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Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape
Primary Relationship
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Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-07-02 1:37am
Last Chapter
2005-03-17 4:03am
Last Updated
2005-06-07 5:14pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Trapped

____You have been contacted by a staff member regarding this story. Please check your e-mail or contact us at noblevyne[at]harrypotterfanfiction[dot]com. ____ ~Harry looked down at the chain in his hand and realized that Hermione was holding the very end of it – obviously, she too had reached out to grab it. Harry uncurled his hand to reveal what was at the end of the silver chain: a time-turner. ~ thanks to Alexus Dracius for the wonderful banner! : ) Harry and Hermione accidently get lost in the past with no way t

2,211 132
2 Questions

~the portrait hole opened to reveal the one person that Harry had been least anxious to meet: Peter Pettigrew.~ harry and hermione meet Peter and answer some questions from james and co.

2,092 46
3 Stuck

Harry and Hermione discover something horrible while they are looking for ways to excape from the past.

1,567 51
4 The Prophecy

~“Can you tell me now?” Hermione asked him. “Huh?” Harry asked her with his eyebrows raised. “Don’t play games with me, Harry James Potter! I know you’ve been hiding something. I’ve known it all year! You may have Ron fooled, but you can’t fool me!” ~ Harry comes clean (for the last stand readers that summery will seem familier but hey it works and there very different situations)

2,589 60
5 Discoveries

“What’s going on here?” Sirius asked finally, seeming a tad freaked. “I don’t know…but I think it’s time we find out exactly who those two are,” Remus said finally. Harry has a brooding dream and James and co. do some snooping ... a very intresting chapter.

1,658 49
6 Lessons and Questions

“Nonsense, Harry’s nothing like James,” Lily said, smiling at him. Harry smiled back, thinking, ‘Well that’s the first time someone’s said that. Usually it’s the other way round.’ Their first DADA lesson and something is very strange about Lily, why is she suddenly intrested in Harry and The Mauderers?

2,072 66
7 Q & A

Upon arrival at the potions classroom they discovered that Professor Thorn was yet to arrive. They waited at the door before Harry heard a disturbingly familiar voice I think we can all guess who Harry runs into before potions ; ) hehehe

1,769 68
8 Close Call

She looked blankly at her now vacant hands for a few seconds before raising her head and looking into the extremely concerned face of Harry. How can i say this without giving anything away? 'Things are getting confusing and time is running out' there. I think i did that pretty well

1,699 61
9 The Plan

~“So basically, the main question is: Who the hell are these people? They seem to know things we never tell them, like the fact that we’re called the Marauders,” Remus said slowly.~ The Mauderers have a discussion and come up with a plan to find out who exactly Harry and Hermione are...

1,769 57
10 Giggling Girls

In an empty classroom, near an empty hallway, in a currently silent castle, four equally silent figures conspired the downfall of the great (even if they were unaware of the cause of his greatness) Harry Potter.

2,038 15
11 A Glimpse Of The Future

The forest seemed so horror-book creepy that Hermione had a very strong feeling she should leave. She shivered, though it was not a cold night, and she pulled her jacket tighter around her small, solitary form. So sorry for the wait guys. Will make it up to you! Luv you all!

1,023 38
12 Come What May

Harry begins to wonder what is going on. What is happening? follow him as he solves the mystery.... (couldn't use any quotes too much happens in this chapter and anythiing i wrote would have given it away)

1,887 45
13 Under The Hood

~After a moment that consisted of the figure taking a single step forward the moon came out from a blackened cloud and Harry saw clearly the figures face. He fought back a gasp. Finally find out who the heck is under that hood and what that means for Harry. Hold onto your hats (hehehe i love that saying) this is a twist you will never see coming....

2,037 70
14 The Truth

~Hermione awoke suddenly with fragments of the nightmare she had been having still running through her head: dark, thin hands reaching out, wrapping around her, holding her tightly… she shuddered before sitting upright suddenly, panic rising in her chest as her memory of what happened slowly returned to her. She looked around to see Harry, ghost white, lying on the next bed over. She immediately climbed out of bed and staggered towards him.~ sorry, got carried away with the summary!

2,174 100
15 The Voice

Harry wakes up (sort of) under the influence of the Dreamossa spell. The ensuing conversation sheds some light on what he will face...

1,588 110
16 Tricks of the Mind

~The figure moved and the air seemed to solidify around it. Harry narrowed his eyes slightly in the hopes of improving his vision and peered uncertainly into the darkness~

2,307 118
17 Broken, Restored

~“The tears are too light. He’s only a step closer; he hasn’t broken yet. This boy has a will stronger than I ever thought possible,” Dumbledore commented sadly. Harry continues to fight his worst fears... for perhaps the last time.

1,661 168


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