Harry, Dumbledore, James, Lily, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Romance, General, Angst, Fluff
No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-06-17 15:09:06
Last Published Chapters
2016-05-30 14:00:38
Last Updated
2016-05-30 14:00:38
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Two Discoveries

When he accidentally discovers a ring in his Aunt Petunia's bedroom that belonged to his mother, Harry is magically transported back to the remains of Godric's Hollow and uncovers lost love letters that James wrote to Lily. What follows is a trip through time and through love, leaving Harry with as much heartache as happiness...

1383 66
2 The Jewelry Box

Harry wanders around Godric's Hollow and goes upstairs to find a mysterious jewelry box with some old photographs and love letters and fatefully begins to read...

1177 40
3 A Short First Kiss

Harry witnesses a scene between James and Lily on a cold winter night.

2307 34
4 The Agreement

Harry again is pulled into the memory of another letter and watches James give something very special to Lily just before going home for the holidays.

1899 37
5 It's Just a Bloody Date

James and Lily go on their first date.

2035 51
6 Detention

Take a guess as to the summary...

2475 42
7 Laughter and Lessons

James and Lily swap funny stories and Lily learns a lesson...

2143 50
8 A Walk into the Woods

Lily and James take a hike...

2680 46
9 Graduation and Goodbyes

I have no idea what a magical graduation is like, so bear with me. 

2513 54
10 Rowing in the Rain

More of the same, but with a touch of Lupin...

2903 44
11 The Odd Question

Chapter 11

2059 162
12 Wedding Preparations

What will Lily say?

1565 81
13 Mysterious Letters

Lily receives an odd letter.

2567 104
14 Order

Chapter 14

1799 2


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