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    Harry, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Draco
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2004-06-29 6:34pm
    Last Chapter
    2005-05-05 3:46pm
    Last Updated
    2005-05-10 4:14am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Oh...my...god...

    16 year old Hermione gets in the way of a Time Charm, which sends her catapulting back in time to Hogwarts when the Marauders were 16. For lack of ways to get out, she decides to stay for a while, to see how Harry's father and his friends were. But, as she begins to fall in love, she realizes that her decisions will effect the path of history, and she must choose between two lives. (UPDATED TO THE END!! ITS FINISHED!! SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!!) Oh and be sure to read the sequel to this, just been started, "Time Will Mend", just search it up in the search thing and drop me a review!

    801 28
    2 Sirius Black

    Hermione meets an absolutley gorgeous young man

    2,048 14
    3 James look-alike

    James looks into his future (unknowingly) in the way of some pictures of his son

    1,440 10
    4 The Full Moon

    The full moon comes and goes

    1,536 11
    5 Guys are so easy to manipulate...

    Valentines Dates!

    847 7
    6 Close Closet Encounters

    Valentines Day in the Shrieking Shack

    2,564 13
    7 Impersonus

    Transifguration class

    1,418 13
    8 Interruptions and Quidditch Fouls

    James gets hurt...and Sirius and Hermione finally get some alone time.

    2,805 20
    9 "I didn't sleep with ANYBODY!"

    Hermione makes a bit of s mistake

    1,568 11
    10 Unwanted Visitor

    Just when Hermione thinks things could't get any worse, the person she would least like to see appears out of nowhere.

    1,650 17
    11 Trust? I think not

    Hermione and Sirius have made up...but when Sirius fails to show hermione that he trusts her, trouble ensues

    2,094 11
    12 Remus Lupin's secret

    Just read please

    1,014 15
    13 Make up and Make out

    A short little shapter to resolve a few things

    1,186 14
    14 Rude Awakening


    1,769 7
    15 The Truth...or something like it


    3,002 8
    16 James Potter, you are impossible!

    no summary

    2,635 8
    17 Birthday Blues

    Time for Sirius' bday

    2,606 7
    18 More Merge


    1,353 7
    19 A little thing called a love potion

    snape comes in

    1,688 8
    20 Tangles

    The love potion is put into effect

    2,823 25
    21 History Rewritten

    The 22nd chappy!

    2,430 9
    22 Too Fast

    stuff happens

    1,433 5
    23 Goodbye


    1,071 21
    24 Never forget

    Final goodbyes

    919 28
    25 The End

    hermione comes home

    1,120 66


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