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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Narcissa, Tonks, Lucius, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-09-15 11:31pm
Last Chapter
2006-05-06 1:01am
Last Updated
2006-05-06 1:01am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A whole new look

There's a fine line between good and evil, and Hermione has a leg on both sides. A spy acting as a spy as a spy, and both sides are offering a life she could want. That's not complicated enough, throw Draco into this mix and a few secrets better left unsaid. Banner by TomFoolery

1,361 55
2 Chaos Before Order

Chapter 2! Sorry guys, I knwo its short, and not all that interesting, but I promise it'll get better! Please read/review, I like the criticism, it makes me better and I wanna know what you want to read!

1,220 11
3 The Rules of the Game.

Rule one: Tell no one. Rule two: Use any means of seduction to make him fall for you. Rule three: you cant fall in love with him.

2,062 18
4 Sushi for Beginners

Lol, i saw that title somewhere and thought it would be awesome to use. Yay, i was before deadline! Lol, im proud, i'll go eat too much popcorn!

1,873 15
5 Room of Requirement

Sorry i took a while! I did get ahead of my deadline though! I said tuesday and its still sunday! Yay for me.... This is Potions class and afterward, have fun!

1,181 13
6 Flashbacks

Sorry it took a while to update, i was sick and couldnt write for very long, a couple sentences at best....

1,888 11
7 The Illusion Potion

i dont like summaries....

1,633 16
8 Death Eaters and Costumes

sorry it took a while to update, its been a crazy week....

2,063 15
9 Halloween Ball

I'll be nice and update again, and in like a couple of minutes I'll add chapter ten. In case you didnt notice, I need to know if J.K. Rowling ever gave Hermione a birthday... If you could tell me, whether its a no or a yes and give a date, i would love you for it... Ya'll owe me, I've given up my lunches over the past days to work on this and chapter 10....

1,459 7
10 Death Eaters Circle

'ello again... Hope you like this one... Just a warning, its kinda violent and there is some launauge, but i think the violence is topping that... so yeah, you were warned....

1,948 19
11 Death Eaters Circle Dracos POV

hey sorry guys it taken me forever to update, I got grounded off the computer... sucks i know.. sorry that this isnt totally new, but theres certain things i needed to explain, so bare with me okay?

1,378 12
12 Who am I?

Once again, I've updated. Have some fun with this one, Im not totally sure what Im going to plan next. Also, be on the look out for my new story, which i should have up soon.

1,519 14
13 You are who you are

you know what, im just going to repost these chapters. If they site brings them back, goody, i'll just delete, if not, then i'll have already poste them. Im doing this just because I love you guys.

1,923 2
14 The Plan Revealed

ditto last chapter

1,991 6
15 Love Potion #9

i hope you like and will forgive me for the cliff hanger.

1,858 25
16 It begins

hey guys, I wont be updating this one for a few weeks. Never fear, I will return to it! I'm just going to work on/post my new story. I hope you will like that one as much as you like this!

1,266 28
17 Meeting of the Order

HEY CHAPTER 17 IS NOW POSTED!!!! sorry about the break, i had something come up and i needed to sort out the story

1,746 18
18 Traditions

Blah blah blah

1,794 13
19 The Annoucement

blip, blip, blip, beeeeep the sound of my imagination dying for the night

1,477 23
20 The Wedding and Then Some

the wedding, cue drastic music. I'm thinking about ending this one and starting a sequel. Have no fears, there are a few more at least to come...

2,482 15
21 Cold glares and pleasing lies

Dun Dun Dun! First day of a week with the the malfoys, will she survive?

1,351 16
22 The Ride

More drama and fun!! Sorry about the wait!

2,161 12
23 Main Dish: Surprise

hey, two chapters in three days, Im slowly gettin better at this again!

1,501 23
24 What else can happen?

sorry about the wait! Tempoary writers block while I was writing, I couldnt decide how I wanted this to go. Hope you like!

2,421 9
25 Fight or Flight

the fight you've been waiting for

2,156 11
26 Confessions

The truth is revealed and connections are made, some anyway...

2,131 13
27 Snake versus a Lion

Hermione chats with Narcissa

1,735 15
28 Fighting Words

Hehe, my litte pretties, I've updated again, finally.....

1,185 24
29 Change in the tides

blah blah blah.... ya'll know the story, now lets get on with the latest chapter! Thanks to all those who stick with me, I'm sure I annoy you tonz when I dont update! Sorry, and a huge thank you to all who review!

1,455 30
30 One more time

Sorry its taken me forever!!! I went on vacation and then the site wouldnt allow admissions and then I was dragged camping before I could update! Really Sorry!!! I write more often now until school starts!

1,651 12
31 one and one is three

What will happen now?

2,804 28
32 Breaking of News

Sorry for such a long break. I got caught up in sports, but you dont want excuses do you? Go ahead and read!

1,637 16
33 Alone at Last

I'm sorry for the delay, i really dont have an excuse. the next chapter will be written with 24 hours and posted....

1,498 9
34 You Must Be Joking

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers! I will shortly be adding the next chapter of my other fic, if any of you enjoy my other one. A double update for my Valentines!

1,693 19
35 Its The End Of The World As She Knows It

Hello again.. Oops, accidently posted this with the wrong story.... My bad... Here you go, after a long break...

1,574 20


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