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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Dean, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Ron/OC
Drama, General, Romance, Young Adult
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2020-12-07 3:12pm
Last Chapter
2021-04-20 12:41pm
Last Updated
2021-04-20 12:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Platform 9 and 3/4 - Back To Hogwarts

All was well. 


Well, all was quiet at least. Was quiet the right word? Four months had passed since the fateful day in 1998 where so many were lost in the final battle of a blood war that had lasted decades. It was a war that history saw fit to repeat over again since man and magic became one. In the respite after this war, with believers in a Pureblood cause only daring to whisper in shadows too dark to fathom, it would be agreed that it felt quite quiet indeed. 


4,442 6
2 House Unity - Close Quarters

Hermione noticed that all of the four older Slytherins had barely touched their plates. They looked like they could just disappear into the floor. She thought about who had been taking care of them. Most of their parents had been imprisoned, at the Ministry, or killed during or leading up to the Battle. Pansy Parkinson looked like a shadow of the girl she had known in the years before. Her long ebony tresses lacked the shine they once had and her face was pale and drawn. Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini both had the same sunken eyes as she did. And Malfoy...

3,793 2
3 The Bond - The Library

she pressed the tip of my wand to her wrist, and then to mine. I don’t know what spell she used, she did it without saying a word. Immediately I felt new feelings that weren’t my own flood through me and she told me what she’d done. She told me we would survive this, if not in body then in spirit. But she truly believed, after all the things they did to her, that she would leave there alive. I could feel it. 

4,416 2
4 A Seeing Stone

“Oh, my dear boy, that will become very plain in the future.” She turned suddenly to face him, and he almost ran into her. She placed a cold hand on his cheek in an almost motherly gesture, and he froze. “You may not have an orb in the department of mysteries, but your fate is no less decided than that of the Dark Lords. Take heed of my words. Do not fight it, and do not force it. As ever, you will always be where fate intends.”

4,369 0
5 Back To The Manor- The Letters To No one

Above him loomed the magnificent Manor, it’s diamond-paned windows gleaming in the morning sun. Upon taking a step forward, he froze, glued to the spot. Impending dread filled him to his core, memories of pain becoming almost overwhelming. Draco shook the fear away, confused. He knew he was apprehensive returning to his old home, but this level of fear was unfounded. As realisation hit him, he looked behind him to where Luna had dropped to her knees, all trace of light and hope gone from her stricken face as her wide eyes gleaned fearfully at the imposing building.

5,205 1
6 Hunger - Misunderstanding

Groaning, Draco ran his hands over his face as he turned the corner into the library, crashing in a petit form as he did. He jerked his eyes open at the impact, but his vision was obscured by masses of auburn curls.

4,034 2
7 The Astronomy Tower- The Potions Closet

Unable to make a coherent sound, Harry slumped back into the sofa, still staring at Hermione in bewilderment. Ginny patted his knee, the shock on her own face now mixed with amusement. 

Ron leaned forward, raising his bottle of butterbeer slightly.

“To house unity then.” He downed his bottle and sat back. 

Hermione smiled gratefully at him as she caught his wink, slowly feeling relief flood her body. Maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult after all.


4,488 1
8 The Cave - Number 13 Grimmauld Place

A foul stench filled his nostrils and his eyes searched the room, lighter now than it had been when he’d woken previously. He made out a hulking figure on the edge of the room, large and imposing. As if appearing from nowhere, another two men materialised in the room, one standing tall as he shoved the second man, filthy and decrepit, forward to the hard damp ground. He fell to his hands and knees painfully as raised his remorse filled eyes at Draco, letting out a sob when he saw the young man bound and wounded.

4,986 1
9 Was This What Death Felt Like? - Heat

Draco felt as if he were lying on a cloud. Was this what death felt like? The blissful release from pain?

He thought of his mother. Did she know yet that he was dead? He felt grief engulf him at the thought of never seeing her again.

And Hermione… Had she been angry when he hadn’t been there to meet her in the tower? He thought of her brilliant eyes and beautiful long hair. How had there once been a time that he had mocked her for it, been cruel about her looks? He thought about her warm hands pulling him closer and her soft lips on his cheek.

