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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-07-28 11:14pm
Last Chapter
2004-09-28 9:47pm
Last Updated
2007-08-26 12:03pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Approaching Storm

Harry and the others return for their 7th year at Hogwarts to have the war begin. Although it begins with a battle, it doesn't end there. Will the dark lord and his minions really fall...will Harry ever really be free of his curse. This story has an overlap of angst, drama, humor, and of course romance that blossoms. Thanks to PrincessPotter for the wonderful banner!

3,279 19
2 The Rage of Battle

Voldemort and his death eaters enter Hogsmeade and the war begins. Harry and the others go to battle united in a common bond -- the survival of wizard kind. Brief romantic thoughts Harry/Ginny to be developed more later. Even a little humor thrown in the mix.

4,047 16
3 The Aftermath

Harry wakes up post war to an entirely new life. He struggles with guilt over the sacrifices of others. Romantic feelings begin to bloom for Harry as he really notices Ginny for the first time.

3,005 15
4 The Return to Hogwarts

Harry returns to Hogwarts to be by Hermione's side as Ron recuperates in St. Mungo's. A little more development of Harry's feelings for Ginny.

596 10
5 The New Guard

Classes resume at Hogwarts as Harry and Ron continue to wait for Hermione to recover. They don't want her to be alone. There dedication reaps them a few scholarly rewards.

1,302 8
6 Ron's Confession

As Ron and Harry wait for Hermione to show some sign of improvement, Ron begins to realized his true feelings for Hermione. Ron begins to show a sweet and somewhat vunerable side. Harry continues to struggle with his feelings for Ginny.

1,848 8
7 The Dilemma

Harry and Ron consider the possibility that she may never wake up. If Ron had missed his chance, he wanted to make sure he wouldn't do the same think with Ginny.

1,636 7
8 A New Miracle

Ron is beginning to feel like he's had about all he can take, when suddenly a miracle happens.

807 7
9 Spreading the News

Ron has just been thrust out of the hospital wing after Hermione's awakening. Grudgingly he goes to spread the word about what's happened. A little bit of inuendo -- boys thinking like boys.

2,040 6
10 Dumbledore's Informant

Harry and Ron go to find Dumbledore, but strangely he already knows what has happened. They return to the hospital wing for a much awaited reunion.

1,446 5
11 Common Room Court

Harry and Ron return to the common room to tell everyone how Hermione is doing. As the room clears later in the evening Harry and Ginny find themselves alone and and find out. :)

4,216 8
12 Ron's New Dilemma

Harry returns to the hospital to find a rather down best mate. He is feeling a bit guilty about what had just transpired between he and Ginny and decides to try to help Ron with Hermione.

713 6
13 Catching Up

Ron and Harry collapse after talking late into the evening. The next morning Ron surprises Hermione with his sweet farewell. Harry and Hermione catch up with each other. It's the first chance they've had to talk alone and Harry can't hold his secret, not from Hermione.

1,695 4
14 The Summons

When Harry and Ron receive an official invitation to Dumbledore's office they wonder what they done wrong. How much of what happens in the castle does he know...even before it happens.

1,434 4
15 The Plan

Harry returns to the hospital to fill Hermione in while Ron returns to class to avoid detention with Snape. Hermione's parents return for a visit giving Harry some free time to help Ron only he finds out that Ron's already got it all figured out.

1,084 5
16 The Secret of the Library

Harry and Ginny have a secret rendevous amidst the stacks. They both are surprised out how intense they become. It scares them a bit, but how will Ron take the news?

1,685 11
17 The Conference by the Lake

Ron and Harry have a discussion that leads them outside for privacy. Harry finds the courage to tell Ron about he and Ginny. How will Ron react? Read and find out.

1,754 6
18 Love at Last

Harry and Ginny have won Ron's approval and it releases their inhabitions. Harry has something to tell her and it simply can't wait, but how will Ginny feel about what he has to say.

2,121 7
19 Friendships and Snowflakes

The trio plus one spend an enjoyable day catching up. As G/H disappear for some time alone, Ron is left with an opportunity. Will he take it?

2,387 6
20 A Night to Remember

Ron plans a special surprise for Hermione for her birthday. As the night progresses, things go better than Ron's wildest dreams.

3,693 9
21 The One

Hermione and Ron must end their perfect night together, but not before Ron teaches her a new spell.

891 8
22 Early Visitors

It's the morning after. Ron feels a little awkward about telling Harry the news. How much shoud he share? Suddenly...they hear intruders in their midst.

1,654 4
23 Hagrid's Hut

The foursome pay a visit to their favorite half giant. They learn of some surprising news and are asked to help.

1,521 7
24 Hogsmeade and Portkeys

The friends take a much needed break from studying as they go into Hogsmeade before the holidays. Everything is going along fine until a blast from the past comes back to rock there little worlds.

2,835 7
25 The Order Returns

Harry and Ron realize that the girls have been taken. They are met by a hooded wizard in the alley as the Order returns to Number 12 Grimwald Place.

