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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius
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Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,
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First Published
2004-09-21 10:59am
Last Chapter
2005-07-15 10:17am
Last Updated
2007-02-13 6:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 1 Back at Privet Drive

Harry enters his 6th year at Hogwarts. In my take on JKR's 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', find out what horrors await Harry this year. What romances will take place and just how Harry is dealing with the pressure of the prophecy.

Please leave reviews if you read, they really help me to improve my writing style. And thanks so much for reading (I know you're not supposed to start sentances with an 'and', don't worry)!

790 66
2 2 - Harry's First Surprise

“Harry’s birthday present?” Dudley asked surprised. “Yes, son,” Mr Dursley said desperately trying to motion towards the three wizards standing behind him without them seeing. “You know. Harry’s present?” He said nodding his head and rolling his eyes ferociously.

1,412 27
3 3 - Harry's Birthday

In this chapter Harry gets his birthday surprise that Mr Weasley has been promising him - as the title suggests!

2,092 23
4 4 - Reading of Sirius' Will

In this chapter Harry learns what importance his Godfather played in other people's lives and learns not to be so self centered all the time! He also learns what Sirius has left for him.

2,476 21
5 5 - The murders

Harry learns what Fred and George know from the Order meetings. Harry has an inkling about feelings towards Ginny.

1,662 14
6 6 - The Discovery

Harry decides to do something to honour Sirius and help others and himself. When in the process of doing so he discovers Kretcher the old House Elf - how willl he react to him?

2,681 8
7 7 - Godric Gryffindor's Family Tree

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny visit Diagon Ally alone. Discovering an ancient artifact belonging to Godric Gryffindor they puzzle over what it is, until they are interupted by a stranger...

2,724 11
8 8 - McClaggan Revealed

“I thought you wouldn’t be able to resist it,” he said, with the edge of a smirk showing from under his hood. He turned and began to walk down the length of Diagon Ally and on towards Knockturn Ally.

2,477 12
9 9 - OWL Results Day

I can’t believe I passed Potions!” “Me either,” Hermione muttered, looking in the distance. “Oh, thanks very much Hermione,” Harry said.

2,233 12
10 10 - The meeting

Harry felt a jolt of pain sear through his whole body from his head to his feet. Clutching his head in his hands he slipped off his chair and onto the floor beside Dumbledore’s feet. PLEASE REVIEW WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED READING - THANKS EVERYONE.

2,776 13
11 11 - The truth?

Noticing Harry and the others desperately trying to cover up their laughter, he came storming over and was about to let rip at them, when something happened that distracted all of their attention.

2,593 9
12 12 - The fall of Fudge

He had to try and stop them, who knew what their plans were and Mrs Weasley with Ron and Ginny lost somewhere amongst this chaos. “No,” he decided to himself, he would die defending the world he loved if it came to it. Voldemort couldn’t win.

2,826 18
13 13 - At Hogwarts

So here is the thirteenth chapter, unlucky for some! I hope not me! Anyway this chapter is set back in Hogwarts on the same day as chapter 12. I really hope you all like it, although I really wasn't happy with some parts. I felt they were a little cringe worthy kind of thing. Anyway, please read away and PLEASE PLEASE (!) leave a review when you are finished. Thanks to all those that have reviewed so far too - and those that have just read too.

2,311 8
14 14 - Buckbeak's break for freedom

Well here is the long awaited 14th chapter (yeah ok!). In this chapter Hagrid arrives to remove Buckbeak to a better life...awww! Also there is some important information cleared up, which should hopefully make some things make sense. Well enjoy anyway and please leave a review letting me know what you think.Thanks.

2,265 8
15 15 - The Hogwarts Express

This chapter was part of one really long one but I thought I would split them in two as otherwise it would be too long for some people to read I think. So apologies for the abrupt ending (kind of), but hopefully it'll make sense when I've posted the next chapter - which I hope to do really soon, as then it might make more sense. Anyway, enjoy!

