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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Tonks, Fred, George, Ginny, Luna, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
    Fluff, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2020-10-15 4:45pm
    Last Chapter
    2021-02-04 4:31pm
    Last Updated
    2021-02-06 7:52pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Meeting Harry Potter

    Taylor Prewett is looking outside her window as she sees the little boy from across the word come outside. She decides to go up to him and soon learns that she lived across the street from The Boy Who Lived.

    1,157 6
    2 Guess what? It's Harry Potter!

    Taylor goes to talk to her parents about the boy who lives across the street and soon befriends Harry Potter.

    1,052 3
    3 Harry Learns About Hogwarts

    Taylor watches as Harry gets his letter for Hogwarts. She notices his Uncle's slight insanity and waits to finally be able to talk about the Wizarding World with her best friend.

    1,682 5
    4 The Hogwarts Express

    Taylor and Harry go on the Hogwarts Express, where Harry meets Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco, and the others. (Mainly follows the same storyline as canon, but Taylor is with Harry)

    1,624 4
    5 First Time at Hogwarts

    Taylor and Harry go through their first week at Hogwarts with new friendships, classes, and also including the Sorting Ceremony.

    712 1
    6 Pranks, Friends, and Flying

    Taylor, Harry, Ron, the Wealsey twins, and Hermione have a good time during their first few weeks at Hogwarts.

    1,318 2
    7 The Sorcerer's Stone

    Taylor joins them on the midnight duel, taking the Mauraders Map with her. They meet Fluffy and also learn about another one of Hagrid's pets. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Taylor save the Sorcerer's stone from one of their teachers.

    1,096 3
    8 Summer at Privet Drive

    Spend the summer with Taylor and Harry at Privet Drive and embark on a rescue mission to save Harry from the Dursleys.

    1,730 1
    9 Back to Hogwarts

    Hogwarts Exress with Taylor. Taylor meets Luna with Ginny and Hermione while wondering where in the world her cousin and best friend are. Also meet thestrals...

    1,083 1
    10 The Chamber of Secrets

    Thinking of Ginny's suspicious behavior, and worrying about the petrifications, Taylor works with Harry, Ron, and Hermione to figure out the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets.

    1,837 2
    11 Summer of the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Summer as Harry learns from Taylor about Sirius Black. Taylor watches Aunt Marge float away. Harry takes refuge with Taylor and they spend the rest of the summer with the Weasleys.

    1,991 4
    12 Prisoner of Azkaban

    Life with a prisoner on the loose at Hogwarts. Harry and Taylor learn to produce patronuses. Quidditch.

    1,535 3
    13 The Rescue Mission

    Time Travel as the Golden Squad saves Sirius Black.

    1,683 4
    14 The Quidditch World Cup Summer

    The summer where Taylor and Harry only talk about Quidditch and they go to the World Cup with the Death Eater Attack.

    1,058 5
    15 The Goblet of Fire

    Harry's name gets put in the Goblet of Fire. Does Taylor believe him? The first task.

    1,462 2
    16 The Yule Ball

    Yess the romance is starting - the Yule Ball... what's going to happen?

    1,769 1
    17 Hogsmeade

     Matt and Taylor's first date...

    1,329 2
    18 The End of the Triwizard Tournament

    The second and third task. Fight between Matt and taylor. Rita Skeeter being really annoying.

    1,366 2
    19 Dementor Attack

    Taylor watches over Harry at Privet Drive. She can't say anything about the order of the Pheonix. Do they save Dudley from dementors? Does Taylor lets the secret slip? The first half of the summer.

    2,048 3
    20 Grimmauld Place

    The second half of the summer at Grimmauld Place... mostly fluff and a few feelings showing... also the hearing at the ministry

    1,531 1
    21 Dumbledore's Army

    Beginning of 5th year. Umbridge is the new teacher. The golden squad starts the DA. Linny is starting? Will have a part 2.

    1,542 4
    22 Operation Tarry

    Dumbledore's Army lessons; Linny is proven; Matt and Taylor's relationship is rocky...

    1,998 3
    23 The Break-Up

    More lessons in Dumbledore's Army, Matt and Taylor break up? More romance stuff, also known as the calm before the storm...

    2,593 4
    24 Battle of the Department of Mysteries

    The Battle at the Department of Mysteries. Taylor fights alongside Ron, Hermione, Harry, Luna, Ginny, and Neville. She fights old enemies. 

    2,215 5
    25 Summer of Silence

    Taylor and Harry go back to Privet Drive for another summer, now haunted with the memories of the Battle at the Department of Mysteries. 1st of two summer chapters.

    2,305 6
    26 Nightmares

    Coping with nightmares at Privet Drive. Slight romance? Different POVs a lot of the time. 2nd of two summer chapters.

    2,745 7
    27 The Half-Blood Prince

    The beginning of 6th year. Harry gets a new book from the half-blood prince. Lets see... What do they smell in Amortencia?

    1,838 4
    28 The Fight

    2nd part of Harry and Taylor's sixth year...Hermione and Ron fight... How does Harry feel about Taylor?

    1,413 2
    29 Slughorn's Christmas Party

    4th part of Harry and Taylor's sixth year... Slughorn's Christmas party.. Who does he take? How's Christmas at the Burrow?

    2,087 3
    30 Aragog's Funeral

    5th part of Harry and Taylor's sixth year... Harry and Taylor are dating... They go to get the memory from Slughorn

    1,305 2
    31 The Battle of the Astronomy Tower

    6th part of Harry and Taylor's sixth year... Harry goes with Dumbledore to find the horcrux... Malfoy leads death eaters into Hogwarts... and the Battle of the Astronomy Tower breaks out.

    2,635 2
    32 7 Potters

    6th year is over! They get into the battle of 7 Potters and start the summer of the Horcrux Hunt...

    1,746 5
    33 Summer of Horcruxes

    The Golden Quartet goes through a Summer where they try to prepare for the defeat of Voldemort, along with being a part of a wedding and a death-eater attack.

    1,191 4
    34 Infiltrating the Ministry

    The Golden Quartet needs to make their way into the Ministry to secure the third horcrux. They need to live on the run.

    1,090 4
    35 Shell Cottage

    Ron and Taylor need to spend some time at Shell Cottage as they try to find out where Harry and Hermione are. They learn heartbreaking news and discover the uses of the items left to them by Dumbledore.

    1,564 2
    36 Snatchers

    Ron and Taylor encounter Snatchers as they make their way back to Harry and Hermione. They save Harry from the Horcrux and find the Sword of Gryffindor. Tarry is back together. Romione???

    1,383 2
    37 The Deathly Hallows

    The quartet visits Xenophilius Lovegood. They learn about the Deathly Hallows.

    1,198 2
    38 Dobby's Sacrifice

    Being kidnapped in Malfoy Manor. The quartet escapes with the help of Dobby.

    1,250 1
    39 Gringotts' Dragon

    The Quartet needs to break into Gringotts. Then, they need to escape... on a dragon.

    753 1
    40 Battle of Hogwarts

    The Quartet moves back to Hogwarts to destroy the final Horcruxes and fight in the Battle of Hogwarts.

    1,554 7
    41 The Final Duel

    Harry finally defeats Voldemort. The Quartet talks after the final duel.

    2,663 7
    42 Epilogue

    19 Years Later

    2,004 9


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