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Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron, Snape
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No Warnings
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First Published
2004-07-02 1:28pm
Last Chapter
2004-09-16 2:26am
Last Updated
2004-09-16 2:26am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 To Sophie's House

Dylan Weasley and his friends go into the Second year, after a lack of Prophecies the Ministry begin to get worried, especially as someone in Hogwarts wants him dead, things aren't made much better with Dylan's sister, Piper, causing tensions between the Ministry and public

3,226 12
2 Teenagers

Dylan, Harper and Sophie are just mucking around for a bit and finding out more about Sophie's history in the process

3,467 11
3 Harper's House

They're off to Harper's house now

3,480 9
4 Diagon Alley

Some more rumblings inthe wizarding community

3,585 4
5 School

The kids all go back to school

3,942 5
6 The Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher

WHo's the new defence teacher? well someone that doesn't get along with the transfiguration teacher

3,524 5
7 Hogsmeade

It's DYlan's first authorised trip into Hogsmeade and he goes to meet his darling sister

3,359 8
8 Developements

just some stuff really

3,278 6
9 Problems

gossip and quidditch, and a few things in between

3,057 7
10 Teacher Trouble

There are a few tensions between the teaching staff at Hogwarts

4,077 7
11 Snow fights

Snow fights and Hogsmeade....cud it be any better?

3,694 5
12 The Silent Attack

Dylan and Malfoy are attacked...who's behind it?

5,101 7
13 The Potter-Weasley house

Dylan stays with his sister for the winter but there's something strange happening in the house

4,057 5
14 The Weasley Wedding

It's Piper Weasley's wedding...WOOHOO!! and Dylan does something really stupid

5,290 10
15 Stupid Choices

Dylan has to face the consequences of what happened at Piper's wedding. Will he tell Sophie?

5,239 7
16 Finding out

Sophie finds out about Dylan's secret. How does she react? What does Dylan do?

3,286 5
17 Death Eaters in Hogsmeade

There is an attack in Hogsmeade, a cowards attack

3,805 7
18 Getting on

A few random things, a rumour that's being spread around Muggle London, a meeting with Malfoy and a quidditch match

3,340 7
19 Close Shaves

HAd to repost this chapter-dylan is attacked

6,278 1
20 Revision and Exams

It's the end of hte year, time for Dylan to go home

4,082 7


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