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Lupin, James, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
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General, Romance
No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2021-02-21 6:18pm
Last Chapter
2021-04-04 3:30am
Last Updated
2021-04-06 7:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Introductions

Looking up, James finally noticed the two boys already there.  He grinned and sat down across from the boy next to the window before introducing himself and Sirius.


"I'm James Potter, and this is Sirius."  He told them.

"Remus Lupin, and that is Peter Pettigrew."

894 8
2 Chapter 2: Very Fast Friends

"My name is Kat Watson, and you," she pointed to Sirius, "don't you know?  It's not what someone is born into that defines them.  It's what they grow to be.  What they become.  That is what defines them.  Just because they are Slytherins, doesn't mean you are like the rest of your hare-brained family."  She shot him a small smile before giving him a quick, awkward, one-armed hug.

522 2
3 Chapter 3: Arriving at Hogwarts

   Kat looked around, mesmerized, and she knew the other First-Years were doing the same.  "We're really here...Hogwarts..." She whispered, barely audible even to her own ears.  She didn't catch Remus glancing over at her when she said this with a slight smile on his lips.

1,017 6
4 Chapter 4: Midnight Excersions

"It seems we have a midnight excursion to plan.  Kat here thinks nine is a bit early to sleep."

1,289 3
5 Chapter 5: Behind the Mirror

"Hurry up Remus.  Peter.  We have to go!  Who knows how far that passage leads!"  Sirius said his eyes bright.  Remus sat up from his spot on the floor and shot a glare across at Kat.


"You didn't have to wake me up like that." 

1,288 3
6 Chapter 6: Hogsmead

 As Kat broke into a run, escaping his reaching hand, her mind started to swirl.  Tears clouded her eyes.  She couldn't stop them she knew.  She never could. 

1,887 3
7 Chapter 7: First Day

"The full moon is tonight."  She heard Remus say.  She already knew that.  She loved the moon.  She couldn't wait until Wednesday's Astronomy class.  But that was beside the point.  What did the moon have to do with him feeling sick?

4,143 3
8 Chapter 8: Flying Lessons

"It's so bright!"  She complained.  "Someone should make a spell that dims the sun."


"I highly doubt life on Earth would appreciate that."  Remus laughed.

2,544 2
9 Chapter 9: The Werewolf

"I'm so sorry Kat!  I wasn't looking where I was going!"  Remus spoke hurriedly.   Noticing her glancing at his leg, he shifted uncomfortably.


"You're still limping."  She knew the reason, but she wondered if she could get him to tell her the truth.  Just then, his leg finished healing, snapping suddenly back into place and straightening him up.  "And now your not..."  

1,982 1


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