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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A mistake that would have made the series a whole lot shorter

;-; read the title; it says it all.

28 5
2 The funniest post ive seen all week.

Voldemort vs Darth Vader vs the wicked witch of the west. 

56 2
3 Hermione has advantages.

I thought you were suposed to be suspended if you use your wand outside of school?

53 2
4 these people are good with puns!

Here's something I found on Buzzfeed. Its literally so funny!

85 3


26 8
6 Yule ball=prom

Hermione and her prom dress(es). 

34 3
7 Calmly.

Dumbledore is so very calm.

30 2
8 The "floating" candles

These candles are TOTALLY floating. yeah, TOTALLY.

31 1
9 wigs.

im so dissapointed because of this mistake. Lucius Malfoy's hair MADE him Lucius Malfoy! 

17 5
10 markers.

White xs on a black floor. 

23 2
11 Healing scratches

Harry! You must have great health! 

21 5

The title summons it up.

47 3
13 a new student

ahh! The camera man has quit his job! 

27 2
14 magical orbs

WHen "magical" movie props are actually magical

25 2
15 tables

  Harry can't pick a side! 

24 2
16 time turners

Hermione...after that whole talk about being carefull, you go and do THAT??!!??

35 1
17 scars

Okay from now on im just going to be posting pics unless it is a pun or a shoutout :3

2 2
18 Special Gloves

Who has gloves with wires on them? Really!

1 2
19 Memes

Okay guys this is something new; im going to start sharing memes, too!

1 5
20 Noses

Another meme.

1 1
21 tragic accidents

Umbridge gets roasted.

1 5
22 Independence Day Special

Okay, open this up and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

132 4

HEY GUYS!! Happy Independence Day! Here is the event like I promised. :D

3,722 4
24 Harry Potter Month Update

A new update for all Potterheads :3

140 0
25 Harry Potter Birthday Update :3 -Part One-

EE!! Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!!!

408 4
26 Harry Potter Birthday Update -Part two-

All of the answers :P

80 3
27 Harry Potter Birthday Update -Part three-

Chamber of Secrets quiz

540 3
28 Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part four~

Here is another quiz with some new mistakes too!

574 2
29 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part five~


78 2
30 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part seven~

Another update...

335 2
31 Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part six~

Here's something new!

1,939 2
32 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part eight~

Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince....

151 2
33 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part nine~

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...

518 1
34 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Ten~

All movie trailers 

192 1
35 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part eleven~


131 3
36 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Twelve~

Cool things 'bout Harry Potter that you might have not known...

4,622 3
37 Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part Thirteen~

Arithmancy...explained all by Hermione, the Super Carlin Brothers, and me, Penny!

559 3
38 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Fourteen~

The most common Harry Potter ships.

389 2
39 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Fifteen~

ALLLLLL THE CHARACTERS THOUGH OUT THE SERIES. I got so much help with Wikipedia for the ones I forgot about. 

3,239 2
40 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Sixteen~

Now, all the cast! Okay, so I got almost ALL help from Wiki dis time ;3

879 4
41 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Seventeen~

snape, snape, severus snape- DUMBLEDORE

136 3
42 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Eighteen~

A certain scratcher (coder) named DIY made some super duper cool Harry Potter projects....

154 3
43 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Nineteen~

Ehm. Meme Attack. 

61 3
44 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Twenty~


41 3
45 Harry Potter Birthday Update! ~Part Twenty One~

The memes are killing me. SIRIUSly. 

12 3
46 Happy Birthday, Harry! (Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part Twenty Two~)

Ahhhhh, Peeves, our favorite character. 


...Well, Filch? Not so much.

292 2
47 Happy Birthday, Harry! (Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part Twenty Three~)


507 3
48 Happy Birthday, Harry! (Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part Twenty Four~)

This is dedicaded to Some_Random_Person for almost all of the amazing ideas!

622 3
49 Happy Birthday, Harry! (Harry Potter Birthday Update ~Part Twenty Five~)

Behind the scenes....

1,230 3
50 Happy Birthday, Harry! (Harry Potter Birthday Update Part Twenty Six)

THere once was a boy named Haaaarry, destined to be a staaaaaar

244 3
51 Back to Normal


3,358 2
52 YOUR Hogwarts Life!

The coolest thing ever. 

264 2


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