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    Hermione, Draco
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Mystery, Romance
    Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2019-09-08 8:05pm
    Last Chapter
    2020-12-13 3:40am
    Last Updated
    2021-03-03 3:45am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Draco I

    Draco begins his Seventh Year at Durmstrang. He is sorted into his new House, and discovers an intriguing magical object.  

    2,522 4
    2 Hermione I

    Hermione returns to Hogwarts for her Seventh Year. Even though she is greeted by familiar faces, she considers applying for the Study Abroad program.

    3,464 3
    3 Draco II

    Draco finds life at Durmstrang different than his preconceptions. His new living situation reminds him of another infamous watery prison.

    2,260 3
    4 Hermione II

    Hermione makes a request of her new Head of House, Professor Sinistra, after an awkward conversation with Ron.

    2,083 2
    5 Draco III

    Draco tries out for Seeker on the House Team on his new broom. Desperate to start again, he contemplates his place as a Malfoy.

    1,329 2
    6 Hermione III

    Hermione is shocked - as she begins her term at Durmstrang, she is assigned remedial lessons and is placed in the same house as Draco Malfoy.  

    2,060 2
    7 Draco IV

    Draco unintentionally stirs up memories of the past when meets an intriguing girl, with a familiar name.

    1,362 3
    8 Hermione IV

    “Draco Malfoy, I will tolerate your presence here, and I will even lower my expectations to allow you to help me, but if you think you’re going to call me a Mudblood and leave this pitch in one piece, you are sadly mistaken.”

    1,986 2
    9 Draco V

    Swimming, dueling, and conflicted feelings bring Hermione to the forefront of Draco’s mind.  

    2,137 2
    10 Hermione V

    Hermione and Draco bond over the Deathly Hallows and Draco’s remorse.

    2,744 2
    11 Draco VI

    Draco’s insecurities threaten to complicate his sudden involvement with Hermione, but are quelled by a disastrous turn of events.

    3,066 2
    12 Hermione VI

    Hermione is surprised by Draco’s sleuthing skills, and reveals one of her own secrets to him.

    1,859 2
    13 Draco VII

    “Fuck the Deathly Hallows, fuck Grindelwald, fuck Durmstrang. Hermione was what he wanted. All he wanted.”

    2,605 3
    14 Hermione VII

    Hermione stumbles upon the meaning of ‘The Rule of the Duel’ after digging for information. 

    1,933 2
    15 Draco VIII

    Draco experiences the Durmstrang punishment for breaking established Duel protocol. 

    1,597 3
    16 Hermione VIII

    Hermione contemplates her status as a Mudblood, and what it means. Halvard offers an interesting revelation.

    2,205 2
    17 Draco IX

    Draco unintentionally upsets the balance in their relationship by trying to correct the past. 

    2,487 1
    18 Hermione IX

    On the heels of productive trip to the library, Hermione encounters an old friend and receives some important news.

    2,602 2
    19 Draco X

    “Let’s review the facts then - you are embarrassed of this relationship. Don’t lie to me.”

    2,509 2
    20 Hermione X

    Hermione reunites with her friends at the Burrow, and has more than one uncomfortable conversation. 

    3,008 3
    21 Draco XI

    Draco confronts his father regarding his growing relationship with Hermione, then travels to France.

    3,149 2
    22 Hermione XI

    Hermione meets Draco’s mother, and the trio discuss current events over tea.

    3,270 1
    23 Draco XII

    Draco, humbled and in panic, asks his childhood rival for help.

    2,738 2
    24 Hermione XII

    Hermione is joined at Durmstrang the Hogwarts delegation, and reunites with fellow DA members. A few Slytherins have joined the delegation as well, much to her chagrin.

    2,841 2
    25 Draco XIII

    Anders duels a Hogwarts student as the entirety of Durmstrang looks on.

    1,649 4
    26 Draco

    Draco and Hermione attend the Durmstrang holiday ball, where Draco receives a warning

    2,053 0
    27 Hermione

    The Durmstrang Holiday Ball continued. Hermione and Draco make an unexpected move

    3,126 0
    28 Hermione XIII

    After enjoying Draco's company at the Ball, Hermione finally gets the opportunity to sit down with Aurora Zabini at the Durmstrang Greenhouse.

    3,087 3
    29 Draco XIV

    Draco's past is examined as Hermione finally reveals to him the importance of the Elder Wand, and his role in Snape's death. 

    3,040 2
    30 Hermione XIV

    Hermione takes a chance after Draco returns to the Potion's dorms and contemplates how Harry would handle the situation. 

    3,741 2
    31 Draco XV

    Draco finally wakes after his Quidditch mishap, and finds himself in a precarious situation. 

    2,354 2
    32 Hermione XV

    Hermione and an unlikely ally discover where Draco has gone. Hermione sends her own warning. 

    1,744 2
    33 Draco XVI

    Hawthorn and Vine - Draco and Hermione think about their future together, and how they will reconcile the forces determined to keep them apart.

    1,993 4


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