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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Neville, Pansy, Albus, Hugo, Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
The Cursed Child
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2019-10-25 1:05am
Last Chapter
2020-01-14 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-05-12 6:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

An unexpected request is made to the  Minister of Magic. An unlikely mission begins.

1,460 0
2 Chapter 2

A quidditch match makes Hermione think changes need to be made.

1,476 0
3 Chapter 3

Hermione makes a request of her own. A/N: I stupidly forgot that Theodore Nott is on Azkaban during this time. So from please forget him and replace his name with Miles Bletchley from now on.

1,839 0
4 Chapter 4

Super short but does matter in story. 

216 0
5 Chapter 5

Sorry bout  weird text of chapters. New word processing program does not want to work with site. Anyway Draco and Hermione have to come to an agreement. It's not easy to get there. 

2,672 0
6 Chapter 6

Hermione and Draco asks for Harry's help. Draco explains ways of purebloods and effects of Voldemorts beliefs and taking the mark.

3,515 0
7 Chapter 7

Harry continues to help Hermione and Draco seek an answer.

1,525 0
8 Chapter 8

Hermione's kids come home for summer holiday. Family dinners are fun.


1,263 0
9 Chapter 9

Hermione learns lots from her kids. Dumbledore sings a song. Draco reads more muggle stories and they trade information about Snape.

3,674 0
10 Chapter 10

Draco and Hermione continue to seek answers and Hermione learns a little about Bellatrix's marriage. They decide to visit Hogwarts.

2,379 0
11 Chapter 11

Hermione and Draco run into Hagrid when visiting Hogwarts. It doesn't go well for Draco. Neither does the rest of the visit.  A/N: I respect everyone's right to have their own opinions about bacon.

2,999 0
12 Chapter 12

Hermione and Draco have lunch with Pansy and Neville at the Hog's Head. Pansy makes Hermione think twice. 

3,042 1
13 Chapter 13

Hermione spends a fun evening with Harry, Ginny and all the kids. Draco is there too. * I found an error in timeline previous to this chapter. It has been corrected in all previous chapters- (Theo Nott is Azkaban during this time according to cursed child. I had forgotten that. His character has been replaced with Miles Bletchley-No polyjuice involved!-Theo is no longer involved in story please insert Miles in place Sorry for problem*

3,003 0
14 Chapter 14

Hermione goes back to work. Draco makes other plans. The past begins to interfere.

2,325 1
15 Chapter 15

Ron and Hermione have a conversation. Each shocks the other.

2,183 0
16 Chapter 16

Harry has some old friends at his birthday party, as well as some new ones.

2,699 0
17 Chapter 17

Hermione wakes up to more than a hangover.

2,053 0
18 Chapter 18

Hermione's morning does not get better. 

1,366 0
19 Chapter 19

Neville sends some news and Pansy asks Malfoy to be her messenger.

1,810 0
20 Chapter 20

Hermione visits Pansy and learns about the past. * trigger warnings-I tried not to be overly graphic please use caution if senesitive*

2,903 0
21 Chapter 21

Draco knows Pansy told Hermione about the past. He wants her to forget it.

2,195 0
22 Chapter 22

Hermione continues to ignore her feelings and its time for the Hogwarts Express again!

1,581 0
23 Chapter23

Hermione hexes Romilda and has a conversation with her friends. She learns more about Miles.

2,959 1
24 Chapter 24

Hermione wants to begin more testing and pushes Draco's buttons.

2,701 0
25 Chapter 25

Hermione talks to Dumbledore  to work through hightened emotions. Short chapter.

391 0
26 Chapter 26

Harry confronts Hermione about the situation with Draco

1,915 0
27 Chapter 27

Hermione meets Miles. They discuss possibilities and Miles expierinces a breakthrough.

2,533 0
28 Chapter 28

After some reflection Hermione spends more time at the Hog's Head.

2,729 0
29 Chapter 29

Hermione visits the Burrow to see the kids

3,015 0
30 Chapter 30

Harry and Hermione discuss his future plans. Other's invite themselves.

3,586 0
31 Chapter 31

Rita Skeeter strikes and messes up Hermione's plans.

3,410 1
32 Chapter 32

Hermione attends the Christmas Celebration at Malfoy Manor. Some guests have more fun than others.

3,971 0
33 Chapter 33

Hermione wakes up at the Burrow and spends  a happy Christmas with her family. 

2,905 0
34 Chapter 34

Happy New Years at the Hog's Head

3,555 0
35 Chapter 35

Breakfast at the Manor

3,060 0
36 Chapter 36

The Dark Mark is addressed

3,142 0
37 Chapter 37

Story comes to a close

482 2


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