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Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks
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Romance, General, Angst
Mild Language, Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2004-10-25 7:57pm
Last Chapter
2004-10-27 4:55am
Last Updated
2005-07-16 12:56pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 One

No one intentionally kept the secret from Harry, they simply assumed someone else would have told him. After all, he'd had pictures of her these past 5 years, he'd have asked if he wanted to know more. Right?...Due to the numerous and vociferous responses I have received, mostly via very angry emails, complaining about the ending of "In The Beginning," I am offering the following. The craving for a happy ending, it seems, will not be denied.

2,071 6
2 Attack!

He rounded the corner into the kitchen in time to see a man in a long black cape, hood up, standing with his back to the door, wand raised before the cowering figures of the Dursleys. The wand pointed straight at Uncle Vernon’s chest and in a voice that Harry recognized, though it had been a while since he heard it, the sneering Marcus Flint, former Slytherin Quidditch Captain, lazily intoned, “Crucio.”

2,859 3
3 The Leaky Cauldron

“Harry, I guess no one’s asked you if you want to go back to Grimmauld Place.” His face registered concern and he placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “It will be the first time you’ve been back since…”...................... “Since Sirius died. Yeah, I know,” Harry said looking a the floor. What did they want him to say? That is was ok. That he was over Sirius’ death?

2,319 2
4 OWLs

He was angry. He was angry with Snape for goading Sirius... He was angry with Dumbledore whose action feel trapped, wound up tight like a spring ready to snap. He was angry with Bellatrix for killing Sirius. He was angry at Lupin for not letting him go after Sirius even though he knew Lupin ...He was angry with himself for being so stupid, so arrogant...But what hurt Harry the most was that he was angry with Sirius. “Damn it, Sirius,” he muttered to the night, “if you had stayed put. If you had been more careful. If you had taken that horrid woman more seriously."

3,549 1
5 Putting the Pieces Together

“Harry,” Arthur Weasley put down his cup and leaned close. “Lupin will never be to you what Sirius was. He knows that and he would never try. He doesn’t want you to think of him as Sirius’ replacement, boy. You’ve known Lupin as long or longer than Sirius. You’ve built a relationship with him. Think about it Harry, before all this, before there was a Sirius Black, if you had never known and lost him would you have accepted the offer of the man you know as Remus Lupin to live with him?”

5,578 2
6 Homecoming

“You made Dumbledore let me stay?” Harry asked in surprise. “I thought you wanted me to come here.”..........Lupin nodded his head, “Of course I did Harry, but I wanted it to be your choice. Too many people have been deciding too many things for you for too long.” He sounded angry and stood up suddenly and began pacing the room. “Even Dumbledore.” His voice was growing in anger and volume, his mouth twisted in an unpleasant smile. Harry shivered, a bit frightened by this side of Lupin he was seeing. “Sometimes people act like all you are is this weapon to use against Voldemort. This person who

3,550 3
7 Secrets and Rage


6,323 2
8 The Lady Cassandra

The silence was broken when the Lady Cassandra smiled broadly and a whoop erupted from Remus Lupin. He charged towards her and flung his arms around her. If he knocked her off balance it didn’t matter, because his arms held her to him so tightly that Harry wondered if she could breath. Lupin was muttering, “You’re home, you’re home, my darling girl you’re home,” as he bent low and placed kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. No one moved to interrupt them. Harry wondered if they all knew the story and realized the importance of the reunion they were witnessing.

5,810 1
9 Jealousy and Honor

She was laughing and then clearly said, “If you don’t stop kissing me, neither of us is going to get breakfast.” ......Harry’s heart jumped and a broad grin split his face. Harry was going to march into that kitchen and tell his aunt and Remus that he was full force in favor of the two of them. Harry walked to the handle-less swinging door, pushed it open and froze...The tall man standing, pressed against her, his fingers curling in her hair as he nuzzled her ear was not Remus Lupin.

5,351 2
10 Memories

Snape found the strength to pull away from her, “Stop that. Don’t pull that with me. I hate it when you do that. If I want to be angry and unreasonable, I will be. Stop using that damned Pax charm on me.”...........“All right, all right, I’ll stop, but you have to let me look at that,” she replied calmly. The charm and the heat were working on Snape and he didn’t fight when Lupin eased him back onto the trunk, his back to the room. Standing there, looking at his teacher’s bleeding back, Harry was brought full face with the sacrifices and risks that Severus Snape was taking.

5,916 2
11 Lessons

Harry looked at her anxiously. “Do you hate my father for what he did?” His voice barely reached her ears.....“I did, Harry, I won’t lie to you. I cursed James every day for a year. Even when my two years of confinement were over I was so angry I wouldn’t write to him. I chose Lily as my correspondent. Imagine my surprise when she announced she was engaged to him. But I got over it. I learned from Lupin and Lily that the incident changed James. He wasn’t quite so sure he was so right all the time. Lily said he even went easier on Severus after that. I loved James. I still do.”

2,844 2
12 Betrayal

Harry watched her. But the woman who was supposed to be so incredibly powerful, who was one of the fabled Daughters of Avalon did not move. She made no attempt to stop Moody or to help free him or the others. She seemed to be riveted on Lupin’s limp form and one of the Deatheater’s who was holding him up. When she finally moved it was simply to look at Moody and say, “Tell your Master I will meet with him in one hour at the Tor. My friends will be there and unharmed, or we shall have nothing to say to one another.”........ She was going to allow the Deatheaters to take them. He looked at his

4,100 2
13 Ring of Mist

“You stand accused of attacking a Daughter of Avalon. What have you to say.” Snape said nothing but the black eyes glared back defiantly. “Very well. What say you, Council of Daughters? Is he deserving of punishment?”..........Harry watched as one by one the stones in the pendants of each woman began to glow. An answering light shown from the circle of stones that hung from Lady Vivien’s neck. When all the stones were lit, even the clear quartz of his aunt, the Lady nodded. “The Council has found you deserving of punishment. The punishment for attacking a Daughter of Avalon is death.”

4,029 1
14 Epilogue

This epilogue completes the part of the story that doesn't include Harry. It completes the romance. I've bumped the rating up just to be sure.

2,198 14


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