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1 Ch.1 The Observer

Everyone thinks of Luna Lovegood as that odd Ravenclaw who is dreamy and carefree. Little do they know that it is all a facade. Luna hates life , hates her parents ,admire and understands Slytherins ,pitys Hufflepuffs ,is easily annoyed by Gryffindors ,wishes she were in Slytherin instead of Ravenclaw. In her opinion Ravenclaws are too boring. In her head Slytherins are 'family'.Like them she is being forced to become a deatheater. Luna is the observer , she watches everyone and everything . She sees past others' masks. Come join her as she starts her 6th year at Hogwarts.

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2 The Observer Chapter 2

Luna back to Hogwarts,she's prefect doe she care?

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3 Chapter 3

Luna has more thoughts on the Slytherins.

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