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Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Strong violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2020-03-16 4:35pm
Last Chapter
2020-09-17 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-09-21 7:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Fight or Flight

Sib loves exploring the woods around his West Virginia home but finds much more than he bargained for in the process.

4,001 1
2 The Right Form

Sib meets up with his friend at Narrowway and they explore the challenges of wand ownership.

5,064 0
3 Pathfinders and Popsicles

The Pathfinders welcome new first-year students, but the fresh blood is not quite what any of them would have chosen.

5,098 0
4 Initiated

The Pathfinders initiate the new first-years into their house, making it up as they go.

3,502 0
5 The Fawn

(Chapter image by Lumos_1980)

Sib starts classes and suffers the consequences of interfering with another house's traditions.  Along the way, he discovers an ability that he never knew he had.

5,472 0
6 The Prophecy

After overhearing a conversation he shouldn't have, Sib and the Pathfinders try to figure out how to break a man-eating manticore safely out of its enclosure.

4,879 0
7 Skunk Butt

The plan to break out the Manticore doesn't go as planned, and yet Sib's worst nightmare still comes true.

4,499 0
8 Rings and Revelations

Sib finds the source of the prophecy and the truth about who gave it hits close to home.

5,797 0
9 Yes, I Love You

Sib's hope for an easy solution about the prophecy turns out to be an exercise in futility

5,925 0
10 Believe in Miracles

The Pathfinders try to come up with a plan to help Sib.  Meanwhile, Sib is thrown a loop by a new vision just before their final Quidditch game of the year.

4,564 0
11 When A Plan Comes Together

Sib and his friends put the plan in action, but everything goes wrong from the start.

4,632 0
12 A Pile of Dirt

Sib suffers through the worst day of his life and struggles to deal with loss, uncertainty, and anger.

4,465 0
13 Get Pinsave

Sib and the Pathfinders search for the answer to the first of two cryptic clues and find more than they should in the bargain.

5,224 0
14 Do Moths Sense Fear

Sib discovers the story of the Wendigo circle and tries to figure out how to fix what he's broken


4,383 0
15 The Trial

Sib finds out he's not the only one that MACUSA is looking for and endures a trial that does not end happily.

4,384 0
16 Find Wand Go

Having finally found a penseive, the memories are not what any of them expected.

3,260 0
17 The Woman in Black

A mysterious figure keeps making appearances in clandestine late-night meetings, in visions, and in their school.

4,537 0
18 The Firebird

Sib's latest vision is realized, but he has to figure out his escape with some unlikely help.

5,997 0
19 Illusions and Interrogations

More questions come in the wake of the late-night meeting and Sib has to make a hard decision about whose side he's on.

4,516 0
20 Something is Rotten in Spellhold

After time has passed, Sib discovers that not all is as it seems in Spellhold and he tries to grapple with whether it's his doing.

4,882 0
21 Wild Goose Chase

To get the memory to the press, Sib and the Pathfinders must first find it and then deal with others who want it just as badly.

5,770 0
22 Jailbreak!

Sib tries to break his former teacher and father out of prison, but first he and the Pathfinders have to figure out how to break in.

5,780 0
23 On the Run

Sib and his father escape but MACUSA is not far behind.

5,439 0
24 A Ring and a Feather

Sib deals with the consequences of his actions - and of others'.

4,483 0
25 You Never Know...

Sib tries to comprehend what happened over the past few days...and prepares for the journey ahead.

6,337 1


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