2,308 10
16 16 - Arriving back home

Right, chapter 16 up and ready! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed thus far lots of useful and encouraging comments have been made - so please keep 'em coming! In this chapter Harry and co. arrive back at school and are inducted back into school life, with a bang. Obviously this continues from the last chapter, so they should both make more sense now (I hope). Again though the end of this one has been moved into the beginning of the next one (17) so that one continues where this one leaves off. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this one.

2,351 12
17 17 - The Duel

This chapter was previously posted a last week or something, but appears to have vanished so here it is - again. In this chapter Harry duels with Malfoy...

2,929 8
18 18 - Quidditch Captain

Again this chapter has been posted before but removed for some reason, so here it is again. In this chapter Harry has two shocks which ruin his day (and longer).

3,076 8
19 19 - A giant detention

In this (long) chapter Harry has to undergo his detention with his favourite Professor - Snape. He has his first Care of Magical Creatures lesson too and not a lot has changed since lst year. Sorry this is such a long chapter with nothing much happening in. I suppose it could have been split into two smaller chapters - so if you would prefer that in future please review letting me know. Thanks to all those kind people who have been reveiwing my story so far. You are all lovely and kind etc etc and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think of my sto

3,723 16
20 20 - Gryffindor's heir

In this chapter Godric Gryffindor's heir is revealed. Thanks so much to those of you who have reviewed my story already, it's really appreciated, I've really enjoyed reading all your comments. But please don't forget to continue to leave reviews as they help me to keep writing, as i know people are actually reading it. So thanks so much for your time and effort so far, but it's not over yet!

2,569 15
21 21 - More revelations

This chapter is going to delight some readers and going to upset others. Sorry about that, but that's what you get with ships! There are plenty of other things going on though for those not interested in ships. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think, through the use of reviews!! Yes, this is a little reminder to people to remember to review after they have finished reading. So please be little dears and dudes and give me a few words of what you thought. Thanks to those who already have, please feel free to do so again!

3,816 10
22 22 - The DA

Ever so sorry people, I (rather stuidly) realised last night that I had put Luna in the Gryffindor common room, when of course she is a Ravenclaw - doh! So I have changed this chapter now, so it is correct. (The asking out section now takes part in the library - that's the only difference). Sorry about that, I should really think harder when writing this! Anyway thanks for all the great reviews I have got so far from people and you were all kind enough not to point out my stupid mistake either!Thank you. So please to others, review away, they are much appreciated.

2,653 12
23 23 - Preparations for the Ball

Hi, so the 23rd chapter is now up and ready for your pleasure! I know some of you will be disappointed with the fact that the ball is not in this chapter, well it was originally but the chapter was so long I decided to cut it into two chapters, so it's in the next and I promise to post the next chapter really soon to make up for it. Thanks so much to all my faithful readers and reviewers, it's lovely to hear so much from people now. Apologies to those reviews that I haven't replied to, it won't allow me to reply now as I had to delete the chapter because of my boo boo. So apologies

3,160 10
24 24 - The Half-Blood Prince

Here we go as promised a quick update for the chapter that details the ball! Hope you all enjoy and I'm sure several of you will be quite pleased with the outcome with regards to ships and the like - probably given away too much there! Anyway I hope you enjoy and please all let me know what you think. Thanks.

2,743 17
25 25 - Spinners End

Right well here's chapter tewnty five up and ready. Hope you all find it an interesting and entertaining read. In it you will find out what has happened to the Dursley's and why Dumbledore was visiting them. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED READING, ALL YOUR POINTS AND VIEWS ARE REALLY GRATEFULLY RECEIVED.

3,364 25
26 26 - Speaking with Voldemort

Hi I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to every one of my reviewers and readers and Merry Christmas to you all. This is my Christmas update and I'm slightly disappointed with myself for not having reached Christmas time in the story in time for real Christmas time. But as long as I have finished the story before JK releases the proper Half-Blood Prince on 16th July, then I'll be pleased. I'm sure I'll be finished well within time for that. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I can't help but feel it was a little rushed, so could have been better. But it is moving t

3,601 11
27 27 - Jubilation and Dishonour

Right well you lucky people you (ha ha yeah right!) I've managed to get another chapter down before Christmas, so I decided to give you another to keep you going until I'm able to update again! Anyway, this truely is a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all readers and reviewers. Thanks so much for all your encouragment, compliments and advice - it is all appreciated greatly. Hope you all find this chapter enteratining and interesting and everything. I'll let you read on now!

