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    Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Romance, Action/Adventure
    Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2019-08-24 8:33pm
    Last Chapter
    2021-01-03 6:08pm
    Last Updated
    2021-02-27 2:10pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Chapter One

    Hermione and Drao return to Hogwarts for seventh year, and both feel the sparks of an unsual attraction to someone they did not except and willfully deny. Draco realizes the privillage he enjoyed before the war is not so present in its aftermath.

    8,371 8
    2 Chapter Two

    Hermione experiences a familiarly sarcastic, yet oddly polite Malfoy, who wants a partner on a project. It's ok that it's a secret though, right? 

    8,680 6
    3 Chapter Three

    Hermione is unerved by Malfoy's old-world sensabilites, having only experienced the worst that upbringing has had to offer from him. Draco works to change the way others see him, though a chance meeting in a supply closet may undue it all.

    6,747 5
    4 Chapter Four

    A misstep in Herbology has disasterous results, showing Draco that sometimes you can't win for trying, and it'll take more than good intentions to prove to Hogwarts that he's changed.

    7,231 4
    5 Chapter Five

    Draco is at odds with a friend who isn't sure he's changed for the better, but not having many allys to turn to upon his return to school, he's hesitant to fully rebuff him. Hermione is released from the hospital wing, but finds that she's not as recovered as she thought, landing herself in a dangerous situation with an unlikely rescuer. 

    7,004 6
    6 Chapter Six

    Draco is frusterated at Granger's stubborness, and on edge about a particularly keen-eyed friend who's noticed far more than he'd like. Hermione tries to reconcile Malfoy's concern for her wellbeing with the equally arrogant and quick to anger boy she's always known. 

    9,122 4
    7 Chapter Seven

    Hermione remembers that there's another relationship she ought to be focusing on, while Draco tries to dispel advances of his own. This is is made rather difficult by the passing of notes in class.

    7,313 2
    8 Chapter Eight

    An illicit midnight Quidditch match brings excitement to the students of Hogwarts, after all, what could go wrong?

    6,593 2
    9 Chapter Nine

    A midnight conversation brings to light new understanding of each other. Draco has an unexpected standoff, while Hermione is shocked at an equally unexpected discovery.

    8,822 6
    10 Chapter Ten

    Draco and Blaise have words over the Quidditch match incident, while Hermione realizes she's spent the entire evening with her boyfriend's worst enemy and not thought about him once. 

    8,122 6
    11 Chapter Eleven

    Draco issues a challenge, and Hermione comes an important realization about herself through a conversation with a close friend.

    8,725 6
    12 Chapter Twelve

    Hermione ponders the boys in her life and realizes her feelings have begun to change without her notice. Draco's challenge comes to a head with dramatic results.

    7,275 5
    13 Chapter Thirteen

    Hermione comes across a sleeping Malfoy on the edge of the forest, taken in by the unaccustumed look of vulnerability on his face. A misstep brings an abrupt awaking in more ways than either of them expected. 

    10,850 6
    14 Chapter Fourteen

    Draco reminisces over his dark past, waking from the relief of slumber to find himself in a surprisingly intimate situation. He struggles to hold on to his better self, despite his physical reation. 

    10,331 5
    15 Chapter Fifteen

    Sparks fly and tempers flare when Hermione and Draco run into a pack of Gryffindors on their way back to the Castle. Relationships can only take so much strain before they start to crack.

    9,074 3
    16 Chapter Sixteen

    Hermione tries to convince her friends to see reason in the aftermath of the argument, while Draco tries to help his house understand life is very different for him, and all of them, post-war, and moving on is a good idea. This is especially relavent when he wishes to go to the library without an entourage--unfortunally Blaise Zabini didn't get the memo.

    8,927 3
    17 Chapter Seventeen

    Hermione and Ron finally have it out, and it goes about as well as The Talk ever does. That is to say, not great. 

    7,570 7
    18 Chapter Eighteen

    Breaking up is hard to do... 

