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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Harry, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC
General, Horror/Dark, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Mild violence, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2020-06-14 1:10pm
Last Chapter
2020-10-27 11:52am
Last Updated
2020-10-27 11:52am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Year 0: growing up.

This is an introduction chapter. Its more or less ment to skip ahead to Hogwarts and tells how Harry grew up.

2,544 3
2 Year 1:Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

Harry arives at Hogwarts and jumps in to school life, how will school effect Jacob and Harry?

2,737 1
3 Trolls, letters and a trans.

Halloween aproaches and brings with an unexpected and unwanted surprise that brings more trouble for the Potter family. Harry finally gets to find out his animagus form.

3,583 3
4 quidditch, morrors and an aproaching christmas

the first quidditch game brings about another fight between Jacob and Harry that drives the youngest twin to spend more time working to become an animagus. Spending christmas at the castle brings about an interesting discovery and even more interesting conversation with headmaster Dumbledore.

2,594 1
5 The youngest animagus in history

Harry finally reaches the last step and becomes an animagus, his relationship with Jacob is only getting worse and in the middle of it all, Hagrid gets his hands on a dragon egg.

2,132 1
6 Unicorns and strange new abilities.

Harry serves his detention with Hagrid in the forbiden forest but a turn of events surprises him and he learns that he is not just a normal wizard.

2,572 0
7 some new friends and some interesting discoveries.

As Harry deals with the aftermath from the unicorn insident he comes to meet an unexpected new friend who tells him more of Harry's new ability. While the teachers discus Harry's recovery from the insident Harry takes care of the recovering unicorn with Hagrid and decides that it is high time that he takes a look on the third floor.

2,474 1
8 If ever a mistake was made...

The year is passing same as ever and summer vacation is drawing near, Firenze warnes Harry of danger that is predicted by the starts and Harry has to act quickly when he discoveres that Dumbledore won't be there to safe the day.

2,691 2
9 The end of first year

Harry wakes up after his ordeal on the third floor and deals with the aftermath of what some people call his 'stunt to get some attention'. The school year is coming to an end and the house cup is awarded.

1,464 3
10 The summer's vacation.

It's the summer after first year and just as James had said, Harry is not allowed to even have his wand with him. Harry makes sure that it doesn't stop him from practicing magic in the slightest. James shares some news with Sirius that causes the dog animagus to make a decision that shakes up Harry's usually boring home life.

2,541 1
11 summers end and new beginnings

Over the summer Harry and Sirius take the time to try to repair what was left of their relationship, they have some difficult conversations that they need to be able to move forward and a shocking truth is revealed to Sirius. Going back to Hogwarts at the end of the summer, Harry knows things have changed for the better.

2,879 1
12 Year 2: A new teacher and quidditch team try-outs

School starts up again for our young friends and they all get to meat their new defence against the dark arts teacher. Harry is quick to realise the man is a fraud and knows that he will have to teach himself what he wants to learn. Wood is determined to get the best quidditch team at hogwarts this year so he holds a large try-out where things take a terrible twist.

2,610 1
13 Reconciliation.

Harry wakes up in the hospital wing confused and groggy, he doesn't understand much of what happened until others explain it to him. Jacob comes to visit him and the brothers finally get a chance to talk though their problems.

3,243 1
14 The chamber of secrets

Theatening messages apear on the wall and Filches cat is found petrified, the entire castle is talking about the same thing. Who is the heir of Salazar Slytherin?

1,885 2
15 Duelling club and interesting discoveries.

Jacob managed to convince the entire group to sight up for the newly formed Duelling club, Harry already knows it will go wrong when he learns that Lockhart teaches the class but he could not have predicted what actually happened.

2,229 3
16 second year christmas vacation

christmas vacation aproaches and the group decides to stay at Hogwarts to keep an eye out for Hermione when they hear Harry is planning to do just that.

2,339 1
17 The patrones charm and the centaurs clearing.

Harry learns a new advanced spell called the patroness charm from his shields book but on his way to his friends he is reminded of a promiss he made to Firenze.

