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Harry, Hermione, Hagrid, Blaise (M), Albus, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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Mystery, Action/Adventure, LGBTQA
Next Generation
Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2020-11-08 12:58am
Last Chapter
2020-11-27 3:23pm
Last Updated
2020-11-27 3:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - A Double Dead End

Darius Zabini (son of Blaise) is interupted trying to assault a Muggle woman by a powerful stranger, who tortures him for information about a daemon called 'Azarad.'

1,386 2
2 Chapter 2 - A Grisly Cargo

Bardolf, an Auror, and his new assistant Severina recover the dead body of Darius Zabini from the Muggle police.

3,084 1
3 Chapter 3 - The Missed Box Brownie

The two police officers who found Zabini's body have had their memories erased, but they find footage of what happend on a helmet camera.

1,548 1
4 Chapter 4 - The Cover-Up

The police go to interview Julia, Zabini's intended victim, for a second time, but Severina has used the memory charm on her. Bardolf dispatches Severina to Hogwarts to further investigate what she found out from Julia.

2,800 1
5 Chapter 5 - The Moonlighter

Severina observes one of Zabini's associates boarding the Moonligher, and meeting Pansy Parkinson. The police investigate another missing memory case.

2,841 1
6 Chapter 6 - Tangle Square

Bardolf moves in on Snide, who escapes, but is captured by the Muggles. Meanwhile, Severina arrives at Hogwarts.

2,432 0
7 Chapter 7 - The Quarter Giantess

Severina begins her investigation at Hogwarts, assisted by the incoming new Headmistress, 'Auntie' Hermione Weasley, who introduces the quarter giant Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Bardolf is also captured by the resourceful Muggles.

3,547 0
8 Chapter 8 - A Pet Poltergeist

Severina discovers a lead, after a battle with a poltergeist

2,023 0
9 Chapter 9 - A Pact with Muggles

Bardolf makes a deal with the Muggles. Severina reveals more of her past over lunch with Hermione.

3,207 0
10 Chapter 10 - The Daemon Sword

Professor Panhandle asks permission to leave the castle. Bardolf is informed of a theft from the Darkive.  Hermione clashes with Severina over a transgender issue.

2,533 0
11 Chapter 11 - The Sword Club

Severina gets more information about Wrathborne from Professor Longbottom, and then ends up in an awkward situation with Hermione.

1,703 0
12 Chapter 12 - Discomfort Zones

Hermione reconciles with Severina, who then watches Panhandle depart for London. Bardolf arrives at Hogwarts with the two-way mirror. Carnforth confesses her tragic past to Grant.

3,381 0
13 Chapter 13 - Wrathborne Manor

Severina and the Muggles sneak into Wrathborne Manor, and discover the truth behind Dael Wrathborne's motivations.

2,411 0
14 Chapter 14 - A Fight at a Funeral

Bardolf guards Snide as he attends Darius Zabini's funeral. Bardolf wears a Muggle body-camera to gather evidence. The event is gatecrashed by Wrathborne, and quickly becomes violent, and Snide escapes.

3,075 0
15 Chapter 15 - A Game of Cards

Severina catches Snide at his flat, but is interrupted by Wrathborne. When she uses her magic nullification spell, it is revealled that the cards Darius and Snide had been playing with contain the missing Muggle women.

3,682 0
16 Chapter 16 - Better the Daemon You Know

Pansy Parkinson is accidentally made to break her unbreakable vow and disintergrates. Snide escapes from the Aurors again, and takes Bullingdon with him. The police get the forensic report on Wrathborne's scroll, showing that he is a Cambion (half daemon, half human).

3,044 0


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