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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
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First Published
2004-06-15 2:18pm
Last Chapter
2004-09-23 9:20pm
Last Updated
2005-05-11 12:16am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

Image hosted by In one day, Harry learned that he had a new problem, a new power, and a new 'friend'. Now, a week has gone by, and he's trying to learn to live with all the latter. However, like always, problems appear, and he has to deal with all these as well. What will ultimately happen to Harry now? ~*~ Sequel to 'More Pain Than I Can Bear' *Complete* Sequel Posted

2,657 14
2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 'A New Strength' is now up. ~*~ Harry has a lesson with Remus to work on his wandless magic, and later has a discussion with Snape on some feelings about Sirius.

2,937 7
3 Chapter 3

In this chapter, Harry spends the day with Remus in Diagon Alley. But will the two have as much fun as they thought they were going to have?

2,656 9
4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is now up! ~*~ Harry and Remus are interrupted during their visit to Diagon Alley together. Harry comes face-to-face with one of his newer, but still most-hated, enemies. What will happen when he gets angry and is reminded of Sirius' death? Will he be forced to feel more pain? Or will his enemy receive the pain this time?

3,220 12
5 Chapter 5

Someone stops Harry from using the Curse, and he becomes angrier than he's ever been in his life. He tries to get rid of the pain and the anger that he's feeling in a few different ways - but will these ways turn out for the better or for the worse?

3,489 15
6 Chapter 6

Snape goes to Grimmauld Place, only to discover that Harry has run away. He finds out what happened earlier that day, and starts to wonder what Harry's gotten himself into. Will they find Harry? Or will Voldemort find him first? ~*~ Snape's PoV

2,406 13
7 Chapter 7

Back to Harry's PoV ~*~ Harry, lying out in the clearing on a log, wakes up and does some serious thinking. He can't move on his own, and begins to wonder whether or not anyone will ever find him...

3,432 12
8 Chapter 8

Snape's PoV ~*~ Snape has a little talk with Harry about what happened earlier that day. In the process, Harry becomes closer to accepting Sirius' death. Harry also finds a little surprise in his pocket, which may or may not help him.

3,200 9
9 Chapter 9

Harry finds that he doesn't only have his own wand, and doesn't only have Remus' wand, but the wand of someone else - someone who wants more than anything to kill him! What will he do with it? And, what will the Prophet have to say about his little visit to Diagon Alley?

3,038 18


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