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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Andromeda, Tonks, Sirius, Ted, Bellatrix, Regulus, Cedric, Ginny, Neville, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Lucius/Narcissa, Andromeda/Ted, Ginny/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Fluff, Romance, Angst, AU, LGBTQA
Contains profanity, Strong violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2020-02-09 9:17pm
Last Chapter
2020-04-02 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-04-02 7:43pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 In Extium Hedera

In which the youngest child of Tom Riddle faces her most unfortunate event ever — yes, something worse than meeting her father for the first time in front of the boy he tried to kill eleven years ago . . . 

3,162 1
2 About To Bloom

Aurelia Black teaches Neville Longbottom the important motto: "friends that help cut each other's hair during mental breakdowns stay together!" and thus a friendship between the two starts to blossom . . . 

4,701 1
3 Ghosts of Almerry Castle

In which Aurelia lives in a lovely albeit haunted castle. Almerry holds more secrets than ghosts, for the sake of her daughter, Adelpha Black hopes they stay dead and buried . . .

4,863 1
4 Sun-Faced Star

Neville tries to reminisce about his parents with his friend, Heather Wilkes and Aurelia visits her mother in Azkaban. Just the things they won't be writing about when discussing their summer holidays . . . 

5,615 1
5 Letter from the Lupins

The night before the Quidditch World Cup Aurelia has no choice but to stay at the Weasleys and Ginny makes her move . . .

7,271 1
6 Carrow vs. Weasley: the Pranking Menaces

Aurelia, her trio of trouble-making friends, and her cousin, Elias 'Ellie' Black have a bit of while waiting for the Quidditch match to begin . . . 

7,979 2
7 A Veela After Midnight

Aurelia meets a cute girl at the Quidditch World Cup and she finds herself absolutely twitterpated . . .

3,371 1
8 Auntie Vega

After the game, Death-Eaters attack and Aurelia comes face to face with the person whom framed her mother. It's a shocking turn of events, to say the least . . .

5,056 1


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