    The Order is left in suspence when Harry and Tonks suddenly vanish from the house. One member who is worried for them both, especially Tonks, is Lupin. He thinks back to the night before when she tells him something he thought he would never hear.

    1,443 12
    6 Chapter 6 - An Old Man's Joke

    Harry and Tonks have returned to the house and lUpin finds them struggling for life on the kitchen floor. What does he do? Are they still alive?

    689 13
    7 Chapter 7 - The Noble House of Black

    Hary finally wakes up in St Mungo's weeks later. he has missed his birthday. What have Tonks and Lupin got to say?

    1,387 12
    8 Chapter 8 - Memories of Old

    Harry is finally released from hospital. He comes home and Dumbledore gives him something. Something that will help him forget those hard times. What Happens when he and Ron delve into those time through Harry's pensieve?

    2,294 13
    9 Chapter 9 - The Defence Association

    Harry, Hermione and Ron have finally chosen their NEWT subjects. They go down stairs to the living room and Snape wants to talk to Harry. Reluctantly he follows and tells Harry that he will not be teaching him Occlumency the enxt two years, someone else will be. The trio talkes about this and Tonks ends up revealing that she will be teaching harry Occlumency along with DADA and Duelling.

    1,592 11
    10 Chapter 10 - Metamorphmagus Fun

    Harry, Ron , Hermione and Ginny help Tonks to humiliate Mlafoy, uses Tonk's special ability! Malfoys ends up getting a detention from his new DADA professor.

    1,246 16
    11 Chapter 11 - Mysterious Song of Sorting

    Finally the school is inside the great hall and the feast will shortly begin. The sorting song is sung, but this time it is very much like the year before. It tells the school to stick together and almsot tells of the prohecy. On a lighter note, Tonks makes a grand appearence, scaring half the school out of their wits.

    1,661 13
    12 Chapter 12 - A Lesson with Tonks

    Today is their first day of classes and Harry, Ron and Hermione have DADA first, with Tonks. They cant wait!

    2,421 15
    13 Chapter 13 - Duelling

    After a boring Charms lesson, Ron and Harry have duelling. What happens when a certain deatheaters son cast a certain unforgivable curses Harry and Tonks's way?

    2,169 21
    14 Chapter 14 - The-Boy-Who-Lived

    Harry is dead, or thats what it seems. Tonks is distraught and doesn't know what to do. The only thing she an think of is to see the headmaster, to speak to Dumbledore.

    1,471 26
    15 Chapter 15 - The New Plan

    Harry has just been it with the Death curse. He is not meant to die, what happens to him. Does he meet Voldemort?

    1,884 22
    16 Chapter 16 - Remus's Letter

    Tonks reseives a letter from Remus.. what does it say? How does Tonks react when Harry tells her the prophecy?

    2,025 8
    17 Chapter 17 - Delving in Harry's mind

    Legilimens is a spell that lets people see into other people's minds. Harry hates it.

    1,150 13
    18 Chapter 18 - The Truth

    Dumbledore tells Tonks the truth

    1,226 16
    19 Chapter 19- Pheonix Feather Quills

    Harry Ron and Hermione are called up to Dumbledore's office.

    1,734 13
    20 Chapter 20 - Words of Wisdom

    Harry and Tonks dicuss how he feels.. and how he has been acting.

    1,094 21
    21 Chapter 21 - A Chat with the Headmaster

    Harry, Ron and Hermione are given their first mission and Harry has a little chat with Albus Walfric Percival Brian Dumbledore.

    1,517 11
    22 Chapter 22 - The Potion Tester

    Harry Ron and Hermione found out how to make the potion.

    1,329 21
    23 Chapter 23 - Quidditch Trials

    Harry and ROn do their Quidditch Trails

    952 11
    24 Chapter 24 - Ideas

    Hermioen fibally gets a good idea

    1,231 15
    25 Chapter 25 - Temper! Temper!

    Looks like Harry losses his temper... again.

