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Harry, Ron, Hermione
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2020-10-22 1:40am
Last Chapter
2021-01-22 8:41pm
Last Updated
2021-01-22 8:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Harry's Day

He did not want to do his paperwork, he wasn't a man to like to sit down at a desk and write checks and opening letters to other ministries, but he did see Hermione's point, he never really did do his paperwork.


"You're taking your time." She said annoyingly again.


Harry looked back at her and frowned, he tore the stack of papers from her hands sadly and tapped open his desk to find his quill, "Hermione, I hate paperwork."

1,865 2
2 Chapter 2: Ginny's Way Home



A red-eyed Harry turned to her, she looked at Albus, his eyes were watery and sad. "Harry, why is he..."



1,846 1
3 Chapter 3: Mrs. Weasley's Waltz

"Teddy, lunch is ready,"


Teddy nodded and turned, he slipped out of the bed and fell onto the floor, his shoes felt like heavy bags on his feet now and his confidence was now only a sliver of clear, fragile glass.

"Teddy!" Victoire sang, he laughed. Why did he laugh? He did not know, but Victoire was laughing, so he smiled back at her and gave her his best grin he could without showing the two missing teeth that made him look like a six-year-old, she had lost no teeth yet, her grin was still white and perfect.

1,923 3
4 Chapter 4: Another Long Day

The woman nodded.


"Ah yes! Then will I have you in my office for a cup of tea to discuss? I wouldn't want to interrupt Mr. Potter..." The woman nodded fiercely, "Oui! Oui! I will come with you and leave this man to his business."

1,301 2
5 Chapter 5: Plenty of Trouble

"I can see it's something happy, I don't care for happy, she's rude,"


"I can see that, my Nan always said the best of the best were prideful-"


"No, not like that, she's a hog. And a lier. Specifically a lier,"

2,182 2
6 Chapter 6: The Lately Run-Ins

"Hello Harry Potter," Ginny said. Harry looked to the corner and sighed, "Hello Ginny Potter-not-Weasley," Ginny snorted then stood straight and pretended to have remained calm.

2,076 2
7 Chapter 7: The Minister's Conflict

Harry shook his head in sorrow, "I'm sorry Hermione, I didn't know-"


"Harry! It's more than that! Don't you understand? The entire population of Aurors and everyone who works for the ministry can be wiped out. It's way too easy, our world would be defenseless,"

1,746 3
8 Chapter 8: Restart

"Mr. Potter? My eyes are down here," Harry shook his head out of the direction of the beaded leather cowboy hat atop his head and stuttered,


"Y-your eyes?"

2,067 3
9 Chapter 9: Eternity on its Wheels

Teddy didn't think about romance anymore.


He blew through his lips then fell against his bed, now he was bored. On the night he couldn't fall asleep, possibly the only one because his Nan said he was a good napper, Teddy Lupin was incredibly bored. Out of his mind, probably even talking to the headboard at that point.

2,415 2
10 Chapter 10: A Diamond in the Flesh

"Ah, I see, hangry?"


"Yes...very much so, can't wait to get home!" Harry replied. The nurse laughed, her laugh was musical and charming, but it wasn't enough to make Harry feel any bit happy about seeing Ginny.

2,217 1
11 Chapter 11: Aspiration Within an Interval

They walked outside and Ginny held her silence until they were home. Silence as the others went to bed. Silence until Harry and Ginny found themselves alone in the bedroom with Harry's wand lighting the open suitcase.




"Harry-" They started at the same time.

1,572 0
12 Chapter 12: Restoration and Contemplation

"W-well...have fun," Ginny replied, "Hermione, I know you didn't come to wish Harry off."


"I didn't."


"Then why did you come?"


"Because...well it's Ron."

1,717 3
13 Chapter 13: To be Untrusted

"Oh don't worry," Andromeda said, pulling him in and trying to comfort him, "She's a very profound girl, I'm sure you'll like her a lot."


"I don't want to like her. She told me something about Clarisse Fiddler and got me in trouble with Ms. Weasley-"

768 1
14 Chapter 14: Potter Boy

"Yez," Reneé responded.


"Did you lose the papers?" The Minister looked directly at Harry and he gulped, "Sir I...I did. I'm sorry. I will do whatever I can-"


"Harry Potter! The boy who lived! I haven't the time to be wasted nor the pity toward you and your family. This is business! We have no right or wrong way, just the way to run, and the way to fall behind! Right now, you are falling very behind! Your minister sent you here to help for that exact reason!"

2,171 1
15 Chapter 15: Lies

"The name's Wright, I don't like people saying 'Minister' or 'sir' all the time. Especially not my friend." 


Harry gulped when he enunciated the sounds in friend. 


"Y-yes. Mini-I mean, Wright."


Reneé grabbed Harry's arm, "Zanks Minizer! I'llz zake zem zere nowz." Harry flashed a small smile at the minister before Reneé fully disapparated.

1,666 3
16 Chapter 16: Outside Help

Quinn skipped into the room, sneered at Harry then clawed at a closed container of tuna. After several attempts of trying to pry the can open, the kitsune leaped and levitated the can, crushing it so all the contents leaked onto the floor. Harry stumbled back and gasped in awe at the magical talent. 


"Reneé! Why didn't you tell me it could do this?!" Reneé rolled her eyes, "Therez waz no pointz."

2,053 3
17 Chapter 17: Nora's Demon

Wet drops of rain fell on her nose and dripped down her face, a drop fell near to her eye, yet the eyelid didn't wink, shut, squint nor struggle, it stayed open wide, staring at the sun falling through the dark stormy clouds.


"Nora," A deep sound came through the clouds and the rain seemed to instantly clear.

1,232 2
18 A Guide to Demons

The Official Guide to demons, their whereabouts, prices, and elements.


(Note: Not a chapter! This is just to help you better understand the demon universe, thank you all so much for reading!)

1,168 0
19 Chapter 18: Evangeline

A teenage girl slid through the door and went straight up to Logan and slapped her hand down on his desk, "Do you have any idea how long it takes to get one person to sign a stupid contract? Oh geez. You don't, huh?"


"Evangeline, I'm busy. Come back-"


"After two months? Two more years? I'm tired of people doing this to me. Just sign the darned contact and I'll be free to go back to the office, you hear me? The boss isn't waiting any longer."

2,139 3
20 Chapter 19: Fairies

"Ow! Captain Kade?" Draco felt something sting him on the head like a hot iron and yelled, "OW-" 


Pitch black.

1,885 3
21 Chapter 20: 'Wookies'

Nora makes wookies.

1,304 1


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