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    Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Romance, Action, General, Drama
    Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Violence
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2004-08-10 9:52pm
    Last Chapter
    2004-12-10 6:30pm
    Last Updated
    2004-12-10 6:30pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 of Heartbreak and Nightmares

    Story begins soon after the end of OoTP. The trio deals with the the fallout of the Minstry battle and revelations that reveal themselves to our protagonists. throughout the year. People will die, stuff will be blown up and new powers and feelings will be revealed. Story is Complete, thanks to touchstone for hooking me up with the banner

    3,968 40
    2 Welcome Back

    Harry returns to Grimmauld Place, secrets are revealed to another, Sirius strikes back from the grave

    4,136 18
    3 The Lion Reborn

    A history lesson for two of our main characters. Harry's training begins for real.

    5,584 19
    4 Ow, OWLS

    The trio get thier owls, and one of them didn't do so hot.

    2,328 15
    5 Diagon Alley showdown and it's not even noon

    Harry and friends go for school supplies only to meet an old friend

    2,619 11
    6 Back To Hogwarts

    Back to School, suprises ensue

    6,124 20
    7 The First Day Back

    First Day of Classes, a confession and action in the halls, no not that king you pervs :-)

    6,069 16
    8 Of a Snake and a Lion

    More of Harry's destiny is revealed. New powers are activated in two of our protagonists. The dark gains a victory.

    8,320 22
    9 Resetting the Board

    The Wizarding world deals with the breakout of the Death Eaters captured at The Ministry last June

    6,632 19
    10 Happy Sixteenth Hermione

    Hermione turns Sixteen, Ginny proves something to herself

    3,609 17
    11 Legilimency, Shaken Preconceptions

    Hermione's training fully begins,

    6,201 16
    12 Inklings of Something Greater.

    First quiddich game, halloween ball

    4,407 16
    13 A Surprise in the Room of Requirement

    Ron shows true grit

    4,539 9
    14 The Prophesy Revealed

    Like the title says, duh. Also better living thorugh potions

    3,525 11
    15 Fighting the Cold

    The war comes home.

    5,611 17
    16 Christmas at the Burrow

    Christmas time, and wackiness abounds

    3,997 11
    17 Changes

    Like the title says. And, oh yeah, Harry and Hermione talk about thier feelings but not to each other.

    4,665 11
    18 The Marauders Return

    Pranks, franks, math and Quiddich, what fun

    6,302 9
    19 Vistors From Days Gone By

    Events take a serious and Sirius Turn

    4,017 4
    20 Climax

    The attacks on the Trio and the Quiddich season climaxes

    5,127 10
    21 Are We Having Fun Yet?

    The trio have a conversion with draco, and some othjer stuff

    4,159 9
    22 Moonset

    The Potion for Remus is ready, and the long awaited Dumbledore prank

    4,102 12
    23 Rejection

    The title says it all

    3,958 18
    24 Of Fire and Finding

    Here it is, what most of you have been waiting for, in More ways than one.

    7,935 23
    25 Aftermath

    The fallout from the battle at Hogsmeade

    1,827 18
    26 Back to the Muggles one last time

    Harry returns to the Dursleys, one last time, but its the Muggles turn to lean reality

    3,389 11
    27 Epilogue

    Wrap up, end of the story buts right up againist the start of lions, ohh and Ron...he gets just a touch of play.

    2,898 69


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