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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
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No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-07-04 5:46pm
Last Chapter
2005-06-24 5:06pm
Last Updated
2005-06-24 5:06pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Wonderful Surprise

Lily Evans always hated James Potter with a deep passion. Then one night, everything changes and her world clashes with his. Banner done by the talented Emerald_Angel!

1,399 27
2 DuBaer Estate

Lily and her mum get picked up in the "ordinairy muggle way". But Lily's mum wants to know who a certain someone is.

1,550 9
3 Lily the Monster

An unwanted guest shows up in Diagon Alley, much to the misfortune of Lily. But then two other people get exciting news aswell.

1,257 6
4 A Discovery of News and A Special Cloak

After finding out who Head Boy is, Lily is shoced to find that maybe he is nicer then she thought.

1,868 6
5 A Dance and a First Kiss

Lily and James are asked to plan a Christmas dance, but what happens when they walk back from the meeting?

1,577 13
6 A Secret Relationship

When her friends suspect that Lily and James have a fling, Lily gets mad and storms off. But at the same time feels a bit guilty, they were right.

2,229 13
7 A Map, A Secret and Filch

Lily and James made notices and now they're posting them...after hours. What will happen when Filch catches them?

2,171 6
8 The Secret's Out...sort of

The title is pretty much self-explanitory.

2,089 7
9 Snape's Threat

Lily and James have a very lonely breakfast, but try to make the best of it as they plan out their day. But before they could, Snape ruins it for them.

1,222 11
10 The Evil Blond and The Flying Catastrophe

After getting over the initial shock and fear of what Snape said, Lily felt more confident. But who's that blond hanging on James? And what will happen when they go flying?

2,230 5
11 Liars, Hatred and Dating Sequences

After the flying catastrophe, Lily ran back to the Common Room, crying, only to be found by Sirius and Marcia. Will she finally tell Marcia the truth? And what will happen between her and James?

1,124 5
12 Shopping in a Gloomy Mood

Time to get the dress and accesory shopping! Of course that will cheer Lily and James up right? Maybe not...

1,407 5
13 The Beginning of the Ball

Title explains it all!

1,833 5
14 The End of the Ball

Title self-explanitory aswell.

1,318 2
15 Realizations

Lily realizes something!

1,167 3
16 Introducing Angela

Self-explanitory title!

1,231 9
17 Animals in a Zoo

While Lily sat eating breakfast, her friends just talked and talked about her relationship with James, making Lily extrememly upset...

1,197 10
18 A Good Life

Life is good again. But for who?

1,427 9
19 Four Times

Lily finds oout more about James and Angela's relationship. P.S I warned you guyz, it's short. But next chappy is like double it. P.P.S I've rated it as PG becuase I was warned that G wasn't high enough :S.

1,851 10
20 Friends Again

Pretty self-explanitory....

2,550 7
21 Letters With Sirius

Lily has no one to talk to. She can't talk to her friends and definetely not James. But...what about Sirius?

1,947 10
22 You Are Cordially Invited

Lily decides to make up with Daphne, Marcia and Sabrina. And what about Lily's dream in the first chapter...?

1,623 12
23 Chris

It's the ball. James and Lily are still awkward as ever, but at least Lily has her friends back. *Slightly darker chapter, not too much, but not as cheery as usual.*

2,975 17
24 I'll Never Let You Fall

Start's off right after the Chris incident and then goes back to Hogwarts because I joined to somewhat short chapters to make a long chapter (at least I hope it is)! *Okay, here's the deal: I couldn't take it. I couldn't stand not updating for so long, even if the chapter isn't as perfect as I would want it to be. Here's why: I can't remember the Potions Professor's name. Therefore, until I do, he shall be known as (in loud deep voice)....PROFESSOR X.* Anyway, enjoy!

2,422 21
25 Odd Behavior

After Lily speaks with Dumbledore, she tries to make sense of her disrespectful behavior.

2,422 9
26 How Very Wrong She Was

This whole chapter is in Lily's P.O.V. “Well, here’s the thing. Whenever I see a professor, I lose control of my mind and I get angry and say these…awful things. It’s like something else is controlling me..."

2,336 7
27 Occlumency

Lily starts her Occlumency lessons.

1,951 20


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