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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-07-12 8:46pm
Last Chapter
2010-03-08 12:43pm
Last Updated
2014-07-12 5:51am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Road Trip

The gang decide to go on a road trip. Let the fun begin!

1,060 53
2 That Escalated Quickly

Sirius discovers a place filled with danger at every turn...

1,464 30

Sirius insists on visiting a pet shop. Special thanks to Kaitie for the idea!

881 32
4 Spin, Spin, Spin

Lily starts to show James that she cares about him, and Sirius has a lot of fun.

871 15
5 Something Gray

The gang lands in jail, courtesy of some testy mothers. But Sirius has a genius plan to get them out...or does he?

915 18
6 Happy Anniversary

Sirius break dances for money and treats the gang to a nice dinner.

1,518 19
7 Sleep Tight

Lily gets mad at James. While she and Remus stay in a nice hotel, James and Sirius must fend for themselves.

1,135 16
8 I'm Not Your Girl

Lily and the Marauders find mischief at a parade.

1,270 17
9 Thin Mints

Sirius returns to the parade, where he is soon attacked by angry girl scouts.

1,121 21
10 Goodbye Little Padfoot

Sirius mourns the death of Little Padfoot as he and the Marauders hold a funeral by the playground.

996 45
11 He's Gone Mental...

The gang return home with Lily's mother Haley, and Sirius drives Remus bonkers.

747 30
12 At War With The House

The shock heard round the world leads to the destruction of an innocent toaster.

1,473 35
13 Fleas, A Bath, And A Near Death Experience

Sirius gets fleas, but makes a big mistake when he shakes himself dry near Lily after his bath.

1,145 27
14 Lily Almost Killed Gary The Clown

The Marauders celebrate Sirius's birthday! WOOT!

1,812 47
15 Pink Flashes That Scare Marauders

Another tragic tale of when peeps attack. The outcome: Lily gets annoyed.

1,270 34
16 Sirius Is Afraid Of Heights

Lily and the Marauders have their skydiving lesson, and Sirius discovers he's afraid of heights when he's not on a broom.

1,121 26
17 Sirius Misses The Ground

While Sirius was in the land of the unconscious, his friends took him aboard the plane. But something else is on board with them...something pink.

788 53
18 Bog Thing

The Marauders experience their first drive-in movie.

1,191 37
19 Two Fat Kids In Floaties

Sirius needs a makeout fix, and what better place than a pool full of girls in bikinis? But snotty overweight children are always lurking about to ruin the lives of others.

1,842 24
20 A Lily Induced Eye Twitch

It's food time once again, and Sirius gets his first taste of escargot.

1,623 33
21 Henry Harrison, Professional Hypnotist

The Marauders take Sirius to a hypnotist to rid him of his eye twitch.

1,836 31
22 The One Where Sirius Calls Alison

The Marauders once again return home from the city. Sirius is still paranoid of the house, but gets over it long enough to ask Alison out on a date.

1,801 2
23 Apparently I Have An Archenemy

When Alison never shows for their date, Sirius learns she has been kidnapped by his new nemesis...Timmy.

1,269 3
24 In Which We Meet Timmy

Alison is saved (sort of) and the gang sets out into the city looking for more adventure.

1,689 13


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