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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks, M. McGonagall
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First Published
2004-08-18 5:00am
Last Chapter
2005-07-23 12:00am
Last Updated
2005-10-11 8:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Another Crappy Birthday

A story of Harry's sixth year where all santity is lost. Harry is an egotistical maniac. Ron is a poor wimp who follows Harry's every wish. And Hermione is The ultimate source of knoledge in the universe. Kiss your cannon goodbye and laugh till you die. (hope you like that chessey rhyme.) Warnings: This story may contain material un-apropriate for those who do not have a sense of humor. It contains Heavy Sarcasim and makes a mockery of everything Harry Potter related. Possible HBP Spoilers

1,157 37
2 The Inbetween Chapter or From One Part to Another

Harry is faced with the horrible task of making it from one phase of the story to another. It's chapters like these that truly test an author. This one failed...

1,681 28
3 Angst... The Final Frontier

the title says it all... ok maybe it doesn't. Let me explain. This chapter has a more serious tone than the last three. (yeah right!) In it we see the dispare over Sirius's death and the divotion of a pet to his master and The bonding of Father and Son. Enjoy!

2,204 28
4 The OC... and I'm not talking California

Harry and company have a new guest... but can anything that perfect be good? Well one thing is for sure... she looks good.

2,526 15
5 Character Development

We see the bonding of peers, as they share their deepest fears and greatest longings. We see the formation of adolesent love. And we see how one throw away character gets noticed... I'm sorry about the serious nature of this chapter (yeah right) but with the upcoming holidays I felt the need to potray the true meaning of them... whatever that is.

3,089 18
6 The Great Sorting Fiasco

In years past sorting has been a long tiedious prosess which bores most students to tears. Not this year

2,145 7
7 The First Day of School or Getting Back in the Habit

Harry finds out the joys of school and family.

3,876 8
8 Day of Reckoning

July 16th is finnally here... but with a vengence! Possible HBP Spoilers.

10,370 14


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