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Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Regulus, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2021-04-21 4:18pm
Last Chapter
2021-05-07 5:19pm
Last Updated
2021-05-07 5:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Hogwarts letter!!!...for James.

Chapter one...

in which James gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter.

252 1
2 Diag-no wait, ST MUNGO'S

Chapter two...

in which the Potters go to Diagon Alley, but end up in St Mungo's because Charlie gets sick. Really sick.

321 1
3 Sick? Or Poisoned?

Chapter three...

in which the healers at st Mungo's try to find the cause for Charlie's sudden illness.

286 2
4 five years later

Chapter four...

in which Charlie gets her Hogwarts letter, but isn't aloud to go, because she's STILL in St Mungo's!

660 0
5 yet another year later

Chapter five...

in which Charlie FINALLY get's released and is aloud to go to Hogwarts.

202 0
6 What if I'm in Slytherin?

Chapter six...

in which Charlie has an argument with James about Slytherins.

933 0
7 All the Potters are ALWAYS like this!

Chapter seven...

in which the Potters learn that Sirius is mistreated by his parents and Remus arrives.

350 0
8 Tuney!

Chapter eight...

in which Lily has yet another fight with her sister.

551 1
9 Sev?

Chapter nine...

in which Lily meets Severus on her way back from the mailbox

734 0
10 Hogwarts, here we come!

Chapter ten...

in which Charlie finally bords the Hogwarts express and goes to Hogwarts. Let the Sorting begin!

582 0
11 The lake

Chapter eleven...

in which James shows his sister the lake and they go swimming after a hard first day.

369 0
12 Here comes Snivellius.

Chapter twelve...

in which James refuses to bother Snape and explains to his sister, what the "Slug Club" is.

753 0
13 Blackmail

Chapter thirteen...

in which Charlie finds enough blackmail material for a bag of Honeydukes and goes to the Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs

775 0
14 The first match

Chapter fourteen...

in which Charlie gets hit by a bludger and gets an unexpected apology.

596 1
15 The fight

Chapter fifteen...

in which Charlie and James start a fight, ending in an unassigned Quidditch practise.

728 0
16 Rainy Quidditch practise

Chapter sixteen...

in which Charlie gets suspicious and asks the marauders questions about there where-abouts on this full moon night.

561 1
17 The theory

Chapter seventeen...

in which Charlie has a theory and questions Snape.

504 0
18 Mind your own buisness!

Chapter eighteen...

in which Lily gets the letter, Snape promised and is furious about it.

418 0
19 The meeting with Snape.

Chapter nineteen...

in which Lily meets with Snape and Sirius suspects Lily's seeing someone.

559 0
20 Let me through!

Chapter twenty...

in which Charlie has another attack and needs to return to St Mungo's

512 0
21 Letters.

Chapter twenty-one...

in which we get to read Charlie and James's letters.

269 0
22 How to become an animagus

Chapter twenty-two...

in which Charlie discovers Healer Michelle is an Animagus and trys to find out how to become one.

555 0
23 Starting the progress

Chapter twenty-three...

in which Charlie returns to Hogwarts and James thinks she's angry with him.

663 0
24 Language!

Chapter twenty-four...

in which James writes to Lily and the marauders lose the map.

835 0
25 Finally!

Chapter twenty-five...

in which the next full moon finally arrives. 

440 0
26 Amato Animo Animato Animagus

Chapter twenty-six...

in which Charlie repeats the incantation over and over again, but nothing happens and she's a bit disapointed.

427 0
27 Girls’ Night

Chapter twenty-seven in which the Gryffindor second year girls dorm decides to have a girls night, no boys aloud!

649 0
28 The storm

Chapter twenty-eight...

in which the electrical storm, Charlie's been waiting for, finally appears. Only Problem? She's in class.

686 1
29 Sneaking out.

Chapter twenty-nine...

in which Charlie sneaks out to become a wolf agin and gets caught by the Prewett twins on her way back.

508 1
30 Apprentice.

Chapter thirty...

in which Charlie has her first lesson with the twins.

443 1
31 The whomping willow

Chapter thirty-one...

in which Charlie learns what the marauders are and finds proof for her theory.

450 0
32 Make it Stop!!!!

Chapter thirty-two...

in which Charlie witnesses Remus transform into a werewolf and has to listen to what he says, since she's a wolf animagus. Make! It! Stop!

382 1
33 Standing on a toilet with Remus

Chapter thirty-three...

in which Remus finally transforms back and Charlie admitts everything to him... in a secret room with a toilet entrance.

971 1
34 Big Brother

Chapter thirty-four...

in which Charlie has a hard time convincing Remus that he's not a monster and the house cup is awarded.

501 0
35 Liquorice wands

Chapter thirty-five...

in which the Hogwarts students board the Hogwarts express to home and Charlie plays an amazing prank on the marauders.

775 0
36 Only just survived

Chapter thirty-six...

in which Charlie gets a letter from Regulus, saying Sirius ran away

484 2
37 Sirius' arrival

Chapter thirty-seven...

in which Sirius arrives and Charlie writes to Regulus, while getting another letter from him

603 2
38 Blasted of the family tree.

Chapter thirty-eight...

in which Sirius explains to Charlie why he ran away.

544 1
39 That's not how I want to live my life

Chapter thirty-nine...

in which Charlie receives yet another letter from Regulus and Remus arrives at the Potter household after a fight with his father.

840 2


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