2,790 6
26 Dark Plans Revealed

Ginny and Hermione wake up in an unfamilar place, but they are not alone. Horror strikes as the Death Eater's plans for them are revealed.

1,827 6
27 The Lover's Link

Ron feels Hermione calling to him. He is forced to face his family, friends, and teachers, as well as some complete strangers and reveal a treasured secret. Some sexual references.

1,494 5
28 The Heir of Power

Malfoy reveals his father's plan for Ginny and the part that he gets to play in it.

1,914 4
29 The Bonds of Brotherhood

Harry and Ron are faced with the staying put under Dumbledore's orders. They talk about their first Order meeting and Ron's admission in the kitchen. Harry has a few things to admit as well.
Sexual references.

2,241 7
30 Joining the Search

After many days of restless waiting, Ron and Harry finally get to join in the search for Ginny and Hermione. Can their mission succeed with an unexpected ally along for the ride?

2,457 5
31 The Unexpected Heart

Hermione is tortured at the hand of Lucious. She and Ginny find a bit of salvation, but can they trust it's real?

1,934 8
32 Number 47 Hampstead Court

The Order's plan is in place, but are they too late. Lucious discovers something that causes a shift in the evening's events. Can they get there in time?

2,725 4
33 The Secret Passage

The Order makes entry into the Death Eaters lair. As a fierce battle ensues...will they find Ginny and Hermione in time.

This may be the ending...I haven't quite decided yet. If it is, I'll have to write a sequel...after all Harry and Ginny still have a bit of unfinished business. I already have a few post rescue chapters started. What do you think? Start fresh or continue on? Read and offer your assessment.

3,275 7
34 Love Without Words

The girls are safely returned to headquarters. As everyone makes their way to bed exhausted, Harry can't go to sleep, not yet anyway. He has to see her...tonight.

I wasn't sure how to rate this...I hope it's not too much for PG-13. Let me know if it is and I'll change the rating.

1,621 7
35 The Draco Malfoy Defense League

Harry and Ron wait anxiously for Ginny and Hermione to awaken from their dreamless sleep. It seems the world has turned upside down as Mrs. Weasley jumps to defend Malfoy and thinks Harry and Ron should do the same.

3,126 6
36 A Universe Upturned

A strange tension falls over Order headquarters as Malfoy joins the occupants. Is he there to spy or is he actually the victim here? As they return to Hogwarts normalcy ensues, but whenever Harry Potter is involved how long can that last?

2,119 4
37 Dumbledore's Unfinished Task

Everything was going smoothly until Harry discovered Dumbledore had something that had not yet been revealed to Harry. This secret will cause many difficult choices for Harry and those he loves.

2,123 4
38 A Lifting of Spirits

Harry needs time to absorb what Dumbledore has told him. He takes a ride to clear his head...
Kind of a connecting chapter. For those of you who have been following my fic. thanks...I'll be wrapping it up in the next several chapters. Probably less than 10 to go.

1,440 2
39 Choices of the Heart

Harry heads back to the castle with a clear head and a renewed spirit. He tells Ron and Hermione what he learned and takes Ginny off to talk privately...she offers him more than words...will he accept?

1,986 5
40 Mr. and Mrs. Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid and Olympia wed. Will Harry remember his toast.

1,448 3
41 Quidditch Returns to Hogwarts

As tensions build about the upcoming exams, the teachers feel the students need a bit of a break. The race for the Quidditch cup is on....with a new captain at the helm for Gryffindor.

2,585 2
42 Let the Games Begin

Harry and Ron gear up for the Quidditch tournament that will prove to be full of surprises in more ways than one.

1,729 4
43 Fallen Allegiances and New Alliances

The quidditch final becomes more intense than ever expected when something goes horribly wrong. Harry and Malfoy find themselves in very unfamiliar territory.

2,839 5
44 A Queen Among Women

Draco turns over a new leaf. He decides to resist his feelings for Hermione in favor of their new friendship. He decides to find someone new to take his mind off of her.

1,582 3
45 Hopes and Fears

Draco and Mila...Hermione and Ron...Harry and Ginny...They all feel like they are running out of time. With the end of school they find that leaving Hogwarts will bring new challenges to each of them in different ways. Will their relationships survive this new phase in their lives.

2,686 4
46 Anticipation

As they approach the end of the year, aniticipation is building for Harry, Ron, and Draco...but all for different reasons. They all have challenges that face will they handle them.

2,349 3
47 Celebrations and Surprises

Ron's plan is set into motion. Many surprises are in store as they begin the graduation celebration. Harry's decision is made...will Ginny stay be his side?

2,758 3
48 The Graduation Ball

Things heat up between Ginny and to find out how hot. Ron and Hermione take things to the next level. Even Draco holds some surprises as the all go to the Graduation Ball.

4,057 2
49 No More Privet Drive

The end of the term is quickly approaching. Harry leaves the only home he has ever know, Hogwarts. He has to try to make a new home for himself at Grimwald Place.

2,468 2
50 Letting Go

Harry's world comes crashing down as Ginny's fears of the future engulf her.

2,644 4
51 Final Promises

Harry's world and future are decided...

4,580 109


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