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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione
Romance, Angst, AU
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-07-05 4:01am
Last Chapter
2005-07-25 12:56am
Last Updated
2011-01-05 9:48pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Number 12 Grimmald Place

Sequal to Forest of Dreams --Who would have thought it would have happened to them? Serena and the Golden Trio get caught up in a scheme by the Death Eaters and are sent back to the time of the Marauders! THIS STORY IS NOW FINALLY COMPLETE!!

1,920 5
2 The Late Night Rescue

After returning from Privet Drive Serena, Ron and Harry catch up on what they've been up to. A late night visit gives them quite a surprise

2,254 2
3 Birthday's and Head Boy's

Harry's birthday is celebrated, and after Hermione is made Head Girl they are surprised to know who her counterpart will be as Head Boy

1,275 2
4 Death Eaters In the Night

After they arrive at Hogwarts all Serena wants to do is relax, but Snape insists on warning her to be careful. After going out to visit Hagrid late at night they find an interesting scene at the edge of the forbidden Forest.

1,747 1
5 Stanwood, Greenlee, Perrot, and Wetherby

Serena and the others find themselves back in time. Seeing James, Sirius, and Remus shock Harry, but seeing Lily is what really stands out in Serena's mind.

Credit: Tag not permitted="red">Tag not permitted=""> Padfoot2_Serra_Black for the use of her Character Shawna

1,898 1
6 Confrontations and Conversations

Classes begin and Serena comes into a conflict with a couple of Slytherins. Lily comes to the rescue.

Credit: Padfoot2_Serra_Black for the use of her Character Shawna

1,489 3
7 Brown Eyes In The Dark

After a hexing incedent, Serena stands in as Chaser for the Gryffindor team. She also discovers something curious about Hermione.

Credit: Padfoot2_Serra_Black for the use of her Character Shawna

1,677 2
8 Suspicions About Hermione

Serena finally get's to chat with her father..

Credit: Padfoot2_Serra_Black for the use of her Character Shawna

1,485 2
9 A Full Moon In Hogsmede

After Serena gets angry with Hermione she finds herself wandering the village of Hogsmede.

1,706 2
10 A Revelation For Harry

Serena finds herself in the Hospital Wing and tells Harry about Hermione's little secret.

1,711 3
11 Behind The Mirror

Remus, Sirius, Serena, Harry, Ron, and Hermione decided to investigate a secret passageway on the fourth floor

2,127 3
12 Pieces to a Puzzle

Serena finally decides to confront Severus about being a Death Eater, Dumbledore discovers something near the Forbidden Forest that could be a piece of whatever the death eaters dropped before they were sent back in time.

1,975 0
13 Brooding On Selfish Reasons

Christmas is finaly over, and once everyone returns to Hogwarts Serena begins to wonder if her intentions are nothing but selfish.

1,480 1
14 Secrets and Uncertainties

Serena is still keeping the fact that she wants to stay in the past a secret, and an frightening encounter with Harry makes her wonder what's going on.

1,450 2
15 Listening to Reason

"There's something i need to tell you,"

1,248 1
16 Portkey To Some Place

Serena convinces Severus to take her to see Voldemort, but she can't help but worry about what will happen once they meet with him.

1,828 2
17 The Talisman Of Chronos

Serena meets with Voldemort, and does the unthinkable in order to survive

1,716 1
18 A Burning Secret

Serena is worried about the others finding out her secret

1,776 1
19 A Test of Loyalty

Serena is forced to prove her loyalty, and finds herself in a horrible situation.

1,545 3
20 Petty Problems and Amazing Escapes

Serena becomes frustrated with Hermione's situation and soon finds herself in a very troublesome predicament.

2,144 0
21 Malfoy Manor

After Serena's retreat from Hogsmede, Lucius takes her to her home to see Voldemort.

1,492 0
22 Disobeying Orders

Serena get's mad when she has to stay at Malfoy Manor instead of go into Hogsmede.

1,450 1
23 The Moment of Truth

Serena is upset about seeing Ron and Hermione, and finds out things aren't going as planned.

2,427 1
24 The Last Piece

Serena is fading fast and when Voldemort finally gives her the Talisman of Chronos, she realizes it's still missing a piece.

1,358 0
25 Dumbledore's Office

Serena and Severus try to get to Dumbledore's office

1,591 0
26 A Father's Betrayal

Serena and the Trio return to the present, and are surprised to find that Avery and Wormtail have returned along with them.

2,408 1
27 Leaving Hogwarts Behind

After the battle with Voldemort, Serena decides it's best to leave Hogwarts.

3,130 4


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