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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Sirius, Voldemort, Neville, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
    Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2004-11-03 5:09pm
    Last Chapter
    2005-05-02 1:35pm
    Last Updated
    2005-12-02 4:02am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Prologue: Red Ink

    One night, Harry Potter disappeared. He gave no warning that he would be leaving, he just left. The Order searched for him high and low, but to no avail. A chance meeting years later may change everything. How much has Harry changed? How has his disappearance affected everybody else? Rated for violence. ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

    470 13
    2 Lost Love

    Ron loves Hermione and wants to spend the rest of his life with her... So what's the problem?

    883 3
    3 Those Weasley Women

    Hermione is offered a job at Hogwarts. But before she starts working, she wants to go visit Lavender... in America.

    1,405 7
    4 Rejected and Accepted

    Ron recieves a letter from a girl. Will it help to heal his broken heart?

    563 2
    5 It Was Fate

    Hermione goes to New York and sees somebody familiar. Is it Harry?

    1,453 8
    6 Mistakes

    Harry realizes what a mistake it was that Hermione had seen him.

    707 3
    7 Ignorance

    Harry ignores Hermione's letter, so she decides to pay him a visit.

    849 8
    8 Uninvited Guests

    Hermione visits Harry, but they are both surprised to see somebody else...

    682 11
    9 Intruders and New Places

    Death Eaters come to Harry's apartment, and Hermione doesn't have her wand.

    1,229 5
    10 Hermione's Questions, Harry's Answers

    Harry finally gives Hermione some answers.

    2,396 3
    11 Harry's Questions, Hermione's Answers

    Harry needs to know what he's been missing in the wizarding world.

    1,791 5
    12 Journey Through The Supermarket

    After a visit from a familiar man, Harry and Hermione go to the supermarket, and later, to a restaurant, where Harry opens up to Hermione just a bit more.

    2,773 7
    13 Pain to Make History

    Harry recieves a letter from Ron, and then Death Eaters attack. Will Harry be able to escape Voldemort this time? Will he be able to survive all the Crutiatus Curses that have been placed on him?

    2,232 7
    14 Reunions

    Harry needs help fighting Voldemort, and the Order shows up.

    3,368 6
    15 Homes and Tantrums

    Harry goes to Grimmauld Place and gets a pleasant surprise. He, however, doesn't find the surprise all that pleasant.

    1,467 6
    16 Bleeding

    Harry apologizes for his earlier behavior before remembering something. He goes back to New York for a little while and comes back covered in blood.

    1,564 4
    17 Tears and Blood

    There is another Death Eater attack, and Harry has to save his old roommate. But will he be able to save him, or will he end up blaming himself for another death?

    2,376 13
    18 The Fifth Battle

    Harry goes to New York once more and has another battle with the Death Eaters, this time with the help of the Order.

    1,939 6
    19 Conferences and Determination

    The Minister announces Harry's reappearance. Harry helps the Order against Voldemort, and he continues to feel guilty about Todd's death.

    2,036 8
    20 Brighton Nikkos

    Harry comes up with a plan to help the Order, which leads to them meeting a mysterious stranger. But has Harry met this man before?

    1,899 6
    21 Fine-Tuning the Plan

    The evacuation plan is fine-tuned. Hermione warns Harry of something, and Harry opens up to Nikkos.

    1,634 23


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