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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Tonks, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-06-25 11:10pm
Last Chapter
2005-07-15 1:22pm
Last Updated
2007-05-27 2:12am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: The New Girl

Sirius finally looked away from Remus in order to pour himself some more wine. They always joked about Sirius’s maturity being stunted in Azkaban, preserving his youthful, immature self in this thirty-three year old body. But he was one up on the mature, grown up Remus. At least he knew a dream when he saw one, and he knew how to pursue it if he wanted it. Prequel to The Pensieve and to In the Shadows of Love. Banner by Melihobbit.

2,046 24
2 Chapter 2: Sirius the Suave

New girl gets sorted, reunites w/ Remus (yaay!) and is introduced to Black...makes some instant friends...Kierra's got a little dilemna to deal with..poor thing :/

3,639 7
3 Chapter 3: Mounting Tension

1st day of school!! :) doesn't go too well for Kierra though...poor thing...I love her! :)

4,317 6
4 Chapter 4: Unrequited

7th year at hogwarts for the maruaders. just read!

1,657 6
5 Chapter 5: Opposites Attract

Maurader's 7th year,.Quidditch tryouts, and Dominique's got a plan for Kierra

3,083 5
6 Chapter 6: Games, Confessions, and the Marauder’s Map

Dominique shows Kierra how to get Remus...only problem is...Remus doesn't really want her, does he? He opens his big mouth to Dominique and creates some problems...look I'm tired, and my head's going to plop onto the keyboard, so just read it, purrty please :)

4,626 8
7 Chapter 7: Kierra's New Look

So everyone wants to know why Dominique was upset, but she doesn't come clean...well, not with all of them...Kierra decides to let Dominique fix her up so Remus will notice her. It goes just as planned, only they don't seem to realize that it has.

6,039 8
8 Chapter 8: Hogsmead

First Hogsmead trip of the year...everyone's paired off at the start, but in the end a few thing break apart, and there are some newfound feelings in some of the characters ;)

4,687 10
9 Chapter 9: Kiss and Tell

A few students get caught passing notes in class, which lead to consequences besides detention.

3,613 6
10 Chapter 10: Meet Megan

First Quidditch match of the year. Only, will the Gryffindors be able to play when something happens to one of their players? Wait, who the hell is Megan? :P

2,264 7
11 Chapter 11: Quidditch

When one of the players has been injured, the Gryffindor team needs a substitute. Who will step up?

3,229 8
12 Chapter 12: Kierra Confused

The Bludgers were heading towards her...did she duck in time to miss them?

3,321 7
13 Chapter 13: Dominique the Dominant

Another Hogsmead trip...just see what happens...

2,673 6
14 Chapter 14: What's it Going to Be?

Day after hogsmead trip. James gets defensive, and lands a detention, while Kierra is getting picked on.

4,146 9
15 Chapter 15: Cheater

Remus has to choose between Megan and Kierra. He's trying to figure out, but then matters are taken out of his own hands.

2,906 7
16 Chapter 16: Locked Away

Post-midterm party, and everyone but Kierra has too much to drink.

2,946 11
17 Chapter 17: Clean Slate

And the party continues...what happens in the closet b/w Remus and Kierra? :P

2,386 6
18 Chapter 18: House-wide Hangover

So, Remus and Kierra finally get together...but Remus is keeping a secret from Kierra,,and she wants to know!

4,108 10
19 Chapter 19: One of a Kind

Kierra's encounter will she react when she finds out about Remus?

3,632 9
20 Chapter 20: Making Plans

The gang makes plans for their holidays. Bet you already figured that out from the title, eh? :P

3,160 7
21 Chapter 21: Three's Company Too

James finally gets to go out with Lily, Dominique's plan to help doesn't exactly help the way it was planned.

5,181 5
22 Chapter 22: Queen Kierra

Holidays are here....

3,732 6
23 Chapter 23: Meet the Parents

Well, as the name implies, Kierra meets the parents!!

3,383 7
24 Chapter 24: Day of the Week

The stay at the Lupins' continues...

5,792 10
25 Chapter 25: Kierra's Brawls

Kierra gets in some fights...

5,039 3
26 Chapter 26: Mischief Managed

Dominique tells.

3,082 5
27 Chapter 27: Loved and Lost

Lily's got some does Dominique...and then there are firsts for everything...Kierra and Remus have their first of some...thing...

3,472 10
28 Chapter 28: Entrapment

So...what happened w/ Sirius?? and do Kierra and Remus ever solve their problems?

