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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, James, Lucius, Narcissa, Ginny, Neville, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
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Fluff, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
No Warnings
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First Published
2020-11-30 1:08pm
Last Chapter
2021-04-16 6:09am
Last Updated
2021-04-16 6:11am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

 No one can know about his story; at least Albus shouldn't. 


661 6
2 Chapter One

It is Albus's birthday! He unwraps presents with his family and gets his Hogwarts letter! 

2,166 1
3 Chapter Two

Albus, Rose and Hugo, and their parents visit Diagon Alley. 

1,499 3
4 Chapter Three

As Albus and his newfound friends finally arrive at Hogwarts and get sorted into their houses. 

1,918 5
5 Chapter Four

Albus gets a new gift, along with some surprising news. He continues to send his parents letters daily!

8,414 0
6 Chapter Five

 This is a short chapter, however I hope you enjoy! Albus, Rose and Hugo meet Hagrid and Albus sends his parents a letter about the Quidditch match the following day. 

974 1
7 Chapter Six

 I really like this chapter so I hope ya'll do too! Albus nervously yet exitedly plays his first Quidditch Match, does it end in victory or regret? 


2,348 1
8 Chapter Seven

Albus gets in trouble in his Defence Against the Dark Arts Class, however, it was all part of a plan... A despicable plan. 

3,182 0
9 Chapter Eight

Griffindor vs Hufflepuff. A match Albus has always wanted to play. With the help and guidance of Homer Shelton, the Griffindor Quidditch Team captain,Albus is going to beat these Hufflepuffs!

1,798 0
10 Chapter Nine

 An unexpected injury gives a turn of events, and affects the next few days of Albus' life, as he's stuck on a hospital bed, isolated for most of his day. 

2,904 0
11 Chapter Ten

Christmas! It's finally here. Albus has always wanted to spend Christmas with his friends at Hogwarts! The magic, the tradition and the warmth of Hogwarts in these times are all he could ask for. However, as usual, things are to take a turn for the worse, when Albus finds out that neither Rose nor Hugo were going to stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays and, instead are going to spend Christmas with their families... 

4,414 0
12 Chapter Eleven

 The children attend a Herbology lesson when Albus starts thinking about Death Eaters. How would you recognize them? Did they have a specific characteristic? At the end of the day, they're all just chasing their own tails...

1,811 1
13 Chapter Twelve

Most of the students at Hogwarts go to celebrate Christmas with their families, but Albus has to stay at Hogwarts. Only few students are left, but one of them happens to be Madeline Lawyson, will he get in trouble? 

3,421 0
14 Chapter Thirteen

Albus has a new plan. A plan that will get he and Hugo in trouble. But it would be worth it, seeing as the infamous trip to Hogsmeade didn't really make any other diffrence. 

1,157 0
15 Chapter Fourteen

Albus and Hugo cannot take their minds off of what they saw that morning in detention at Malfoy's office. An emblem, a mark, but will they ever learn 

1,110 0
16 Chapter Fifteen

They children attempt to retreive the file from Professor McGonagall's office during lunch time. 

1,222 0
17 Chapter Sixteen

The Search and the Chase: Albus, Rose, and Hugo break into the office on a restricted amount of time. Hugo runs into a peculiar person. Small warning: This chapter is FILLED to the BRIM with dialogue. 

1,838 0
18 Chapter Seventeen

'The Pros and Cons' Albus, Rose, and Hugo debate over the new idea. 

912 0
19 Chapter Eighteen

 The trio try to find out a plan for what to do next. 

1,152 0
20 Chapter Nineteen

Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. The real action. It's time for the real action to begin!

1,977 0
21 Chapter Twenty

The questions, the answers, the reason why. All in one day. 

961 0
22 Chapter Twenty-One

It's all gone, all done, the planning that they had been doing for a month? Forget that.  Things always had to take a turn for the worse, and now, more than ever.

899 0
23 Chapter Twenty-Two

The arrival back at Hogwarts. Originally, they thought they had nothing, but then, in the end, Hagrid steps in. 

1,349 0
24 Chapter Twenty-Three

The Forbidden Forest. Someplace they had never been before, yet find the most important place any of them have ever layed eyes upon. 

2,580 0
25 Chapter Twenty-Four

The End of Year Feast. 

743 1
26 What Do You Think?

So, I know the book is over and I was thinking about publishing it, so I was wondering if anyone had anything that they think I can improve, or a phrase I overuse and what you think about the characters, etc...

Please note that the book will go under HEAVY editing. 

49 3


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