Ginny, Harry, Hermione, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape
Romance, Action, Fluff
No Warnings
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First Published
2004-04-27 14:10:28
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2004-08-14 15:56:56
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2004-08-14 15:56:56
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Voice Within

Sequel to The Glittering Masquerade...Set a few weeks after the last one. The Marauders, Lily and her friends finish their NEWTS and go into the big bad world. With Marriages, Deaths and births, they have to tough it out on their own

5464 12
2 Meeting the Parents

Time for James to meet those people that call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Will they get along?

5792 5
3 The First Betrayal

Why are April and Jenny so excited and what does Peter do about it?

5506 7
4 Forever Mine

Kiana is sent to Azkaban and James and Lily take the biggest step of their relationship

5717 12
5 Family Conflicts

Remus goes to meet Jenny's family

5939 12
6 Hard Time

being welcomed into the order and an attempt on the life of one of the characters

5818 6
7 And There Were Four

Jenny does something drastic and it's up to Sirius and Lily to try and talk her out of it

5620 8
8 Twice Attacked

Lily, James, Sirius and April spend some time in the area behind Godric's Hollow and somehow end up in St. Mungos

6217 5
9 Good Kind Of Wrong

Peter commits an act of goodness which defies all his beleifs and what he's fighting for

5624 5
10 In Ten Months Time

It's approaching Lily and James' 1 year anniversary, what's James got in store for Lily?

5940 7
11 Perfect Holiday

James meets more Evans' and he takes Lily on their first year anniversary Holiday

5559 6
12 A Christmas Reunion

An old friend returns to the Marauders, Lily and April with a surprise for Remus

5658 3
13 My Final Decision

Jenny and Remus do some catching up and Remus begins to bond with his new family member. He has a difficult decision to make that may determine the course of his and Jenny's relationship

6022 6
14 Undercover

Sirius goes on a mission and ends up saving someone's family

4901 8
15 Baby of Mine

Harry's born and James finds out something about April's feelings for Sirius

6649 5
16 Death Eater's Meeting

April finds herself in a bit of a situation

5660 2
17 Accusations

Petunia Dursely isn't all that happy with Lily Potter any more.

4042 4
18 Spring time Joy

R RATED CHAPTER....i think

6310 5
19 The Spy

Remus is accused of being the spy

5980 7
20 Hidden Passions

R RATED CHAPER!!....Ok, so this is the chapter a lot of people may have been waiting for. There is some slash and there are sexual scenes...i think

5287 6
21 Death Eater Hiding

Lily gets a shock and a half when she puts Harry to bed. The world isn't as comfy as it once was

5600 7
22 The First To Go

There was seven, they lost Peter then there were six and now another is going to go.

5390 5
23 The Chinese Rescue

Well, self explantory, the Chinese Rescue

5288 1
24 Happy Anniversary

It's their.....third aniversary in 1981. What has James got planned?

5675 7
25 The Secret Keeper

IT's that time of the year, that part of the story

4626 4
26 To The End

It's that chapter! the chapter tht changed the course of history andmade HArry a HEro

4894 3
27 Twelve Years

Sirius is convicted and he's waited twelve long years to get out of Hogwarts

5495 8
28 The Memorial

Harry attends Sirius' memorial and sees some faces from the past that he forgot

5165 12


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