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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Voldemort, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-09-15 11:05pm
Last Chapter
2007-03-11 1:44pm
Last Updated
2009-04-08 1:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Harry's Epiphany

Okay I KNOW I got the timeline mixed up and I KNOW my grammar sucks in some points!  I had no beta!  And editing is not my strong point, storytelling is!  Thanks to everyone who's reviewed.  I appreciate it! Nitingale. **~~~Thanks to BitterEpiphany for my Wonderful Banner!~~~** "WHY IS HE WITH HER AGAIN?" HARRY POTTER SEETHED THROUGH CLENCHED TEETH, HIS GREEN EYES FLASHING A DANGEROUS JADE COLOR. Harry Potter is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, this story is about almost everything a teen deals with. Love, Hate, Desicion Making, etc.

4,448 30
2 Chapter 2: Slytherin and Quidditch Troubles

Harry's having problems with his team, Malfoy and Company, and something wierd will happen. Ginny gets a peak at Harry's inner turmoil.

3,605 20
3 Chapter 3: Confusing Words, Ginny's Confession

Professor Dumbledore offers confusing words and Ginny spills her secret to Hermione who then foreshadows a bit with a secert of her own.

5,340 17
4 Chapter 4: Truths Between the Lies

Landon hurts Ginny, Harry hides, Dumbledore tells Ron where to find Harry and he then tells Ron and Hermione a little secret of his own.

5,394 10
5 Chapter 5: An Attack in the Night

Harry wakes up in the middle of the night to Ginny's plea for help. Someone is attacking her.

4,010 19
6 Chapter 6: Polyjuice Potion, and Neville

The Chapter title explains everything.

3,677 12
7 Chapter 7: His Dream

Harry has a dream about his parents.

4,145 19
8 Chapter 8: The Meeting

This is a short chapter, well shorter then most of mine. The Order has a meeting about Harry, Ginny and what to do about Landon. A new way of communication is done.

1,386 19
9 Chapter 9: Dasher Tremaine

Quidditch Try-Outs are held.

3,322 17
10 Chapter 10: Andre's Discovery

No need for a summary here, the title explains it all.

2,854 15
11 Chapter 11: The Note

The seventh year boys of Gryffindor get a note with an eyeful for Harry. Professor Dumbledore gets very angry.

3,167 21
12 Chapter 12: Facing Anger

Dumbledore second guesses his punishment and seeks advice. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny take digs at each other in anger.

4,618 10
13 Chapter 13: Classes and Detention

Harry's punishment continues. We get a look at his classes, a bit more Quidditch.


4,601 12
14 Chapter 14: The Bondage

It's not what you think...Hermione. Ron, Ginny, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Madame Pomphrey agree on doing something to furthur protect themselves and Harry, with the help of Andre.

4,861 12
15 Chapter 15: CoMC and a Lesson

If you haven't figured it out yet (Which you're all smart I'm sure you did) but CoMc means "Care of Magical Creatures" You will see a full lesson taught by Hagrid here and your question about whether or not Dumbledore agreed to Hermione's request will be answered.

4,332 12
16 Chapter 16: The First Quidditch Match


No need for an explanation here...Just enjoy reading it.

3,668 11
17 Chapter 17: Kidnapped!

Ginny's scare is revealed to Harry and Ron. Professor Helixa has been enlisted to give extra lessons but before she begins something goes terribly wrong.

5,623 13
18 Chapter 18: Executing Plans

The Order and the trio put their plans into action.

4,673 10
19 Chapter 19: The News He Dreaded

Will Dumbledore be alright? What will happen to Harry and Ron? Did Ginny's parents rescue her on time? All these answers and more coming to you right now. Hermione controls Harry's anguish.

4,680 10
20 Chapter 20: Dumbledore's Message

Dobby delivers to Harry a note and a package.

3,002 11
21 Chapter 21: The Animal in You

Animagus lesson coming up, two of the four animals are revealed. We see more of the traitor.

3,582 10
22 Chapter 22: A Heart-to-Heart

Harry has a heart to heart with someone.

4,939 9
23 Chapter 23: The Golden Bowl of Clarity

We will see how the Golden Bowl of Clarity works in this chapter. Enjoy.

3,541 12
24 Chapter 24: Traitor Revealed

The chapter title says most of it.

4,125 13
25 Chapter 25: Unbelievable Discoveries

You'll find out what Ron and Ginny are, and you just might be scratching your head with one of their animals but trust me, I did my research thoroughly before choosing animals for each character. We hear some of Parvati's side of the story.