4,523 16
28 28 - DA lesson one

OK this is a really long chapter - my longest yet I think, so I'm really sorry to those of you who prefer the smaller ones and I hope the length doesn't put anyone off reading. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, it was of course marred by the disaster in Asia for all of us, but hopefully these fanfics will offer a welcome distraction. Hope you don't find this chapter boring at all, but it was the first back after my break so I found it slightly harder to get going with. Anyway thanks for all the reviews I've received they're great so please keep your comment

4,589 16
29 29 - Snape and Herbology

Thanks so much to every one of my reviewers for the last chapter, there were many lovely things said, which I find really encouraging. Anyway I'm afraid to say that this is another lengthy chapter (maybe longer than the last!) and I know I said I wouldn't do that sort of thing again, but this one jsut kind of came out too! Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this one too and for those of you who like young James, Sirius, Lupin and Lily, there's something in this for you!

4,939 21
30 30 - The Dementors

I'm so sorry that this has taken so long to update with. I really hope you all think it is worth the wait - though i'm not sure that it is! I've actually been suffering with the flu last week and have also had a major upheaval as I am moving house this weekend and leave my job the week after, so it's all been a bit manic! Thanks for being so patient and I'll let you get on with reading now!

4,208 21
31 31 - The Hospital Wing

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take the chance to say thanks to everyone for reviewing and reading my fanfic, it's been really encouraging so far. I also wanted to apologise for the delay in updating this chapter. I know I said I would post before the weekend, but I was moving house and have only just returned to work today. Anyway, enough waffeling here is the new chapter - I hope you enjoy reading it.

4,145 18
32 32 - The truth about McClaggan

Firstly, I'm so sorry for the delay on updating my fanfic. So here we are with chapter 32 now! Anyway, this chapter will explain quite a lot over the whole McClaggan and Snape thing. I really hope you enjoy reading it and remember to leave me a little review at the end - it will be really appreciated

3,794 19
33 33 - The Crow

Hi everyone, thanks to all of you who have been reviewing lately. Some of you review so regularly, I'm so grateful for all you comments and suggestions. Anyway, this chapter is a bit of a filler in many ways because things are progressing and some things needed clarification and moving on before I can get onto the next stage of the story. Hopefully everything is clear in it, plus there is a little bit of fun added with Draco in this one - but its all part of the bigger picture so don't forget about it!

4,017 19
34 34 - Hogwarts under attack

RIght well here is the 34th (!) chapter finally I am pleased to report! Sorry it is later than suggested but there was such nice weather at the weekend did you honestly think I would stay in to sit at a computer???

4,147 32
35 35 - The history of Voldemort

Here it is then, Chapter 35. Hope you enjoy! In the last chapter Harry was waiting with Neville and Ron to ambush an attack on Hogwarts whilst the rest of the student population had departed for Christmas break. The story continues...

4,685 20
36 36 - A visit to St Mungo's

Here is Chpater 36 then, up and waiting for your approval?! I really hopw you enjoy reading it. At the end of the last chapter Harry had just viewed Voldemort's birth, but what could it all mean?...

4,642 16
37 37 - Snape's worst Christmas

Hi, here is chapter 37 then ready for your reviews. In the last chapter Harry and friends sneakily visited Neville's parents in St Mungo's, narrowly escaping capture from the nurses and Mr Filch. Back safely in Hogwarts what delights will Christmas Day see for them?

3,664 16
38 38 - The Two-Way Mirror

In the last chapter Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville were setting off to the Three Broomsticks to search for the missing Snape. Find out the secrets of Snape's past in chapter 38 The Two-Way Mirror.

3,656 26
39 39 - McClaggan's Magic

Hi, sorry for the delay in updating, but here is the chapter up and ready for all your criticism and comments. In the last chapter it was Christmas Day and Harry had discovered that the two way mirror Sirius gave him was being used by Snape. In this chapter; what is it that McClaggan has in mind for the Half-Blood Prince? Something seems to be brewing at Hogwarts, but will the trio be able to work it all out in time?

