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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Hermione, Neville, OC, Oliver Wood, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George
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Romance, Action, Humor, Fluff
Mild Language
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-07-02 3:15pm
Last Chapter
2005-02-27 6:37am
Last Updated
2006-03-13 6:22am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 New Romance

**Thanks to Shields for an awesome animated banner**CH.23 Has been up!!please read and leave a NICE review****A/N: It's the trio's 6th year at Hogwarts, and there almost done with school..But someone's family member *cough* Mcgonagall's neice *cough* Anastasia *cough* joins the school and becomes friends and maybe more with Harry Potter, but who is she? and Why is she here? New Friends, New Romances, New Adventures, Read and Review, No Flames**

1,641 51

This is where Hermione shows Anastasia around again, and Harry and Ron eavesdrop on them while heaven forbid they could get caught, but they didn't.

988 11
3 Cruelty and Jealousy

Malfoy and Harry are jealous of each other that Anastasia might have to choose between them, and forget about the other. But Hermione will be crying her eyes out, but for what reason??? read and find out....

1,277 7
4 Meeting Hagrid

Anastasia meets a really tall giant, what will she do, get scared or be really nice? read and find out....

751 5
5 What happened here???

Anastasia and Hermione are downstairs in the common room after there visit with Hagrid. But she then turns the room into a dance floor with a dj and Harry and Ron show up??? What happens and find out.......

2,371 4
6 bad days with the worst headaches

Anastasia and Hermione have a bad day, but why? But it all turns out good in the and review...

2,915 3
7 They Party Begins(part 1)

**A/N: HEY guys, got these chapters back up again...Here you go! Enjoy!** **A Party in the Gryffindor Common Room, who is going to be there? Read and review**

2,598 4
8 The Party ( part 2 )

More Singing....He he! What Happens to Malfoy when he comes in??? Read and Review.....thanks a bunch.... Luv ya all!

2,918 4
9 Singing continues and broken hearts (part 3)

Something big happens here with Malfoy....He gets.....Not going to say anything....LOL! There is still a bit more to this party about 2 more parts, so hang in there, and I will write more chapters, in the next couple of days....thanks for supporting.....Enjoy!

2,614 3
10 The Almost Over Party (part 4)

The singing is almost finished along with the party, one more section...But in the end the five girls have a surprise......

3,850 3
11 End of The First Party Of The Year (part 5)

This is the end of the party, and everyone is so tired from all that ya yay! And thinking about Hogsmeade in there sleep...Enjoy!

1,766 3
12 Hogsmeade

All the girls spended the night in the 6th yr dorms....who was it??? Why was Harry using Anastasia's computer before??? What was he doing??? Read and find...Enjoy!!!

3,106 3
13 So Beautiful, but I can’t stand being without you

Anastasia is confused, and she turns to talk to Hermione and Ginny , and what happens when they go and talk by the lake??? read and review....luv ya's, bye bye...

1,588 4
14 Changes

Anastasia and Draco become very nice to each other, but Does Harry overcome his not so friendly attitude with draco, or is it just for a short period of time????What are ginny, hermione, and anastasia going to do about dates for the ball??? read and review....thanks, luv ya's bye bye.......

1,744 8
15 Preparations

Is Draco going to finally ask Shantell out for the ball? What secret does she have to tell him?? Uh oh!! And what's going to happen with Harry and Anastasia!!!! Ahh, the and review.....thanks, luv ya's bye bye....

2,195 6
16 Halloween Ball (part 1)

This is the first part of the ball, what will happen with shantell and draco? Or Wood and Shantell?? How about Anastasia and Harry???? Read and Review....thanks PSYCHOFREAK for being my Beta Reader, bye bye...

3,194 4
17 Halloween Ball (part 2;last part)

Shantell and Draco talk in the corridors at the dance, but what else happens? Somebody listen's in but who is it? But then Anastasia also wonders if there isnt a fight going on this night.....hmmm....just read and review, thanks, and enjoy....

2,406 8
18 Diaries & Love

** Love is in the air, and especially for Anastasia and Harry...They finally have there chance to be alone...How far will it go??? Well you will just have to read and find out...Don't forget to read/review....

3,312 9
19 Christmas Jitters (Part 1)

Why is Anastasia so excited about Christmas? Her parents might finally accept to come to the Weasley's Annual Christmas Party and meet Harry for the first time?? Will she even have the guts to write them a letter?? Please read and review......Luv ya all!!! bye bye...~tasha~

2,420 6
20 Christmas and New Years all in ONE

No need for a summary, title explains itself...he he..HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

5,990 6
21 Secrets and Past Memories

Not really good at thes, but after Harry meets Anastasia's mom, do they continue talking?? Someone disrupts the breakfast in the weasley household, but whom is it???? Read and find out, but please leave a nice review...NO FLAMES...

4,225 7
22 The Past visits the Present

Certain things come back and haunt Jen's Present time, but what is it? What will everyone learn about her? Is she not what everyone thinks she is, an innoncent girl?Hmmm....Please read and review...thanks..

5,119 4

**A/N: The gang goes back to school, and Kyle, Jen's son will do something that will make her miss him so much as George Weasley....But Is Jill really not as mean as we think she is? Read and Review, NO FLAMES...ENJOY GUYS!!!

3,847 5


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