    1,872 27
    26 Chapter 26 - Silver

    The Potion Works! Now all they ahve to do is give it to Remus.

    1,065 20
    27 Chapter 27 - A New Power

    Harry, Hermione and Ron are stuck in a house, wands dont work, while they are trying to save there dear friend Remus from a certain death.

    1,058 14
    28 Chapter 28 - Re-appearences

    Tonks paces her office in frustrasion and fear as she understands that Harry is missing.

    1,519 23
    29 Chapter 29 - A 'Realistic' Dream

    Harry has just fallen into a lapse of uncnsciousness after emitting some strnage powers. what happens now?

    1,283 25
    30 Chapter 30 - A Potion of Miracles

    Harry is finally out of the hospital wing and the trio go to give Remus his potion.

    1,145 25
    31 Chapter 31 - Power of the Dominagus

    Harry has a new power.. what happens when Remus find out what it is?

    1,017 22
    32 Chapter 32 - Trouble on the Train

    Harry finally decides to tell Ron and Hermione the prophecy.

    1,702 11
    33 Chapter 33 - Apparating While Intoxicated

    AWI - Apparating while intoxitcated. Tonks tells them why she cant apparate.

    1,804 29
    34 Chapter 34 - 11:30, Christmas Day

    Haryr gets a letter from Ron saying that they must be at Grimmauld place by 11:30 on Christmas or be dead.... lol

    1,549 34
    35 Chapter 35 - Trouble with Tonks

    Tonks is getting a bit moody at the moment.. I wonder what is going on...

    2,102 31
    36 Chapter 36 - The Wolferine

    A pet that remus has always wanted...

    2,218 22
    37 Chapter 37 - The Transfer Charm

    A spell that will transfer pain from one person to the other.

    1,872 30
    38 Chapter 38 - Joy to the World

    Its Christmas!! la la la la la la la la la..... joy to the world...

    2,126 30
    39 Chapter 39 - The Full Moon

    Its a full moon... what happens when the potion that Remus took is taken into affect... he wont dye, but will someone else?

    1,691 26
    40 Chapter 40 - Chance with Death

    Remus is dying and it all harry can do to save him..

    1,333 49
    41 Chapter 41 - Twas a Dark and Gloomy Night

    Why was there blood? why didnt the spell work?

    2,057 40
    42 Chapter 42 - Eclipses in Time

    Harry wakes and explains what happened

    1,425 32
    43 Chapter 43 - Arrogant Brat

    Harry and Tonks have a bit of a fight...

    2,743 45
    44 Chapter 44 - In Times of Distress...

    In times of distress, people need somone to talk to, someone to hug. What happens when this person is attracted to you, and doesnt know you are already taken?

    1,435 24
    45 Chapter 45 - Temporary Forgiveness

    Love is an important part of life, but it can also cause many things to be misinterperated. The sad thing is that we try and blame is on other people, when really it is our own fault that we are running away from it all.

    3,173 29
    46 Chapter 46 - Spider Webs and Gryffindor's Heir

    Okay Harry, so Harry isn't the most powerful wizard in the world.. could he be?? nah.. that cant be true.. he is not related to anyone really important and talented.. sept of course james potter... who was he related to?? anyone?? not Godric Gryffindor.. cant be.. nah... not Harry Potter...

    2,715 40
    47 Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!

    A secret organisation is formed with old friends.. the mis-spelling of the title is explained.. and there is a briliant quidditch match.. oh and something else.. i just cant remember! hehe but i know its exciting! :P

    3,817 38
    48 Chapter 48 - The Army of Decendants

    Someone is missing, and Harry knows it. But what happens when he finds out someone else is missing. Is there nothing he can do? Now he must help in anyway possible.

    3,489 29
    49 Chapter 49 - "Have and <i>Amazing</i> Time"

    Harry and his friends are stuck, underground, in a maze. Will they need talent or something else to over come the horror's inside...?

    4,362 38
    50 Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

    Its sad when everyone blames you for things you havent done. Especially when its your job to save them. You can't help it.

    3,481 81


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