2,954 15
40 40 - Fawke's Friend

Chapter 40 up and ready now. As you can see I've stuck to keeping the chapters a little shorter now, so as to update more regularly and really move the story along now. In the last chapter Neville had come into possession on a wand from the strange DADA teacher McClaggan, but what will Dumbledore make of this? What importance does this wand have for Neville and the rest of the world? More is revealed....

3,382 19
41 41 - The Kiss that Started it All

Hiya, this chapter has actually been ready for a little while, but I didn't want to update because I really wasn't sure about it. I'm not even sure now, I'm just hoping I don't live to regret this one, because writing it has meant changing some of my plot. Still it is really helping to move the plot on and I hope you enjoy it. In this chapter you will discover more about Ginny's condition that so many of you had picked up on and just what can be done to help her, with interesting results...

3,589 15
42 42 - The Long Walk

So here is chapter 42 and things are really starting to come together now for me in writing this story and I feel a lot more secure in the plot now. Thanks so much to all for reviews so far, they have been great to read and very encouraging. In the last chapter Harry had kissed Ginny for the first time, revealing his true feeling about her to himself and her. In this chapter Harry and Ron prepare for their next Quidditch match!

2,420 13
43 43 - Another Prophecy

Chapter 43 now complete! The story is really getting somewhere in my head now and I am preparing you all for the finale. Course I don't want to say too much about that yet though... In this chapter Neville finds out some important news about himself and Harry.

2,826 11
44 44 - Gryffindor v's Ravenclaw

In the last chapter Harry had discovered that another prophecy had been made about himself and Neville - the HBP. In this chapter the important Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw takes place. But will Harry get more than he bargained for in the match?....

2,515 10
45 45 - The Secret Pathway

Chapter 45 now up and ready for your scrutiny! I am nearing the end of this story masively now, so please check back daily for updates, which are coming thick and fast now. In the last chapter Gryffindor had won the quidditch match against Ravenclaw and the school were ready to break up for Easter break. What will Harry, Ron and Hermione get up to during their holiday? Read on to find out...

2,180 10
46 46 - Snape's Past, Present and Future

Another chapter up and ready. I did warn you they would be coming thick and fast now! In the last chapter Harry, Ron and Hermione discovered a scret path that they had never come across before, but were unable to make their way down it completely. Now the path stays in Harry's mind alongside his sweetheart, Ginny. In this chapter Harry discovers some disturbing and important news about Snape.

2,729 12
47 47 - The Final

In the last chapter Harry overheard Snape's story about how he had been discovered at the Death Eater meetings as a spy. There are now no means for the Order to know what is going on within the Death Eater circle - at least that they know of at the moment. In this chapter (which is a two parter with chapter 48), the school term is winding down ready for the summer holidays, but there are some important events to pass before the holidays are upon them all.

3,342 11
48 48 - All's Well That End's Well?

In the last chapter Harry had just struck lucky when a gust of wind enabled him to catch the snitch and win Gryffindor the Quidditch Cup. In this chapter Enjoy the celebrations of the final feast. But is everything as happy as it seems?...

1,919 13
49 49 - The Half-Bloods Wager War

Just a quick summary this time. In this chapter Harry and co. discover the path and where it leads them to. But what will they find at the other end?...

2,938 7
50 50 - Draco's Denial

In the last chapter Hogwarts was under attack from Death Eaters. The school was fighting a losing battle until the entrance of the Half-Blood Prince...

2,049 13
51 51 - United we stand united we fall

In the last chapter Voldemort had appeared at Hogwarts threatening to kill Dumbledore as he has wanted to do for so long. In this chapter see what horrors Voldemort has to unleash and will Harry be able to get away?....

1,474 9
52 52 - It Started With a Kiss

In the last chapter a certain someone had been killed by Voldemort in front of Harry. This meant that his powers were transferred to our boy hero. Find out in the final chapter of this story how he will cope with this loss and what is to become of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary...

2,270 56


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