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Albus, Dominique, Fred II, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Rose/Scorpius, James/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2019-06-05 10:01pm
Last Chapter
2020-04-10 12:00am
Last Updated
2020-04-10 2:01am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 This Year Will Be Different

It’s just Potter, I told myself. He’s talked to you once. He’s a normal person. Just relax.


I slid the door open. He turned his head toward me and I was surprised when my eyes met startling green ones, not hazel.

3,852 7
2 The Plan Commences

Rose glared at her cousin. “She can be friends with us too, you know.”


“But the question is why would she want to?” Fred cut in, finally done eating.


“Because unlike you,” Dom responded, swinging her hair over her shoulder. “We have class.”


As if to prove her point, the three boys started mimicking her hair flip dramatically, making faux dreamy expressions and waving their hands around.

3,903 3
3 Detention

Al seemed to be stifling a chuckle. “And I thought you were joking on the train about sleeping with his action figure every night.”

4,847 2
4 SOC and Hogsmeade

I smiled. “We’re the social outcast club.”


“We should get buttons,” Scorpius suggested.


Albus nodded. “I agree. Make it exclusive.”

6,821 2
5 Flying and Story Time

Scorpius snorted into his juice, which consequently ended up all over his face. “Jitters,” He mused, wiping the juice off his face. “Funny word.” 


I raised an eyebrow at him from across the breakfast table. “How old are you?”

6,861 1
6 Halloween

Why does everyone dress like Muggles for Halloween? Are there no sexy wizard jobs?

6,259 3
7 Turmoil

“What’s SOC, by the way?” Fred furrowed his eyebrows. 


I waved a hand. “Not important. Just some Slytherin thing.”


Al snorted. “Really just a Scorpius thing.”

4,344 2
8 Back to Hogsmeade

I chuckled despite myself. “Maybe that was my intention all along. To give you a small heart attack.”


“And to see you in your underwear,” Scorpius chimed in. 


“I’m not you, Scor,” I shot back, flushing slightly. 

5,140 1
9 To the Potters

I took a deep breath and tried to remind myself that they were just normal people. But honestly? Their fame was the least of my worries. I felt near certain that James and Al’s mum would take one look at me and instantly know that I was a total fraud.

6,391 2
10 Christmas

“Can we stop talking about this, please?” Rose frowned.


“Why? You into Malfoy, Rosie?” Lily wiggled her eyebrows, making me snort. 


“When I ask Scor about this, should I tell him just how hard you were blushing?” I added, unable to resist.

7,786 4
11 New Years

“I’m not angry,” Dom snapped. 


“No, you sound just peachy,” Rose snorted. 


“Rosie, dear, I will find Scorpious Malfoy and tell him you think his arse is cute,” Dom warned

6,574 3
12 A Poor Start to the New Term

“I’ll see you later then,” I said with uncertainty. 


“Yeah,” he smiled, though it didn’t quite reach his eyes. 


Oh Merlin, please tell me I didn’t tell him about the plan. 

6,373 2
13 Post-Party

Cue Kianni Marchant vomiting everywhere. 

4,977 3
14 Albus Has a Rotten Day

“I’m not sure I want to give your dad a heart attack, Scor.”


“Can I draw a scar on your forehead?”


I burst out laughing. “No, mate, you cannot.”


“You laugh, but I’m just going to do it while you sleep.”

5,221 1
15 Uh-oh

“And Albus did this?” Dom questioned. “Our Albus? Albus Potter?”


“Yes,” Rose nodded. “Our cousin punched the living daylights out of that arsehole.”

5,859 3
16 Cold


No, Merline, please no. His voice was hollow. I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t look at anyone. But I could feel their eyes, so many eyes, all watching me.

5,308 4
17 Apologies

I was such a coward. There was only one person I really wanted to ask about, but I couldn’t get the guts up to do it. 


“I’m guessing you just want to know about Al,” Scorpius said, as if he’d read my mind. 


Do I really want to know?” I asked quietly, opening my eyes. 

6,362 3
18 Coming to Their Senses

I dropped my head into my hands. Oh no. 


“He’s getting it,” Scorpius whispered gleefully.

5,984 4
19 Selfish

And I’d been too selfish, not scared, to risk going back to a life of loneliness. 

6,899 3
20 A Hundred Feet Up

What happened to the Kianni Marchant who studied all day and wrote for fun? Now I was on a bloody broomstick, in love with Albus Potter, and at that particular moment, nearly certain that I was going to fall and die

5,944 6
21 Epilogue- September

I didn’t have even a semblance of an idea as to what was next for me.


And for once, I was perfectly content to be without a plan.

3,306 8


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