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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Narcissa
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action, Humor, General, Angst, Fluff, Mystery, Drama
Mild Language,
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-06-30 1:59pm
Last Chapter
2004-11-17 4:12pm
Last Updated
2005-04-11 11:09am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The New Head Boy

Thanx 2 poprockzwitch14 4 da rocking banner! Lily, James and their friends are returning for their seventh year at Hogwarts. There are many changes occuring- including James. But why has he changed? Join them in a whirl of a story with duels, weddings and funerals in the first of three in the Life, Times and Death trilogy. Excert: Lily was still pretty much speechless as she left the Prefects Compartment. At Potter. First of all he was Head

2,296 21
2 Ambushes And Actions

Chapter 2: Lily, James and co are travelling on the Hogwarts Express when suddenly it jars to a halt and unwanted guests start to appear.

2,299 10
3 Havoc On The Hogwarts Express

Chapter 3: Death Eaters are attacking the Train and James is looking for help while the others defend themselves against the deadly foes on the Hogwarts Express.

2,563 7
4 Train Trouble

The students of Hogwarts are battling for their lives (again) on the Hogwarts Express. Continued from Chapter 2: What has happened to Lily, and can everyone get off the train in one piece?

2,474 13
5 Homebound To Hogwarts

A Sorting Song and the beginning of the Feast.

2,570 3
6 Fun At The Feast

The Feast in full progression- Lily and James tlak about their holiday with some unwanted interuptions and Jessie feels and guility conscience after a covnersation with Amy and Sirius

2,461 8
7 Of Speeches and Warnings

Dumbledore summons the Marauders and Lily and her friends to talk to them after the Feast.

2,104 7
8 The Song of the Mad Moo

Chapter 8: Jessie, Kate and Amy tease Lily and the Marauder's play a grand entrance prank...

2,633 11
9 Of Pranks And Potions

Chapter 10: Lily, James and co all attend Potions where there are a few surprises.

2,350 6
10 No Way Out

Chapter 10: Professor Naylor makes Jessie test some Vertasium, and Sirius comes to the rescue.

2,423 2
11 The First Link

Chapter 11: Lily surprises her self by thinking James is cute, and Sirius has a word with Amy.

2,629 10
12 Black And Blacker

Chapter 12: Liy gets a letter from her sister, James gets jealous of Matt, Jessie gets in trouble in class and Sirius sticks up for her.

2,671 6
13 Prefect Business

Chapter 13:

2,311 8
14 The Meeting Of The Marauders

Chapter 14: Remus tells Kate how the Marauders first met.

2,194 13
15 The Tryouts

Chapter 15: Jessie and Amy act oddly and Lily is roped into watching the Gryffindor Tryouts.

2,583 8
16 Bedtime Stories and Saying You're Sorry

Chapter 16: Jessie apologises and the girls and the guys have seperate talks.

2,815 2
17 One Step Further

Chapter 18: Amy and Jessie finsh the James test, Jessie and Sirius get detention, Lily gets mad and Amy gets bored in Arthimancy.

2,256 5
18 And One Step Back

Chapter 18: James holds Quidditch practise, Jessie gets injured and Sirius gets confused. Kate and Remus patrol and get a little closer...

2,731 3
19 Three Is A Crowd

Chapter 19: Kate gets frustrated with everyone- especially Jessie, Amy and Sirius. Sirius confronts Amy.

2,072 8
20 Ten Things I Love About Lily

Chapter 20: James is challenged by Sirius and Remus to write a list... about Lily. However... Lily finds it.

1,865 3
21 Discoveries

Chapter 21: Jessie finds something intriguing, but then has to promise not to tell.

2,456 6
22 The Trouble With Transfiguration

Chapter 22:

2,500 5
23 My Advice is Just Kiss

Chapter 23: Kate and Remus both get similar advice from their friends.

2,427 3
24 Late Night Snacks

Chapter 24: James and Lily patrol and the others go on a little late night visit to the kitchens.

2,394 9
25 Happenings At Hogsmeade

Chapter 25: Jessie drags James to spy on Lily and Matt, Amy goes on a date with Sirius, Kate goes out with Remus... And Melinda pops up on more than one occasion and becomes very irritating as usual.

2,656 3
26 The Shrieking Shack

Chapter 26: Jessie forces James to accompant her to spy on Lily and Matt on their "Just friends" date. Amy and Kate drag Sirius and Remus off to the Shrieking Shack and the boys get themselves in a bit of a pickle...

2,229 4
27 Problems, Pranks and Rubber Ducks

Chapter 27: The Marauders prank... and Amy and Jessie prank back.

2,499 5
28 Disagreements and Dates

Chapter 28: Quidditch practise is called and Jessie and Sirius hit another argument.

2,720 5
29 Truth or Dare

Chapter 29: The Marauders, the girls and Sam head down to the Shrieking Shack and the game begins.

2,413 6
30 Spinning Motions

Chapter 30: The game goes on...

2,378 6
31 Hidden Feelings

Chapter 31: The dares are done, Jessie confesses her feelings to James (Though not for him!) and helps him about the Lily problem. Lily goes on a date with Matt, Sirius and Amy go out, and Kate and Remus date... And then another argument brews...

2,356 3
32 Split Ends

Chapter 32: Jessie and Amy argue, everyone apart from James, Lily and Amy talk about James and Lily.

2,156 5
33 Revealing The Truth

Chapter 33: The final chapter! Remus tells Kate he's a werewolf, Kate gets and owl and James heads off to talk to Lily. Look out for Times of a Marauder- the sequel!!

3,038 128


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