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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Drama, Mystery, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-11-23 8:41pm
Last Chapter
2010-09-23 3:42pm
Last Updated
2010-09-23 3:42pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue - 1293

A vague prologue to get you started.

1,764 42
2 Summer

Harry's back. His new summer home proves to be everything he has every wanted: peace, relaxation, and full of friends. Yet theres something else present in his new getaway, a legend that has nearly passed away through the ages. When Harry stumbles across something that has been hidden for hundreds of years, it throws him headfirst into the mysterious new school year.

4,911 22
3 Fantasy, Reality

"Oh, goodness, of course won't find anything on that now would you. No one really has the slightest idea how it happened at all..." Nicholai said, sitting down again, his face twisted in thought and confusion.

5,300 22
4 The Coming of Age

It's almost Harry's 17th Birthday. He faces some new challenges that being of age places on young wizards, and they are even more trying for someone such as himself. Harry confides in Remus about his eminent fate and the two grow closer. He attemps to share his findings from the Undying Wash with Ron and Hermione, but he runs into a bit of trouble in the process.

5,287 18
5 Addition and Deterioration of a Tyrant

Someone unexpected returns. Along with a new department in the Ministry - The Department of Interbreed Affairs, the wizarding world has a new Minister - or perhaps, Mistress of Magic. With the creation of the new department, acceptance of the vampires seems evident, and an induction ceremony takes place at the Ministry to welcome the newest employees - Vladmir Morelock and Nicholai Delacroix, Heads of the Department of Interbreed Affairs. Most watch on in silent acceptance, but some people have other opinions...

5,875 26
6 Wanderings

Harry attempts to relax after the trying events at the Ministry of Magic, where we met the new Minister of Magic, Sandra Landon, and the Vampires found a new distaste for wizards. He is haunted by more strange dreams, and visits a new place in the forest, which brims with an ancient presence.

5,769 23
7 Darkness Descends

The trio are off to Hogwarts for their 7th and final year. Several students are wary about going to school with a vampire, and Harry learns to accept the frightened looks he frequently receives from the younger students. When he tries to get away from the whispers and stares after the sun sets, something unexpected happens...

3,699 13
8 Whats Happened to Me?

Harry wakes up as the morning is about to break, not knowing what he had done in the past several hours. He spends the next day in a daze, trying to decide if he should tell anyone. The Daily Prophet, however, beats him to it.

4,312 10
9 Officially Hate Tuesdays

Harry is wary of traveling alone. His nightly trips turn into quick errands. The events begins to eat into his conscience, and he is longing to tell someone other than Ron and Hermione. To take his mind off it, Harry pulls the old journal out of his trunk and tries to work out some of it's mysteries.

3,820 15
10 Legilimens!

Harry travels to Grimmauld Place. The Order of the Phoenix is clueless as to the break-in at the Ministry, but Harry finally tells them his tale. Unable to remember anything from that night, Harry allows the most loathsome of teachers to perform Legilimency on him.

3,890 10
11 Scrying

Harry finally feels at ease about the events of that night, yet he starts to feel the crushing weight of everything on his shoulders. The students experience some new classes and try their hands at some new magic for the first time.

4,642 11
12 The DA in Autumn

Its Autumn now, and the DA is finally ready to start again.

3,437 17
13 A Visit

Harry takes a well-earned visist to the Undying Wash.

2,700 9
14 Snitch

Malfoy decides Harry has an unfair advantage.

3,911 24
15 The Irony of Revenge

Harry let out a stress-filled sigh. As he made his way up to Dumbledore's office, he couldn't help but think that he was nothing more than a puppet; a tool for the use of other people. He didn't even know if he was really in control of his life anymore. He didn't want to be on another potion, especially if it would rid him completely of his powers, but if it were the only solution to the Quidditch problem, he guessed there wasn't any other choice.

5,296 11
16 A Posse ad Esse

Harry could help himself no longer. The tears slipped from his eyes as he enclosed Eve in his arms. He couldn't believe it - he wouldn't...but...all the proof he needed was right in front of him. He couldn't breathe.

6,321 24
17 The Induction of Eve

Before he knew it, he was running. "VLADMIR?!" He screamed. He rose into the air, hovering, turning in circles to look in every direction. It was still everywhere - everyone had gone, and Vladmir was no where to be seen. Nearly all the small squares of light coming from the muggle houses had been extinguished.

5,340 15
18 Bright Lights and Breakthrough

"Human. Mortal. Whole. Complete...the thought was intoxicating, and he craved it. Never before in his life as a vampire had he even given the idea more than a few moments thought, but now, when it was possible, obtainable, and feasible, he wanted it more than life and air itself."

6,756 16
19 The Beetle and the Dragon

Harry gets out of the hospital wing, after having some disturbing dreams. On a Hogsmeade trip, they meet someone they didn't expect, and Harry has a hard time keeping his temper in check. Later, up at Hogwarts, Harry has another surprise; Is his wellbeing at stake? And someone knows more than they should, and they pay for it.

3,562 14
20 Nocturne and Requiem

A revelation is finally discovered about the countercurses. More and more wizards are becoming agitated at the Ministry's apathy, and the trio are suspicious. Meanwhile, Draco gets in over his head.

4,487 16
21 Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

Finally, the 21st chapter!

4,313 12
22 The Myth

Eve makes a fascinating discovery. Harry is awoken by a terrible, and very real, dream. He goes off to try to save one of his friends before something terrible happens. Ron and Hemrione follow Harry.

5,340 7
23 Redivivis

The Order arrives at Malfor Manor.  After leaving to get help, Vladmir finds Ron and Hermione and tells them where they can find Harry. They quickly go to his aid, but it may be too late...

2,991 5
24 The Twofold Demise

The rest of the Order arrives at Malfoy Manor, where Kingsley finds the very person they were sent there to save waiting at the door. They all realize that Harry is nowhere to be found.

3,756 17
25 Resurrection

It has been three weeks since Harry's arrival at St. Mungos, and graduation is drawing closer.

3,788 13
26 The End

The end.

1,665 2


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