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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 What if Hermione was a Weasley?

Hmmm let's make her look stupid.

67 11
2 Umbridge

I apologise if you don't like it.

27 4
3 Voldemort

I apologise if the hair isn't neon enough.

43 2
4 Umbridge the toad

I apologise if the hair isn't as good as you wanted.

62 3
5 Evil Ronald

I hope you like it!!

29 5
6 Evil Harry with white hair

I hope you like it! 

11 6
7 Goth Voldemort

Fingers crossed you like it

56 4
8 Percy Measley

I also edited Harry and Cho

27 4
9 Drapple

Draco & apple 🍏 🍎 

14 1
10 Read the fatter Collection of stories. Great for everybody. Especially teens.

From N.I.E's little sister.

269 3
11 The Karen

Voldemort the Karen.

6 2
12 Corfatter Neliusfatter Fudgefatter

I couldn't get it how you requested but he looks evil enough.

9 2
13 Umbridge with her new pet skunk


18 3
14 Harry Potter with Snape’s hair and Voldermort’s nose and Dumbledore’s beard.

I sorta don't know what happened to Harry's skin on the right side. It started looking weird and I couldn't fix it. part.

8 2
15 Lily Potter with Draco’s apple

Draco is jealous this is why he hates Harry Potter

8 1
16 Competition

This is a competition you can enter.

180 3


46 1
18 Hello! I decided to go crazy with this next poster!

Also I only have one more request to do.

19 1
19 Bellatrix with straight blonde hair and blue eyes.

In my defence this story is called Harry Potter characters looking dumb so if you think the hair looks dumb then just so you know. I made it look like that on purpose.

21 2
20 Bubblegum pink Voldy

Two creations!!! One by my little sister!!!

32 1
21 Draco in Gryffindor uniform!!

Sorry A person I thought I uploaded this ages ago!!

17 1


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