    7,148 6
    19 Chapter Nineteen

    You think you have problems? Try being Draco Malfoy. If he retaliates against Weasley for taking out his frustrations with Granger on those of Slytherin house, his still tenuous friendship with Hermione could splinter all together; but his pride in both his house and himself can't allow the boy to just get away with his actions. And speaking of Granger, why can't he stop thinking of the way she looked when she ran away from him in the library? Could she ever truly trust a man like him? 

    6,133 8
    20 Chapter Twenty

    Ron is bitter. Hermione is heartbroken. Lavender is suspicious. Ginny is bracing. And Draco is confused. With emotions running high, can he make himself heard through the fray? 

    8,112 3
    21 Chapter Twenty-One

    Draco passes the torch, Blaise shares a secret, and Hermione drags her feet. 

    5,700 5
    22 Chapter Twenty-Two

    Hermione and Draco trade letters, Ginny gives some sage advice, and Hermione starts to come to a realization. 

    4,878 4
    23 Chapter Twenty-Three

    There's friction among our favourite Slytherins and Gryffindors, but not necessarily between houses. Cryptic comments come from all sides with implications for the future; will those who hear them be clever enough to decipher them in time? 

    7,178 9
    24 Chapter Twenty-Four

    Playing both sides is starting to wear on Draco, but he can't see a way out of his struggle. Hermione shares a secret and gains an obsevation in return. 

    6,190 7
    25 Chapter Twenty-Five

    Being single should mean less relationship stress for Hermione Granger, right? But one could play the tension between her and a certain boy like a fiddle string, and people are dfinitely starting to notice. 

    7,205 3
    26 Chapter Twenty-Six

    Hogsmeade means a chance to blow off steam, but there's a stand-off around every corner. Maybe it would have been better to have just stayed home?

    6,976 3
    27 Chapter Twenty-Seven

    The very night Draco admits his feelings everything comes crashing down around him. Hermione is reckless, with disastrous results. 

    9,373 3
    28 Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Draco and Hermione have a long talk about everything that happened. Can he make her see how he feels? Could she even trust him after everything that she's been through? 

    10,454 13
    29 Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Draco fights his rage, and tires not to give-in to old temptations, and Hermione works to overcome things and nurse her bruised spirit. 

    8,425 12
    30 Chapter Thirty

    Minerva McGonagall deals with the fallout of the Hogsmeade disaster, which unfortunately includes contacting certain parents. Blaise... comes to some realizations. Not all of them good. 

    7,350 6
    31 Chapter Thirty-One

    Draco somehow knows just the thing to help Hermione, and both are pleased at the progess that occurs. Perhaps a different sort of progress is occuring, too. Meanhwile, back at school, Minerva McGonagall is not to be trifled with. 

    7,485 7
    32 Chapter Thirty-Two

    Making up is hard to do... 

    5,409 6
    33 Chapter Thirty-Three

    Draco comes to a realization in detetion, while Ron and Hermione have a long talk. 

    7,977 3
    34 Chapter Thirty-Four

    Hermione asks Draco to teach her to fight, a concept he's not entirely on board with... until they actually practice. Suddenly contact-fighting takes on a whole new level of meaning. 

    7,433 3
    35 Chapter Thirty-Five

    Posuimus Enim Resurgemus...

    9,441 7
    36 Chapter Thirty-Six

    Cards, Quidditch, and an important conversation. 

    8,638 6
    37 Chapter Thirty-Seven

    The moonlight has a captivating effect on a certain Gryffindor, who is most certainly NOT on a date with a certain Slytherin. Right? 

    6,261 10
    38 Chapter Thirty-Eight

    Mysterious clubs, middle of the night meetings, and a mission that only sounds easy. Draco could probably handle it if he wasn't being forced to spend time with Pansy Parkinson in order to keep his cover. 

    6,108 8
    39 Chapter Thirty-Nine

    Just as Hermione and Draco both start to take the first steps to confirming their feelings to each other the season brings about the Ghosts of Girlfriends past. And all the drama that goes along with it.

    5,934 16


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