2,610 4
18 The chamber of secrets part 1

While Harry is discovering how to use his natural healing ability a girl is taken in to the chamber and the group decided they need to act and save her.

2,626 0
19 The chamber of secrets part 2

Harry reaches Ginny in the chamber but she is not the only one he incounters there.

3,984 3
20 Admitting difficult truths

A fight between Harry and James get's Sirius worried about his godson, Jacob tells him a little bit about Harry that he hadn't known. Harry deals with the aftermath of the chamber and the fight while continuing with school.

3,672 1
21 feeding curiosity and starting a job

The end of the school, year aproaches but something is still bothering Harry and he goes in search for answers or perhaps just for closure. In the summer he starts his job at st mungo's, he officially becomes a healer apprentice.

3,194 1
22 An unavoidable confrontation.

A terrible accident injures multiple aurors, including both Sirius and James. Their terrible injuries force Harry to use his power in a way he never has before but instead of being gratefull it apears James only get's madder. finally the long awaited confrontation will take place and Harry and James relationship takes a drastic turn.

4,748 3
23 family troubles and new discoveries

Harry leaves his parents house to go stay with Firenze and the centaurs.

3,063 1
24 creatures and confrontations

The hogwarts express leaves for another year of education and Harry and his friends are of course present. Harry is completely passed out most of the ride until the end when the group comes face to face with a terrible creature. The aftermath of that proves to be the confrontation that finally get's Harry to show some of his anger.

2,934 1
25 Year 3: When the going gets tough...

Gryffindor house and most of the professors besides Remus and Dumbledore worry for Harry's health while the young healer is trying to cure two patience whom the hospital deamed uncurable. Sirius discovers one of Harry's secrets as he comes to hogwarts to finally talk though their problems.

3,811 2
26 Nature's magic.

Finally Harry manages to connect to nature's magic like he'd been trying for so long but in doing so he get's himself and Draco Malfoy in to some trouble. Hiding from Filch in a castle as large as Hogwarts can't be that hard can it?


(I'm finally starting Drarry in this chapter, took me a while I know.)

4,767 2
27 curing the incurable

After returning to Hogwarts with the ingredient he needs Harry sets to work getting his cure aproved. When the time is there to start the process, those closest to the patience acompany him to see if he can made a miracle happen.

3,507 1
28 miracle man

At long last the time is there, the room is filled with Healers who want to witness Harry's briljance and the same question is on everybody's mind. 'Will the young healer be able to perform this miracle?'

2,963 0
29 Boggart's... they might be dreadfull but they are always truthful.

The third year defence class faces their worst fear but no boggart is needed to tell Harry what he is most afraid of. Facing it in front of the whole class does not help, facing it in front of Remus however... it might just do some good.

2,781 1
30 A new creature and a long awaited talk

Harry followes the instructions in on of the centaurs books to get a second animagus form and comes face to face with a strange and unknown creature. When this is over and he is left wondering what he might become he meets with Lily and they have a talk about their relationship and Harry's life.


(I read the reviews asking how Lily would react to Harry's situation and realised I've completely left her out of the story so far so I'm going to make up for that. Hope you like it.)

3,332 3
31 A break-in at Gryffindor Tower and finally some truth.

The entire castle is shaken from their sleep when Peter Pettigrew manages to break in to Gryffindor tower, Harry decides that it's high time he takes a more active role in protecting his brother and tells him and their friends a few of the things he's been hiding from them.

4,007 3
32 When all goes to hell again.

A creature lesson full of drama causes both Jacob and Harry to loose their temper with the other and Harry stupidly uses a piece of magic he learned from the centaurs in front of the entire class. Jacob is angry, angry enough to do something that could lead to the downfal of the Potter brothers.

4,197 4
33 The stuff of nightmares and the trial.

Harry is send to the one place nobody ever wants to visit, Azkaban. Alone and cold he rots away until finally, his trial is there and a shimer of hope alights.

4,882 2


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