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Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, Arthur, James, Lily, Molly, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, James/Lily
Drama, Romance
Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2021-01-12 9:30pm
Last Chapter
2021-01-19 9:51pm
Last Updated
2021-01-19 9:51pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lily and Severus ( 4 years before)

It's Ivy's first year at Hogwarts she becomes close with a brilliant red head and meet a foul long nosed boy. 

740 0
2 The duo, the quad, and me

Lily Evans is still friends with Severus but Severus is getting more rude by the second. Ivy is torn. She's friendly with the Maurders but Lily stays with Severus not the maurders. 

1,234 0
3 The deal

Ivy made a deal with Marauders and when she woke up the next morning she regretted it. She knew just what to do. After a huge fight she got a brilliant idea and a prank idea. 

1,159 0
4 The Potion

Someone got pranked. And someone fell in love. But what if the plan backfired? That couldn't happen, they had it all planned out, right? 

1,039 0
5 The New Girl

Ivy was cool. That's what she was told, she's cool. That makes her curious, if she was cool shouldn't she know the secret? 

1,084 0
6 The secret

Ivy starts to add things up shes not scared. She wanted to help she wanted to find up more. 

462 1
7 The nickname

 Lily and Ivy have their fight. Ivy tell the Marauders she knows the secret. They come up with a plan.

1,329 0
8 The day after

Remus lies in the hospital wing all day when James, Sirius, Peter, and Ivy visit him. Of course he's grumpy but that doesn't change Ivy's mood for Christmas break until she talks to an other. 

1,257 1
9 The new Sliver

Ivy talks to Sirius. I know this is a really short summary but I don't want to spoil anything

873 1
10 Lily

Two sets of fights, one makes up and the other set doesn't. 

822 1
11 Couples

I am not going to make a summary I just can't find a way to make a summary without spoiling anything so sorry.

1,152 0
12 The night

Full moon is coming up so Ivy has to help. 

1,661 0
13 The redhead couple

Lily sees a dog in Hogwarts and actually thinks she's going crazy. She runs into a kind red head and her red head boyfriend

1,336 0
14 Not Crazy

My whole writing deleted so I decided to re write only a little and then write the next part after my activites, so it's not much. So sorry, anyways this chapter is about when Lily learns she is not crazy. 

467 0
15 The date

Severus sees Lily and James on a date and anger builds up in him. 

815 1
16 Fire

Everyone says don't play with fire but of course the Marauders don't listen. 

1,007 0
17 The man

School is over. Then it's Godric Hollow. 

663 1


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