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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Oliver Wood, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Narcissa, Tonks, Luna, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Action, General, Angst, Drama
Mild Language, Mild Violence,
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-12-04 6:36pm
Last Chapter
2005-05-03 4:46pm
Last Updated
2005-10-15 12:40pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Home Again

Thanks To Melihobbit For The Mahvellous Banner! Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year after losing Sirius only a few months earlier. The weight of the prophecy is heavy on his shoulders, but can Harry really bear this burden? Can he hide the prophecy from Voldemort? Can he truly live up to the high expectations of the Order? And will he be alive at the end of the year? Read on and find out... Completed.

4,073 103
2 The Last Will And Testament Of Sirius Black

Remus gives Harry Sirius' last letter.

3,291 17
3 Mind Games

Harry falls asleep once Remus has left and finds himself looking through the eyes of the Dark Lord.

3,158 14
4 OWLs and Letters

Harry awakes on his birthday to presents and letters. One of those letters holds the results to his OWLs but has he got an O in potions? Read it and find out...

2,675 16
5 Diagon Alley

Remus portkeys Harry to Diagon Alley where he meets with his friends and discussions of all kinds begin as they make their way to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

4,860 14
6 Meeting the Malfoys

Harry and Remus encounter the Malfoys whilst in the middle of Flourish and Blotts.

5,557 18
7 Grimmauld Place

Harry returns to his most hated of houses for another summer.

3,767 16
8 Dreams and Quidditch

Harry reveals the prophecy to Remus.

3,817 19
9 A Gift From The Order

Harry recieves a late birthday present from Dumbledore.

2,758 23
10 The Prophecy Told

The members of the Order finally hear the prophecy and aren't too pleased about it.

2,266 20
11 Seeing the Past

Remus takes a look at Harry's life before he entered it.

3,482 23
12 In The Garden Of Black

Harry unknowingly begins his training.

5,511 31
13 A Question Of Age

Harry asks a rather unfortunate question to Mad Eye

3,779 19
14 A Lesson In Apparition

Harry has his first lesson in apparition.

4,694 20
15 Seeing More Of The Past

Remus takes another look into Harry's pensieve.

6,092 20
16 Becoming An Animagus

Harry has his first lesson in becoming an animagus.

5,193 33
17 Of Duels And Reappearances

Three disappearances and three reappearances take place.

5,101 24
18 The Past Just Keeps Getting Worse

Remus takes a delve into Harry's past once more and discovers his fourth year.

5,445 23
19 The End Of Summer

The summer has finally come to an end (after 19 chapters I might add) and everyone spends their last day at Grimmauld Place.

5,673 27
20 The Case Of The Vanishing Robes

Ron's robes mysteriously vanish.

3,784 24
21 The Feast

Harry, Ron and Hermione attend the great feast at the start of the year and watch the sorting commence.

3,487 26
22 First Morning Back

Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts as well as the teachers.

4,264 19
23 Snape's Change Of Heart?

Does Severus Snape really have a change of heart?

5,713 25
24 The Woes of Severus Snape

Step right up! Get your woes! Snape's woes right here!

4,393 25
25 The Last Of The Past

Remus takes one last look into the past of Harry Potter.

8,202 20
26 The Worries Of Remus Lupin

Remus isn't too pleased after all that he's seen the night before.

3,931 20
27 <i>Legilimens</i>

Harry and Severus have an interesting lesson in Occlumency.

4,042 23
28 The Poisoning Of Sybil Trelawney

Sybil is poisoned, alliances are formed and Severus finds out just why he should never mess with Poppy Pomfrey.

4,063 36
29 More Than Just Magic Without A Wand

Remus teaches Harry wandless magic.

5,954 23
30 The Infiltration Of The Order

The Order meet to try and discover just how Voldemort knew that Snape was a spy for the Order.

4,555 29
31 A Change Of Form

AU Sixth Year. Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year after losing Sirius only a few months earlier. The weight of the prophecy is heavy on his shoulders, but can Harry really bear this burden? Can he hide the prophecy from Voldemort? Can he truly live up to the high expectations of the Order? And will he be alive at the end of the year? Read on and find out... Completed.

3,316 30
32 The Troubles Of The Teachers

The teachers are troubled...

4,827 32
33 The Strangest Meeting

The staff have a strange meeting.

4,417 34
34 Quidditch and Quarrels

There are quarrels over quidditch.

4,215 39
35 Water Snap

Fred and George invent a new game.

3,081 50
36 Shrinking Solution

Harry has an unfortunate incident with his shrinking solution.

4,524 35
37 The Full Moon

The full moon is high above Hogwarts castle and inside the stone confines more than one wolf walks that evening.

4,120 23
38 Weasleys' Wizarding Woes

Ron has to come to terms with the fact that his two elder brothers are embarking on a mission for the Order and they might not return.

3,438 30
39 Dream A Little Dream

Harry has a rather ... interesting ... dream and Ron suffers the consequences of one of Dumbledore's more ill thought out plans.

3,473 25
40 Remembrance

Harry finds something heartbreaking in Snape's memories during one rather interesting Legilimency lesson.

4,561 25
41 Hogsmeade

Harry loses Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade after a loud argument with Ron.

4,173 13
42 Returning Home

Christmas has arrived to the Wizarding world and Harry returns to Grimmauld Place for a peaceful festive season with the Order of the Phoenix. Still, peace is something which can only be desired where the Weasley Twins are concerned.

3,492 25
43 Hagrid, Hemlock And An Irritating Clock

The trio go to the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid to get a Christmas tree whilst Remus takes a trip into Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes to see Fred and George and likes what he finds.

4,602 25
44 Pool Producers And The Beginnings Of Tinselitis

Fred and George have a new product - Pool Producers. The occupants of Grimmauld Place finally realise that a peaceful Christmas is out of the question and Snape is getting the beginnings of Tinselitis - a most grievious yuletide illness.

4,402 31
45 Godric's Hollow

Remus and Harry go to Godric's Hollow and Harry finds out just what became of the land upon which his house had once stood.

3,381 28
46 Accusations And Yuletide Celebrations

Christmas Day has finally arrived for the occupants of Grimmauld Place and with unfounded accusations and suspicions running riot it's a miracle they manage to have the peaceful Christmas they have, even if Snape had finally stopped coughing up tinsel.

4,596 30
47 Time Flies And June Arrives

June finally arrives at Hogwarts and the sixth years are being examined for half of their NEWT exams. The full moon has come around again and Remus and Harry discover a strange clearing in the Forbidden Forest.

4,209 20
48 Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

The NEWTs are on and the students are stressed but Harry could barely have predicted his examination for Defence Against The Dark Arts if his very life depended on it!

5,079 23
49 Unwanted Revelations

Some long overdue revelations are made and Harry finds himself lost and confused as he searches for someone to trust as yet more things are discovered.

3,921 41
50 Azkaban

It's a race against time now that the revelations have been made and Severus, Minerva and Harry must get into Azkaban before it's too late whilst Dumbledore has ideas of his own.

5,442 38
51 Epilogue

It's all over - the plot has finally thickened and the story has unravelled but after all that has happened is it really finally finished?

3,210 75


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