3,583 13
29 Chapter 29: The Order of the Phoenix, part 1

ok, school's out, and D and Sirius are engaged...yaaay..

3,197 3
30 Chapter 30: The Order of the Phoenix, Part 2

continuation of part 1...*gasp* no way!!

3,389 7
31 Chapter 31: Training Day

training for aurors starts.

4,765 9
32 Chapter 32: Cut

continuation of the escapade...

5,419 5
33 Chapter 33: Moving On

Kierra needs to figure out what to do with herself...

3,196 6
34 Chapter 34: Runaway

Someone runs away..

4,071 4
35 Chapter 35: Gone

So does the show go on?

8,032 12
36 Chapter 36: Lunch with the Potters

so...what happened?

3,600 17
37 Chapter 37: 1981

It's 1981, and....

5,854 11
38 Chapter 38: Broken Vows

now which vow might that be?

4,927 14
39 Chapter 39: Pumpkin Juice

so...what happened w/ the divorce?

4,493 15
40 Chapter 40: Their Last Mile

So who was the Potters' night time visitor?

6,973 16
41 Chapter 41: The Prisoner of Azkaban

Several years have gone by since the tragic death of the Potters. What has become of the remaining marauders?

3,928 11
42 Chapter 42: Memory Lane

And the holidays roll around...

4,884 10
43 Chapter 43: Reunion

And the school year continues at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry...where Professor Lupin

3,814 12
44 Chapter 44: Their Letters

And judging by the title, we've got a few letters in this chapter ;)

7,333 9
45 Chapter 45: A Bittersweet Symphony

So what happens to our remaining marauders (and friends..) post-"prisoner of azkaban"? note-rated R for language...F-word used only passively, but that's enough for me to bump up the rating :P

5,384 13
46 Chapter 46: Breakfast at Moony's

Takes place during Harry Potter's 4th year. Sirius spends the holidays at Remus's house..

5,829 15
47 Chapter 47: Entrevista

Remus rubbed his right temple wearily as he sat at his desk, reading Dumbledore’s letter for the third time… How could it be? A boy had been lifted out of the safety of Hogwarts and had been killed…and Voldemort had returned…He had actually come back…

7,072 13
48 Chapter 48: Blue Moon

...Remus was very glad to be back in the safety of the Order. Close to Sirius and the other order members, and the kids of course. He felt very safe here…

8,226 13
49 Chapter 49: Premonitions and Providence

....something else caught her eyes, across the aisle to the other side of the room, in the middle row of pews sat another not-so-solid figure. One she hadn’t seen in many years…

9,944 18
50 Chapter 50: Kabul Khan Kabob House

Remus found himself walking once more down Fait Alley, the street along which he and Kierra walked after work—the street Kierra lived on. It had begun to drizzle slightly, but Remus took no notice of it. Kierra’s flat was two blocks away. He could see the street lights glowing down the street, which led a path to the building she lived in.

6,512 8
51 Chapter 51: Remus and Pierre, Sittin' in a Tree; K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

“He’s still a guy, so just keep that in mind, would you?” she had said...So what if he was a guy? They weren’t in any danger of each other now, were they?

7,748 11
52 Chapter 52: Sirius the (Oxy)Moron

The next two months passed with little incident in Remus's home; neither in the flat he shared with Kierra, nor in the house he shared with Sirius. He was finally getting used to living with Kierra, and getting used to Sirius’s lewd jokes about their living arrangements...

8,475 8
53 Chapter 53: Spilling Old Beans

Remus sat silently in his chair as Elinor and Kierra continued to argue. He wished he could say something more than just “yeah” and “I agree with Kierra.” Part of him wanted to just tell Elinor that he was a werewolf, to see her reaction, but he knew that would be unwise. God, he was pathetic. He couldn’t even stand up for himself…

9,089 6
54 Chapter 54: The Faded Star

Yet, as he bitterly admitted to himself, he had gone straight back to sleep in hopes of catching the dream again. And he had caught it. And it had continued. He had let it continue. And he had woken up in the morning, feeling absolutely nauseous and disgusted with himself.

8,109 5
55 Chapter 55: Property of R.J. Lupin

Kierra wrung her hands nervously as she paced around her bedroom. It had been almost a week since Sirius’s death, and Remus was supposed to be returning from London today, after seeing Harry off for the summer and giving a quick warning to his aunt and uncle regarding their treatment of him.

6,874 4
56 Chapter 56: A New Mile

Final chapter of "Last Mile"

4,368 35


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