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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst, Fluff
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-10-26 1:41am
Last Chapter
2005-02-07 4:06am
Last Updated
2005-02-07 4:06am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chpt-1 Insults And Shouting Matches.

This is just one of the many thoughts of the how Lily and James got together. Lily Evans, Head girl, quiet yet adore by many for looks, smarts and for having James Potter chasing her. James has only three things on his mind, his mates- the Marauders, his quidditch team, and Lily. From insults to much much more.

799 6
2 Chpt-2 All Wrong.

James and Lily's little dispute leads to guilt, feelings of vengence, weird dreams, and blurred faces. DIsclaimer: I do not own any characters that have appeared in the Harry Potter Series, I merely own most of the plot. Now with that said.... ----------

1,252 4
3 Chpt- 3 Sleeping Beauty & Low Moral.

Dumbledore Tries for a new occupation/pass time.

1,017 4
4 Chpt- 4 The Feelings Of Rejection.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Pottter or anything associated to him. I only own the idea behind the story and the occassional charracter that is not mentioned in the series. Lily waits, James waits, yet they don't come together, or do they? Late night discussions, Invisability cloaks, and feelings.

1,078 3
5 Chpt- 5 Annoying Little Voices.

Tension and Jealousy between the two heads, and perhaps all round. The evil witch of the Gryffindor Towers makes a brief appearence. And little voices driving people slowly insane. Same As Always: Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Harry Potter or anything related or mentioned in the Harry Potter series.

1,482 7
6 Chpt- 6 Quidditch, Cold Showers & Sirius Singing.

Disclaimer: Me. Own. Nothing. But. Plot. Me. Not. Rich. Enough. To. Claim. Otherwise. When Lily says 'We need to talk' She means something, not exactly sure she knows what she means. And James is James, invisable and good looking, how else is he meant to be?

1,051 6
7 Chpt- 7 Please Don't Cry.

Disclaimer: Sitting around playing poker with makes when the random question is spoken from one of the crew. "Hey, Who owns Harry Potter and All His Mates?" I reply "No, Me. I only own the dodgey plot and the not so creative charries!" Dumbledore continues to try to matchmake, and reminises of what it is to be young and in love. Decisions are made, jokes are cracked and a tear is shed. And some blinking...A lot of blinking.

1,734 6
8 Chpt- 8 Headboard Notches & Prefect Meetings.

Snide comments, cute little moments. Lily enquires about James' headboard as James does about Lily's. Arrangements are made for the ball.

2,610 2
9 Chpt- 9 Making Things Official.

James and Lily make it official. Sirius gets daylights beaten out of him but someone who leat expected. Things between James and Lily are cute. Typical questiosn of doubt are asked; 'Why doesn't me?' and 'What is he hiding from me?'

2,968 4
10 Chpt- 10 Unavoidable Questions.

James finds out the depth of his feelings, while Lily's curiousity grows. She knows her boyfriend is hiding something but what she doesn't know. The Ball comes and goes. Jesica makes an appearence or two. Sirius has a odd date, Peter has a date. As always Sirius is missing the view of the big picture.

2,864 3
11 Chpt- 11 Revelations, Declarations & Letters.

James is acitng weird. More tears are shed. Tears are shed by more than one. Revelations are made, a question is answered, a letter is recieved, and a lot of looking at the ground avoiding gazes.

2,502 7
12 Chpt- 12 Sharing Beds, Dissappearing Acts & Ultimatiums.

The pressure of greiving and mourning for his parents becomes to much and he finds a outlet for it all. Lily gets scared for James and tries to help him. Sirius, Remus peter get a brief mention.

2,164 2
13 Chpt- 13 The Funeral.

The funeral finally arrives. James tries to stand tall and not cry but things become rather overwhelming for him. Sirius and Remus are sent to comfort him while Lily is held back. james musters enough courage to talk at the service.

3,433 5
14 Chpt- 14 Time Alone.

Jame and Lily spending some quality time after the funeral, plans are made, dancing is done, shopping occupies. James gets his on, Lily glares and buys a 'present' for James, while he buys her a gift.

4,973 5
15 Chpt- 15 Photos, Jealousy & Tempers Flaring.

James and Lily's time together. Mia and Remus play into this chapter as well. Love is shown. Tempers are flared. Photo's viewed. And jealously felt. A all round filler chapter.

3,075 11
16 Chpt- 16 The Romantic Side Of Prongs.

After the fight, James and Lily feel bad, with themselves about how they acted. Regardless of trying to stay away, James cant. Some sleep talking, some sweet and cute moments between the could, before they return to hogwarts.

3,475 18
17 Chpt- 17 Hysterical Girls, Caliming Territory & Ultimate Acts.

James & Lily's retrun to Hogwarts after the funeral. How do they settle back in wiht the student body? Whats with the massive giggling groupies following James? Lily gets jealous & annoyed, James just gets irritated by things. Siriurs questions the logic behind closed relationships. Lily gives James something 'valuable'.

2,261 17
18 Chpt- 18 My Brother, My Friend, And My Foe.

James & Lily all couplely. Remus, Sirius, Mia & Peter Make appearances in this chapter, A full blow arguement, some mushy sentimental and heartfelt moments, and some raw anger and somebody gets slapped! Enjoy!

2,861 21


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