4,016 10
26 Chapter 26: The Deal

Ron's anger, more of Parvati's story. Harry prepares to go to his meeting spot.

5,056 13
27 Chapter 27: Memories

Harry and Remus meet at the Shack. Memories come flooding back to him.

4,854 4
28 Chapter 28: Will They, Won't They?

Harry comes back and hears something that gives him hope. He then proceeds to tell Ron, Hermione, and Ginny the WHOLE truth about EVERYTHING.

4,039 5
29 Chapter 29: The Row

Harry faces Ron's anger. Harry says something that Ginny initiates a startling conclusion from of Ron's personality, that no one, not even Ron can dispute.

4,153 12
30 Chapter 30: The Remembrall's Memories

This just picks up right where chapter 29 left off. The chapters title explains everything.

6,241 13
31 Chapter 31: Dobby's Wish

Ginny sets her plan into action and enlists Dobby's help. Dobby confides his greatest desire ot her.

2,628 5
32 Chapter 32: Ginny's Deepest Desire

Once again, the title speaks for itself. This is going to be a "mushy" chapter but after all it is a romance as well as Adventure/Action/Angst right? I hope you enjoy it.

2,765 11
33 Chapter 33: Christmas Break and All its Surprises

Finally Christmas break comes. The Weasley's, Harry and Hermione go to the Burrow.

4,563 9
34 Chapter 34: Hermione's Necklace

The girls go to Diagon Alley, Hermione shows Ginny her necklace and pendant. And no it is not a Time Turner. someone starts having second thoughts.

3,858 11
35 Chapter 35: Christmas Morning

Excitement and scares are on the way for our brave friends. Angry but truthful words are spoken.

5,590 10
36 Chapter 36: The Weasley's New Christmas Party

A wonderful party, and a very big surprise guest.

3,225 13
37 Chapter 37: Unexpected Twists, Turns, Plots, and Feelings

There really is no one thing that happens here alot of things happen. I can't really tell you more of a summary then that.

7,021 15
38 Chapter 38: Voices of the Present, Memories of the Past

We find out who it was that Harry tripped over that made him react the way he did.

5,111 16
39 Chapter 39: Priorities Part One

Dumbledore speaks words of truth, that Harry does not fully comprehend...yet.

2,848 14
40 Chapter 40: Startling Announcement(s) and an Event

Hermione reveals to Harry the blood bond that had been done earlier. Test #2 the beginning of it. The first test if you haven't guessed was Ron's.

4,108 27
41 Chapter 41: Parvatis and Landons Decisions

This is Chapter 41 of my story, I don't really need to summarize it because it just picks up from where Chapter 40 stops.

4,978 7
42 Chapter 42: Back to Privet Drive

This takes Harry and Ron back to the Dursley's, Hermione goes home, Fred and George wake up to keep a silent vigil over their loved ones.

7,752 7
43 Chapter 43: Back to Hogwarts

Test #3 the beginning, Hermione's Anger, Harry talks to Dobby, Ginny and Landon converse.

5,472 7
44 Chapter 44: Dumbledores Return

The title of the chapter says it all. But there's an interesting twist, I hope you enjoy it.

4,905 6
45 Chapter 45: Parvatis Journal

Harry reads Parvatis journal, he talks to Lupin

7,337 7
46 Chapter 46: Preparing

The Final battle is approaching. How will Harry, Ron and Hermione handle everything?

5,207 9
47 Chapter 47: Priorities Part Two

Dumbledore writes letters, Landon helps Harry and Ginny.

4,634 11
48 Chapter 48: The Final Battle

No this is NOT the final chapter of this story, I have about three more left to do. Anyways the chapter itself summarizes pretty well what is going to happen. I hope you enjoy it. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own HP characters or places, they belong to JK Rowling. The new things...people, props etc are mine.

7,351 13
49 Chapter 49: The Wizard and Muggles World are Now...

This is still NOT the final chapter, I still have a few more. This is the battle between Voldemort and Harry.

3,891 12
50 Chapter 50: The Honoring of the Fallen

The title of this chapter says it all. This chapter is the SECOND TO LAST CHAPTER of this story. There will be one more following it.

3,922 12
51 Chapter 51: Life Goes On

This is the Final chapter of my story. The summary of it is this; it ties up loose ends, and a heart-to-heart between Remus and Harry.

5,240 38
52 Epilogue

A Wedding and a New Threat. Please take time and read the A/N that comes after the body of this chapter.

1,673 25


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