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Tonks, Voldemort, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-10-25 4:35am
Last Chapter
2005-06-15 11:34pm
Last Updated
2005-06-15 11:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The boy at the back door.

“You want to know what I was thinking!!” He stood up to her getting really close to her face. “You really want to know!! It’s because I fell in love!! Yes!! Ronald Weasely fell in love!! Yes I do have more emotions then the size of a teaspoon!! And I gave it all to her!! I gave her my heart and soul!! Now get out!! I can’t listen to this crap anymore!!” He turned her around and pushed her out the door. He slammed the door shut and laid back down on the bed. “If that was all she was going to do then

3,960 11
2 Grease Monkey's have feelings too

This ia about a girl who lives behind Harry and now she takes the exams.

3,759 1
3 The elf, the red head, and the rat

This is where the story starts to take off at best.

5,352 1
4 Things are bright one way, dim the other

Here is more...

3,409 1
5 Time goes by when you do what you love

More to this story.

2,172 1
6 Ariel's story

Here's where she gets deeper

4,564 1
7 Meeting the family

She meets the rest of the Weasley family.

3,747 1
8 The World Cup

The plot thickins. By the way I don't own any of these characters accept for the one's I created.

1,910 1
9 Jacque's decision

Ariel hates it when other people try to rule her life. Especially when her father does it. She never asked for it. It just happens.

2,688 1
10 Arriving at Hogwarts

She arrives at Hogwarts. She seems to have a hard time getting comfortable there. By the way I only own Ariel. The other characters are property of JK Rowling.

2,228 2
11 The Twins and the Goblet

Continuing on. This chapter might be edited quite a bit. I'm not really sure. Just keep an eye on it for those of you who are following the story.

1,517 1
12 Happy

I know this chapter might seem pointless However it sort of helps build a relationship betewwn the two. So you can see for yourself.

1,240 2
13 Dragons and Squids

This chapter is about the first task in the goblet of fire. I did not change the process of what happened in it. I was very careful about it. I do not own any of the characters accept for Ariel.

2,537 2
14 Draco's misfortune

Ariel saves Draco's life. Something she never expected.

2,406 3
15 The Yule Ball

She decides to go to the ball after all. But only for a short time. More like one dance.

1,028 4
16 The First Silence

I've pondered about this chapter often. And realized that it would build the meaning of the relationship between these two.

2,338 3
17 Large Owls and Sinister Professors

Just some funny part of Ariel spending time ay Hogwarts.

1,881 3
18 The Dream

This is about what had happened to her earlier in her life. We find out through a dream she has during that last task.

2,956 4
19 Only For Love

This is about her father telling her she is going home for a couple of weeks and Ariel and Ron show how much they love eachother.

2,216 3
20 Going Home

This part of the story may seem boring to some readers however there is a point to it.

2,385 2
21 The Smashing of the Grapes

Her cousin tells her of a future she knows she can't have.

1,593 1
22 The Finishing Touch

This is a chapter that basically shows the strong relationship Ariel has with her brother.

1,317 3
23 Family History

She talks with her brother about why she really needs the protection and all that stuff.

1,574 2
24 The Underground

This is where Ariel gets to explore a part of the farm that she had never seen before.

2,305 2
25 Telling the untold

She visits her grandparents and finds out that she has to go back. Not just because of her father but for other reasons not explained.

3,923 2
26 Back to Reality

She goes back to England after spending her time in America.

2,448 1
27 Antcipation

She prepares for the big night that her family has every year.

2,188 1
28 Halloween Night (Ariel's temper)

This is the beginning of halloween night. The girls usually start out with a card game.

4,594 2
29 The Celebration

This is where the celebration really begins.

6,270 1
30 The Smell

Ariel wakes up the next day with some kind of smell in her nose. Not even her father could figure it out.

2,960 1
31 Fighting and Helping

This is about Ariel and Ron's first fight. And later on in the story she helps Ron's father.

2,612 1
32 Homework

In this chapter Ariel meets up with Ron at the hospital and he asks her to help him with his homework. She agrees and so a couple of days after christmas he goes to see her and she helps him. This basically builds more to the relationship between Ron and Ariel.

3,155 2
33 The News

Ariel finds out some news that she never thought she would ever hear.

2,499 1
34 Confrontations

Xarier goes to see his father about Ariel and Ariel finds out that her life was not as it seemed.

3,057 3
35 Molly's Letter

This is about the changes that ariel wants to make in her life. And she recieves a letter from Molly about the "situation"

2,262 2
36 Hogsmeade

Ariel breaks down and tells him of their little suprise.

2,397 2
37 Listening to the Heart

She takes her tests and gets a high score. Her brother comes home and talks her into listening to her heart.

2,270 2
38 Disappearance

Ariel gets taken by her great uncle and people come together to find her.

3,096 3
39 Clues?

Hermoine show's up and gives Ron a peice of her mind and they leave to find a clue that was left.

3,750 2
40 The Cottage and Detective Work

They treee boys visit Jacque and Hermoine has a great idea in helping with the clues.

3,914 1
41 The Kiss

Here they figure out the clues and rescuse her from where she is at.

3,196 2
42 New Life

This is where Ariel and Ron have their child and other decisions are made.

2,757 2
43 The end of a Beginning

Here it is. The final chapter. I hope ya'll enjoy.

1,954 4
44 Deleted scene

Ok I had been determining on wheather or not I should share this with you all. And after much deliberation I decided to share it. It'll sort of build more of a relationship between Ariel and Harry. If you like it. I'm sorry I didn't add it before.

993 4


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