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James, Lily
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First Published
2004-07-23 5:45pm
Last Chapter
2006-01-14 7:46pm
Last Updated
2006-01-14 7:46pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Sock Lover's Club

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe long awaited sequel to Lily's Choice is finally here! Lily and James, two young people lost in love, find that life after Hogwarts is the next big adventure for them. And there is plenty of adventure working in the Order of the Phoenix, as well as the adventure of being in love itself. Thanks to UmBlueMusic for the wonderful banner! Yay! And also thanks to aradhana108 for working so hard to find a good banner for me!

1,927 29
2 Options and Dreams

It's time to head off to the Sock Lover's Club, and for James and Lily to meet up again. But what will the Order members think of the new, young members? And will Lily and James be lucky enough to steal a moment alone with each other?

2,470 14
3 Under the Beech Trees

James experiences many muggle firsts at Lily's house, including the first meeting between James and Petunia and Vernon.

2,279 12
4 Stealth and Love Stories

Lily and James begin their Auror training, Dumbledore explains young love to Moody, and it's Lily's turn to meet the parents...

2,759 9
5 Only when he's ready

Lily's having dreams again, and the Potters and the Evans are doing what parents do best: telling embarrassing baby stories! Will Sirius ever be ready to tell Lily and James something, or will he be too busy expressing his creative side?

2,410 7
6 Failed Interrogation and Underestimation

Lily and James are on guard duty...

2,367 6
7 Different Interpretations

Lily and James have taken Dumbledore's words to heart, but do they arrive at the same conclusion? And while James is shopping for a ring, Sirius gets an unusual ring for himself.

3,180 15
8 It's Over Now

Lily, well, after the last chapter, Lily finds out what might have happened... and then what would she have done? And Sirius tries to get some details out of James, and talk some sense into him as well.

1,927 18
9 Petty Disagreements

It feels like Hogwarts all over again for Lily and James... but what is Dumbledore up to?

1,897 5
10 Sent on a Mission

Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Evans are up to something... Sirius and Remus are up to something... and Dumbledore's up to something as well... do Lily and James have any idea what's coming next? And will it kill them in the process?

2,893 5
11 Surprise!

Lily and James think they have it all figured out. But a surprise from Dumbledore becomes a surprise from someone else before Lily and James realize what's going on...

2,975 18
12 Starry, Starry Night

It's amazing what can happen in just one starry, starry night...

3,083 16
13 Motorbikes and Wedding Guests

The news of Lily and James is out, but only after they have one more run in with being captured! And is five hundred reason enough for Lily and James to forget the wedding all together?

3,049 9
14 You May Now Kiss the Bride

It's the big day... what more needs to be said?

2,906 16
15 A Toast to James and Lily Potter

The wedding is over, and now it's time to party! Well, that is if anyone can get Sirius to sit still long enough for group photos of the wedding party... and who is the unexpected guest that Lily and James are quite shocked to see?

3,071 15
16 Unsettling

Lily and James are off to their honeymoon, but they have an ominous feeling... as well as an unexpected visitor.

2,373 20
17 Motor Bikes and Murders

James and Lily are about to find out how the happiest day of their lives is going to become the saddest day of their lives, too. And Sirius gets a present that he's very excited about!

2,464 11
18 Nausea and Big News

Dumbledore isn't the only one with some big news, so how will Lily tell James.... and how will James react?

4,411 16
19 Truth, Dare, and Death

The neighbors are in a panic about a very vicious mice problem thanks to the Potters, and Lily and James are about to find out that sometimes its harder to judge moral actions after an act of hatred.

3,704 23
20 Godric's Hollow

The Potters have to put the attack behind them, as well as pick up their lives and move on. Where will Dumbledore put them, will James ever be able to find it, and will the baby like it? Or will he have to live with SIrius?

3,704 9
21 Invertebrates and Former Flames

Lily is more worried about James' safety than ever. Sirius and Lily reach an understanding, baby names are discussed, Emma is put in charge of a married invertebrate, and several people reminisce about former love interests at Hogwarts...

5,062 20
22 Forgiveness and Debts Repaid

Lily and James now have to face one another after the Emma Episode, and Tracy gives Lily something to think about concerning a certain werewolf. And a Christmas Ball turns into something quite different...

4,641 38
23 Family

Life goes on for the Potters: James' absences on Order missions, Lily's increasing signs of expecting and frequent hormonal flare ups, and all of the good-natured bickering that followed them after Hogwarts. What will happen when Sirius takes one of Lily's issues into his own hands? --- Yes, it's amazing that I finally updated after months and months! Hopefully I've still got a few readers out there!

4,148 6
24 Lamaze and Stubby

Lily and the Marauders head to an unlikely set of meetings: Lamaze classes! The wild life of Sirius Black (or should we say Stubby?) is revealed, and the search for the chocolaty swirly ice cream continues.... while James begins to wonder, "What will the new Potter be like?"

3,905 21


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