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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-05-23 4:47pm
Last Chapter
2005-02-04 10:59am
Last Updated
2006-01-21 8:27pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A surprising invitation

thanks melihobbit for the banner!Set in fourth year, right after PoA. If you like typical JKR stuff, full of action, fun, friendship, hatred, good and bad surprises, battles... Harry will discover why Snape can be trusted; he'll find out that Voldemort gaining power was the result of one of Dumbledore's mistakes... and he'll have to cope with Sirius being away and his own powers rising. R/R! PREQUEL TO HARRY POTTER AND THE BLACK UNION OF SPIES

5,804 17
2 Unexpected Wizards in the Night

Chapter 2! Harry goes to the Burrow where he discovers strange events happening there... And besides, he starts understanding what kind of an object is the Trinkle... Chapters are long but they're actually the same number of words as JK's Please review!!!

6,162 4
3 Diagon Alley

Harry receives his letter from Hogwarts, along with a warning note from Dumbledore. What happens when Harry controls at last his Trinkle??? Please R/R!

7,318 5
4 Hogwarts

Chap 4! Harry arrives at Hogwarts, makes the mistake w/ Ron of opening one of the Womk, has a strange vision in trelauwney's class and more!

6,640 4
5 Snape, Dumbledore... and Hagrid.

The first class hour with Snape, followed by a meeting with Dumbledore... and Hagrid.

3,674 1
6 When present changes past

Well, chapter Harry, Ron and Hermione find out more about the ongoing events... and then Sirius's letter suddenly becomes comprehensible when two boys appear in Harry's dorm...

3,409 3
7 Whatever the reason

Harry finds something pretty weird in the park. Then he gets beaten up by Snape, which doesn't contribute to him being in a good mood... Read and Enjoy (and review if you got 30sec, all right? : ) )

3,185 1
8 Loathing

Incident after Potion...

2,477 1
9 Fear and Fury

Well I guess the best way to know is to read^^^

3,452 2
10 Controlling hate

Harry gets back to Potions. What is Snape up to?

3,033 2
11 Let's get prepared for the...

They find out what Snape's up to! But it actually doesn't mean things will be easier...

2,728 1
12 ...night hunt

They go chasing after Snape!

2,572 0
13 Attack

Hey I've decided to make chapters shorter it's easier to read. I guess I'll also uptade more often that way!

2,483 1
14 Animated Talk

Read and see

1,870 0
15 Crystal Medicine

How is Harry going to find a way to see sirius?

2,570 1
16 The Unexpected

Something happens during the ceremony, something Harry isn't prepared to face...

4,019 1
17 The Choice Ceremony

The long awaited Choice Harry must face in order to save Sirius.

2,330 1
18 Some explanations

Some explanations from Dumbledore following the Choice. I'd like to thank those who have reviewed so far

3,190 2
19 Holidays at Hermione's

Ron, Hermione and Harry go and visit Hermione's parents. Ron discovers Muggle life.

3,318 1
20 The motorway incident

Harry, Ron and Hermione use magic in front of Muggles, and spend the rest of the holidays with Hermione...

2,776 2
21 Snape's greatest secret

My idea as to why Dumbledore trusts Snape. Probably more realistic than all the stuff I've read about Snape being a vampire... although I have to admit that was quite an interesting idea!

3,387 1
22 Eventful days

Some news, some surprises...

4,022 2
23 The Hogwart’s Official Quidditch Team

The title means everything... Quidditch trials.

3,703 1
24 Not <i> all </i> lessons are good

The twins let out some new candies, Ron discovers something dramatic about his dad, and Harry has a chat with Lupin.

2,748 1
25 Ministry Work

Ministry working sessions. Learn a few more things about tyhe work of wizards there, and Harry will also meet Mr. Weasley.

3,058 4
26 Ministry Work (part 2)

End of teh ministry Working sessions; Harry joins Lupin for his first 'killing lesson'

2,957 1
27 You cannot kill

Harry gets angry with Lupin, then Hermione had a good idea for the upcoming Quidditch game.

3,272 2
28 Before the game

Just read and REVIEW!

1,721 0
29 The Quidditch Game

QUIDDITCH for Quidditch fans! A whole Durmstrang/Hogwarts game that will leave you panting on the edge of your seat! (Well... hopefully!)

4,010 3
30 Friendly friends and deadly duels

Time for a nightstroll! Then, well, something goes... wrong in DADA class as Harry almost kills... you'll see who.

3,609 0
31 Forbidden Discoveries

Harry's Trinkle's back into business!

3,590 0
32 Some mysteries just deepen...

Harry sees his godfather in Hogsmeade; then... you'll see it, right?

3,773 0
33 The Battle for points

read and review

3,755 1
34 The Return

Harry goes to Hogsmeade...

2,952 0
35 The fight begins

the story goes on...

3,185 1
36 The end of the end

Harry faces Voldemort... what happens, you'll find out if you read!

2,534 3
37 The dust settles

the next chapter's the last...

2,297 1
38 Going home

Last one...

2,276 10


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