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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Narcissa, Lucius
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, General, Angst, Drama
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-07-31 5:30am
Last Chapter
2004-08-16 7:39pm
Last Updated
2005-07-16 12:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meetings

There is a reason Severus Snape hates the Marauders so. There is a reason he is so cold and unyielding, despite being filled with such passion. There is a reason Remus Lupin holds himself so aloof, why he has lived his life alone. This looks at the early years and tries to answer those questions.

3,953 17
2 The Sorting

The train arrives at Hogwarts. ITs time to be sorted. Rated R for later chapters

3,098 26
3 Friendships

Friends are made and lost. "Scenes of mild sexual nature" refers to a couple of sexual innuendos made during this chapter Rated R for later Chapters

4,097 15
4 Patterns

The kids settle into classes and the patterns that will follow them most of their friendships. See Chapter 2 for disclaimer Rated R for later chapters.

3,961 14
5 Time for Goodbyes

First year ends and some secrets can no longer be kept. Rated R for later chapters See disclaimer in chapter 2

4,126 9
6 Third Year Begins

A crack appears in young Snape's walls and he reaches out. This is where we start getting dark folks. This shows the tip of the iceberg that makes Snape the dark tortured little soul he is. See chapter 2 for disclaimer.

3,032 15
7 Animagi

A joke by Sirius and James goes very wrong for Snape (no it's not that joke -it doesn't involve Remus) The crew learns about the potential for Animagi an what it could mean for them. Rated R for previous and later chapters See chapter 2 for disclaimer

3,271 10
8 Quidditch and Little Girls

More info about Snape's home life and why Remus keeps himself distanced from the others. This is the first chapter where the POV switches between Remus and Snape. Had to do this and it's separated by a line, otherwise they would be really short mini-chapters. Rated R for adult themes . Disclaimer is in Chapter 2

5,399 10
9 Apologies

Remus and Snape are both forced to look at the way they have treated the person that links their lives. Rated R for previous and later chapters Disclaimer in Chapter 2

2,631 10
10 Exchanges

More info on what Snape is feeling. Lupin too. Snape reaches to this girl and finds her reaching back. Rated R for previous and later chapters. Disclaimer in chapter 2

2,371 13
11 Home

We've progressed to the summer between the fourth and fifth years. (Time will miraculously slow down once we reach sixth and seventh years.) We see the Potter family and the interactions between them, Sirius and a visiting Remus. Rated R for previous and later chapters ' Disclaimer is in chapter 2

4,552 11
12 Laughter and Tears

Shows more of the Potter family dynamics but mostly focus' on Lupin's understanding of Snape's growing relationship with girl whom Lupin considers his own. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 2

3,057 9
13 Letters

The secret, at least most of it, is out. Also, gives us a peek inside the Snape house. Snape will pay a price to his family for his relationship with this girl. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 2

5,311 9
14 Diagon Alley

A strange meeting. Snape is having trouble controlling his feelings for this girl. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 12.

6,132 12
15 Wishing for Death

Snape suffers the fall out of the trip to Diagon Alley. But has his father pushed too far this time? Can he hold it together? Or is death a better option? A look at how the Slytherins treat him. Remus finds himself dealing with wants and needs beyond his years. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in chapter two.

7,405 13
16 The Marauders

Its their fifth year and the boys test out their animagi skills. Remus must face his conflicting feelings about Cassandra, and the results could be disasterous for both of them, and Snape. Diclaimer in Chaper 2 Rated R for adult themes.

5,850 8
17 Rumors

Innocent and not so innocent comments and speculation may tear apart Remus, Cassandra and Snape's lives. Once his trust is broken, can Snape put it behind him? How far will Remus put his friendship for Cassandra beyond what he wants? Rated R for adult themes in this story. Disclaimer in chapter 2

5,127 9
18 Loss and Redemption

The Potters face an unbelievable loss. Snape is forced to choose between self preservation and his growing feelings for Cassandra, the ones he doesn't want to have. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 2

3,652 11
19 Transitions

Things are changing for Remus. The moon is pulling him in a direction he knew was coming, but wasn't prepared for. Cassandra is growing up, and some people are definitely noticing. Snape shares his most treasured dreams with his Cass. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 2

6,615 7
20 Careless Actions

Sirius takes action to stop Snape and Cassandra, but risks Lupin in the course of things. Will the secrets Snape and Lupin both hide from Cassandra be forced into the open by Sirius? Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in chapter 2

3,371 8
21 Pull of the Moon

Lupin isn't alone in facing transitions in the moon time, Cassandra is changing as well and those passions collide. Snape fights for control of his feelings and his needs, but this girl is breaking the limits of his control. Cassandra is confronted by a familiar wolf. Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in Chapter 2

5,378 8
22 The Garden

Snape faces both a moment of tremendous loss and realization. He must finally confess his feelings for this girl. But the true horror of his world threatens to engulf her. Lord Voldemort makes his appearance. ***************** Rated R for adult themes Disclaimer in chapter 2

3,956 8
23 Purging

His father's words in his ears, Snape must decide what he is to do about Cassandra. He has to find a way to protect her. Remus Lupin must confront the growing attraction and affection between the former two and his own feelings for her. ***Rated R for adult themes*********Disclaimer in chapter 2

6,634 10
24 Breaking

Snape can't deny his need for Cassandra. As they move to a phyical relationship, Remus Lupin comes brutally face to face with the depth of that relationship and what it makes him feel. His passions for this girl that connects him and the rest of the Marauders to Snape are no longer pure or simple. Rated R for adult themes............Disclaimer in chapter 2

3,604 9
25 Choosing

The Marauders react to the truth of Snape and Cassandra's relationship. Snape and Lupin offer her a future but force her to make a choice. RAted R for Adult Themes.............Disclaimer in chapter 2

3,694 8
26 Providence

James decides he must stop Snape and Cassandra no matter the cost. Severus Snape and Remus Lupin are forced to face their greatest nightmare. How they resolve it will effect the rest of their lives. Rated R for adult themes.......Disclaimer in chapter 2

4,105 56


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