Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Neville, Draco, Fred/George, Ginny
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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First Published
2004-05-04 18:57:02
Last Published Chapters
2004-08-28 18:47:21
Last Updated
2006-02-25 07:26:13
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back to Hogwarts

And they have a little get together on the train...:)

1633 7
2 A kiss and a fight

Ginny needs time to think and Draco just wants to get away from Pansy.

1247 7
3 Dorms and Potions

Well, the chapter leaves enough detail. you gotta read to figure this one out! :) sorry this is a short one!

1707 10
4 Homework

not as boring as it sounds. really quite interesting, i think that some characters *cough malfoy and ginny cough* bond in this.

949 9
5 Payback and Plans

Ginny wants revenge on Ron. Draco helps. If I say anything else, I will give it all away!

1040 3
6 Harry gets mad!

before Ginny can make it all the way to Draco's room for their study time, Harry stops her. duh duh duh!

802 0
7 In Draco's territory

what happens to the study session that Draco and Ginny were going to have?

1585 8
8 Kisses and Confessions

read and find out! please review!

2729 10
9 What the Rain Brings

Ginny doesnt know how she feels about Draco, but when the rain comes, so does a certain amount of understanding.

2487 11
10 A Letter and News

Draco gets a letter, but soon forgets it when he gets some astonishing news!

1533 13
11 The meeting

When Ginny's mother shows up at Hogwarts...read and find out!

1762 7
12 Party and a Hook-up!

title says it all! Have fun! please R/R

2909 11
13 To the Burrow

The morning after ther party. Something important is found!

2281 15
14 Christmas is Magical

what happens at the Weasley's for Christmas? And what do Draco and Ginny give each other as presents?

2737 19
15 Deception

If I say anything here, it will give the chapter away!

1451 17
16 Not Always Perfect

Draco's reaction???

1454 15
17 Bad News

Why is Ginny going to Dumbledore's office?

1517 13
18 Open Arms

Find out why I called the story Open Arms.

1589 54


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