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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence,
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-07-23 9:25pm
Last Chapter
2004-12-23 9:28pm
Last Updated
2004-12-27 3:48pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Unexpected Blow

Could Harry and Hermione's Patronus' conceal more secrets than ever thought possible? More importantly, can they bring them together? This is an action/romance story that follows Harry and Hermione through yet another dangerous adventure that eventually leads to them falling in love.

1,548 43
2 Reflections and Silence

Harry deals with a lot of pain, and thinks about how much his best friend means to him. He remembers things that she said that affected him, and things like that.This is one of the shorter chapters, and might be boring but it's critical to the story.

594 12
3 Back to Hogwarts

Harry, Ron and Ginny catch the Knight Bus to get on the Hogwarts Express, and have a confrontation with someone very unexpected ... this is longer than previous chapter.

1,288 22
4 Depressing Thoughts

Ginny reveals a secret, Malfoy gets his butt kicked, and lots more.

1,864 19
5 Hermione's Back!

Harry has a horrible day and comes back to find a very good surprise in the Common Room. REVIEW : I know that lots of people have read this story but I only have 11 reviews...

1,112 21
6 Tuesday News

Harry finds something out about Hermione that lets loose a whole slew of emotions.

2,074 17
7 The Forbidden Forest

We see some of Moody's class and Harry and Hermione go for a stroll in the Forbidden Forest, where something lurks waiting for them...

2,110 19
8 Jointus Patronus

The Patromonster charm will save Harry and Hermione's lives... and more.

1,875 19
9 Hermione's Take

We see Hermione's point of view...

2,422 17
10 Their Secrets

Hermione and Harry each have some secrets of their own.

2,014 16
11 Evolving Emotions

Hermione and Harry get closer.

2,707 26
12 The Matchmaker and the Ladies' Man

Ginny has an important chat with Hermione and they visit Hagrid, who has some interesting news for them.

2,542 18
13 The Firesphere

Harry battles Draco.

2,573 15
14 It Starts to Sink In

Just what the title suggests.

3,676 15
15 Norbert and Georgina

Dragons and Gred and Forge!

1,462 26
16 Christmas Eve...Merry?

This Christmas Eve isn't going to be all that great..dun dun dun...

1,966 10
17 Concealment

Someone is not who they appear to be.

1,930 12
18 Lights in the Snow

Harry sets off to find his friends, but what will lead him there?

3,039 7
19 Unveiling Mysteries

Will Harry and his friends ever escape from the Death Eaters?

2,924 5
20 A Meeting with the Order

There is an Order of the Pheonix meeting. (Ha ha I'm not giving anything away...)

3,981 20
21 Revelations in the Library

Once back in school, Harry must deal with the dilemmas of self-Transfiguration.

2,587 24
22 Word Gets Around

Harry must cope with even more surprising events.

3,961 11
23 Tango Trouble

A turn of events turns a fun night into something much more.

3,605 18
24 Aftermath

Harry must deal with the effects of the ball.

2,819 13
25 Of Dragons, Giants, and Owls

The trio trys to piece together the mystery surrounding the Spirits, and receive the best news they've had in a long time.

4,285 14
26 Crowna Lilenya

Who is the mysterious girl in the portrait? Harry and the gang find out.

2,792 21
27 Stag and Otter

In this last chapter, Hagrid tries to get married, but is thwarted by Voldemort. How will Harry escape from him, if he does?

6,760 55


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