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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Pomfrey, Lupin, James, Lily, Tonks, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2020-04-29 8:43am
Last Chapter
2020-05-22 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-07-27 8:54am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Not a chapter but need to know info before reading

This is just giving you information on the story before you read it. 

285 1
2 The fight that started everything

Harry and Hermione are best friends and secret lovers but don't know the other feels about them but what happens when Ron and Ginny do something to Hermione what will Harry do and will there true feelings come to life 

1,397 2
3 The next step

Harry and Hermione finally tied the knot and made it official but will something more happen ? MATURE

846 2
4 A Test and a Car Crash

Harry and Hermione future parents? If they are what will happen to their relationship? And we will learn more about Hermione that not even her best friend (aka her boyfriend) didn't know about.

744 0
5 Telling the Parents

It is winter hoilday and Hermione is staying with Harry and his family and they are going to tell them that Hermione is pregnant. How will they be supportive ir not?

989 1
6 The Check up

Harry and Hermione are going to check up on their baby and there is a very big shock with the results. 

557 0
7 Christmas at the Potters

It's Christmas time. Harry been thinking the whole week what he would get Hermione and Hermione has been thinking all week whar sh is going to get Harry. Will they get gifts in time or not snd if they do will the other perso like or will be a total train wreck.  

1,175 1
8 Going back to school

Christmas break is over and Harry and Hermione are going back to school and when they get there Harry's friend that has been out on vactaion comes back and Hermione and Harry make a new friend.

1,285 2
9 Draco gets Attacked

What will happen with Hermione will she be okay? What happens when Draco gets attacked and is badly injured?

786 0
10 Draco and Luna

Will Draco wake up soon and will Luna be able to tell him how she actually feels about him?

583 1
11 Under Attack From The Weasley's

It is mid Febuary and Hermione's bump is getting bigger. Everyone keeps asking questions and it starts to annoy Harry and Hermione. And Harry and Hermione will ask a huge question for Draco and Luna. Also what happens when people they hate come and attack them and try to kill there babies?

1,411 1
12 The Gender Reveal

It is June and it finally time for the gender reveal. Draco, Luna, James and Lily have been planning for weeks on this baby shower to make it perfect. Will Harry and Hermione love it or hate it.

638 0
13 Babies and A Proposal

The Potter twins are on their way and Harry is soon to get down on one knee. 

2,221 0
14 The Wedding

I am glad to soon introduce Mr and Mrs.Potter.

1,557 0
15 Back to where it all began

It is 12 years later and the Potter's are back at King Cross

821 2


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