5,187 1
10 Getting To Know You - A Worthy Man part1

 There are multiple secret entries in the Forbidden Forrest. Hagrid even sneaked his giant brother Grawp in there once. And then there’s the shrieking shack and the whomping willow, which was put there so Remus Lupin could safely turn into a werewolf while he was attending Hogwarts. So really, the grounds are much less secure than you’d think. If Voldemort knew about all of those entries the year before, we might not have been so lucky,” she finished matter-of-factly, cutting into her bacon and toast.

4,936 2
11 A Mission

“Ah, boy, you’ll find out in due course. You think you were here on a special mission? Without anymore training? I’m well aware the Minister thinks you’re ready to be let off the leash, but I say different! You’re naught more than angry boys, who think you have everything to prove to the world! You might have been key players in one or two battles, spent time with a few dark or great wizards, but you don’t know what’s out there in the world! You don’t know what you’re up against, you’re not prepared.”

4,771 3
12 Secrets

. A sickening, constant in-between of light and dark fought for dominance around him as he fought to open his eyes, and he became encased on all sides by a crystal cage that seemed to be breathing the very storm that was pulling the air from his lungs. Words were ringing in his ears as darkness finally won the battle… a child…

A Child…

4,484 3
13 Questions Unanswered

As Draco turned to look at Ron, he saw him take another two tired steps forward before his gut clenched in horror. He lunged forward had grabbed a fist full of the red headed mans jacket, having just noticed the Ron stumble at almost invisible edge of the cliff face. Pulling with all the strength he could, he pulled him back, both of them tumbling to the ground as the place where Ron had stepped crumbled away.

3,932 2
14 Falling

The rays danced on the glimmering crystal faceted casket that encased Luna, who was laying lifeless on the gold trimmed quilt. With the glinting embellishments that seemed to grow up the wall behind the bedhead in a deep forest green, and Luna’s hair splayed out around her head on the pillow, Hermione was struck at how much the scene reminded her of a fairy-tale; Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, she thought.

4,088 3
15 Curses and Prophecies

Hermione pressed her hands against the crystal that had formed around Luna, and felt a sharp energy pulse through her. Though she didn’t get the vision this time, she recognised it as the same shock that she felt when she and Draco had held the Dragon at the same time. Harry and Ron stood behind her.

“So, what do we do?” she whispered. “How do we get them out?”

3,857 1
16 Here and There

The familiarity of the voice made him feel instantly at ease, and his heart rate slow, though he wasn’t sure why. Turning around, he saw the blue-filtered shape of a young woman, her back to him as she sat cross-legged facing the undulating wall. Her hair, silver in the light, flowed messily over her shoulders reaching the ground around her. He imagined it was what the colour of his own hair might look like. He felt a painless burn on his wrist as he walked up to her, filled with anticipation.

3,965 3
17 The Lyre of Orpheus

A tiny hand was reaching towards his face, and he protested, shifting slightly. He didn’t know if he could bare the disappointment on her face when she found she couldn’t touch him.

Suddenly a foreign feeling spread through him, and he felt like all of the air had been blown out of his lungs. Warmth spread from the place on his cheek where her hand rested, her eyes boring into his.

3,391 5
18 Pillars

Hermione vaguely registered Ginny land and sprint over to her, Harry and baby Arthur close behind, before another pain shot through her where she sat, this time leaving her feeling as though she was on fire.

“Hermione?” Ginny was saying as she scrambled to the ground beside where she was sitting, back against Ron’s chest as he kept her upright in front of him. His long legs were either side of her, and she grasped the material of his trouser as she let out another whimpering cry.

3,668 6
19 Silver and Gold

. He smiled up at the little girl, and she was grinning gleefully back at him. His eyes drank in the depths of her iris’, a silver so strikingly familiar that he could be looking into a mirror. Except for one imperfection, in the upper left iris, as if the artist who had painted this dear girl had slipped when adding the golden hues to her hair.

5,935 17


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